tortoise friends!

Turtle Friends:

(1) アカミミガメ(2) ガラパゴスゾウガメ (3) ヒョウモンガメ
(1) Pond slider (2) Galapagos Tortoise (3) Leopard tortoise 

(4) インドホシガメ (5) ゲンブ (6) アカアシガメ
(4) Indian star tortoise (5) Genbu (Youkai) (6) Red-footed tortoise

//Update// (7) ワニガメ aka  Alligator snapping turtle

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could u write the mermaid au for jin ?? its so cute (;´д`)

find others: hoseok | namjoon | taehyung | jimin | yoongi

  • jin is a well known mermaid in his hometown, the people have known of the existence of mermaids since decades ago and they let them live in peace in the sea
  • but jin,,,,,,with his face cut from marble, honey eyes, lean physique like some kind of adonis born of seafoam - jin becomes a hometown treasure
  • people throw flowers into the ocean for him, girls squish love letters into bottles, people devote nights and days to wait for him on the sands - see if he’ll show himself
  • and when he does, the people rejoice and jin sits perched on one of rocks that litter the coastline and sings, in a voice fit only for someone magical. 
  • his magnificent turquoise tail glitters alongside the ocean and it makes it look like diamonds have been strewn across his lap
  • he’s just so charming, it’s hard to find anyone in town who isn’t in one way or another in love with him
  • jin thinks it’s a little silly, all the flowers he collects from the tops of the waves - notes of poetry - the way people seem to stare at him like he’s from another world
  • he likes it,,,,,,but sometimes he wishes they’d treat him a little normally. actually ask him things, not just marvel in agape awe
  • like other mermaids, jin has an aquatic companion. a tortoise nicknamed mr.handsome
  • “why is he nicknamed mr.handsome, shouldn’t that be you?” jin just smiles and watches his tortoise friend slowly climb through the sand “i think he’s much more handsome than me.”
  • you know about jin, it’s hard not to when everyone gushes over that one time they spotted him singing on the rocks
  • it just so happens, that you’ve never actually seen him
  • and you don’t expect to, because you don’t really idle around the ocean. bodies of water kind of scare you, they’re so unforgiving - so merciless 
  • but there’s an evening where the autumn sun is just about to hide, and you’re passing the ocean on your walk home, when you decide that it can’t hurt to make a trip across the sand
  • these were going to be the last days of warm weather, so you decided you didn’t want to miss it
  • you stayed far from the tide, not even taking your shoes off to splash in the shallow pools
  • and that’s when you saw him 
  • to be fair, you had never seen jin before. you had only heard of what he looked like. so there was no way for you to know it was him
  • because instead of the large, beautiful tail
  • he was sitting on the sand, loose pants over long legs - he looked completely human
  • catching your gaze, he smiled and you noticed that even someone with such a handsome face could turn cute just with a simple happy expression
  • it made your heart do a little skip, but you quickly looked away
  • “not going to play in the water?”
  • his voice was as soft as his appearance, you looked back to make sure he was talking to you
  • tilting his head, the strangers motioned to the water
  • “i,,,,,,,don’t like the ocean.”
  • you managed, shyly playing with the strap of your bag,,,,,you didn’t expect this conversation
  • the person stood up, his long body looked relaxed in comfortable attire - his hair whipped by the breeze
  • “why not? the ocean is gorgeous, so mystical and romantic.”
  • he came closer and you sort of shrugged in answer
  • “but it’s dangerous too. high tides, shipwrecks, sharks,,,,,” you cringed and it made the person laugh
  • he took a couple of steps forward and dipped his feet in the shallow waters
  • “that’s true, but it doesn’t mean to be. the ocean doesn’t choose to be harsh.”
  • you could understand what he meant, but you weren’t exactly sure why he was telling you this, not until he turned and outreached his hand beckoning you to join him
  • at first you shook your head, but he waited - still offering his hand
  • finally, after swallowing a little lump in your throat, you took it and he tugged you gently forward
  • your sneakers were getting wet but for some reason it didn’t bother you
  • not when you were so close to this stranger, with eyelashes that fluttered and smooth sunkissed skin
  • “it’s nice?”
  • you hesitated, but nodded and this made him smile again
  • for a while you two just walked in the shallow waters, at some point you took off your wet shoes and left them in the sand to dry
  • the stranger told you a story or two, you explained a little more about yourself
  • and when a sudden large wave crashed and brought the tide up higher, you clung to his arm and he let you - making you feel safe
  • after a while, you thought it was getting too dark and that it’d be hard to find your sneakers on a night beach
  • the person agreed, and when you tried to step away from the the water, he held your wrist “are you tired?”
  • you nodded, your feet were a little sore from the water and walking
  • effortlessly, he pulled you toward him and before you knew it you were in his arms, feet dangling in the air
  • you looked at him in shock “w-w-we just met i d-d-ont think-” 
  • but he just smiled, told you it was nothing for him to carry someone so cute
  • the comment made you blush and you felt like this was some kind of dream, being carried across the ocean by a mysterious prince
  • setting you down beside your sneakers - you slipped them on and quietly waited for the person to follow you
  • he stood, ankles deep in the water “im going to stay here.”
  • “don’t you have to go home?”
  • he smiled this time with a sense of a secret, you then realized you didn’t know his name
  • “my name? jin.”
  • he answered and turned his broad back to you
  • your eyes widened - jin? mermaid jin?
  • but the questions died on your tongue as you watched him walk deeper into the waves, disappearing into the water
  • the faint peek of the tips of his tail emerged a moment letter as he swam farther out
  • and you were left on the shore - still feeling his warm hands where he had held you,,,,,,,, 

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Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Request: “6 - Montgomery de la Cruz”


6. “I despise you too, so don’t think that I’m fine with you texting me.”

Word count: 1.478

Posted: 13th of May 2017

A/N: This is my first Monty imagine and I kind of liked how this turned out. The only thing that took me s long to post this was that I can’t find the appropriated Monty gif for this. We haven’t got enough Monty gifs and I hope that someone do some of it for him.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy this and send some feedbacks in my ask box, if you want. Thank you so much.

P.S.: I am not accepting any part 2 requests, sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: lots of swearing

“Fuck that shit, (Y/N) is your text buddy?” You heard Bryce exclaiming as he looked at one of his considered friends, Montgomery. You were waiting for your best friend, Alex, to arrive from his Science class, while you were standing in front of his locker, and you didn’t mean to secretly listen to their conversation.

“Damn it! These boys are gossip whisperers too.” You silently thought as you pulled up your judging face. You carefully followed their movements with your eyes and you just kept on listening to them.

“I texted her for some shitty school stuffs.” Montgomery answered nonchalantly, as if it was just a normal thing for him, a thing that he never really cared of. You rolled your eyes as you were annoyed of how Montgomery acted dissimilarly in front of his friends.

“What the fuck, Bryce?!” You annoyingly complained as you felt that Bryce wrapped his arm around your shoulders. You didn’t notice that they stopped in front of you as you were so concentrated on Montgomery’s actions. “Fuck off, Walker.” You’ve never been friends with Bryce, he was one of those people who got above himself and you’ve hated him since always.

“What?” Bryce innocently smiled at you as he squeezed one of your shoulder with his large and nasty hand. You flinched at the tightness of his grip and he gave you a meaningful smirk, which seriously made you feel anxious and tensed.

“Bryce, you’re hurting her!” Montgomery forcefully pushed his friend away, so Bryce would loosen his grip and would let you go. You were shocked that Monty defended you, also because you’ve never thought that he would never do such things.

“What the fuck, Montgomery?!” Bryce corrugated his forehead as he complained of his friend’s actions. Bryce couldn’t believe that his friend stopped him from being an asshole for the first time, while you unleashed a sigh of relief for what has Montgomery did for you. You were afraid, though, that Bryce would start a fight between them, although they are close friends, almost best friends.

“You were hurting her, Bryce!” Montgomery exclaimed once again as he pulled you behind him, distancing you from Bryce. He was taller than you and you peeked to see Bryce’s face, leaning your face on Montgomery’s back.

“Fucking asshole, don’t tell me that you like her!” Bryce couldn’t believe on what he was seeing and he just needed to fuck with everyone up. You felt a tight knot in your stomach as you thought that Bryce was just making fun of you.

“Of course not,” Montgomery guiltily answered as he defended himself, barricading the feelings that he felt for you, so he would keep them hidden just for himself. “I-I a-actually ha-hate her!” He stuttered as he lied through his teeth.

Montgomery might appear as an asshole and a tough guy but when you started to exchange messages with him, you learn that he was a great guy with a big, clean and pure heart.

“You hate her but she is your text buddy?” Bryce raised an eyebrow as he voluntarily mocked Montgomery. Bryce knew his friend very well and he’s always noticed that Montgomery would do anything for the girl if he ever liked her.  

“Only because I am bored or something.” Montgomery rolled his eyes as he gave a playful, but hard punch on Bryce’s arm.

You were hurt for what he has said, thinking that he was saying something that he really thought of. You’ve always admired Montgomery and, in fact, you jumped for joy when he sent you a message for the first time. You never thought that talking to him would be interesting and it was one of the things that you looked up to every day, nevertheless Alex’s sermons day after day.

“Thanks! It absolutely makes me feel better, de la Cruz!” You fussed over it as if it was a big deal. Well, it was a big deal as you slowly heard your heart shattering into little pieces. His word hurt and he sucked.

“Well, I really despise you.” Montgomery fiercely said as he walked beside Bryce and looked at you. It seemed like the barrier that protected you from Bryce was taken away from you.

“The feeling is mutual, Montgomery!” You bravely pointed it out, masking the feelings that you felt for him, just like what he was doing. You decided to take your sass out as you saw Montgomery smirking, knowing that you were just pretending.  “I despise you too, so don’t think that I am fine with you texting me. ” You smirked back and his face darkened.

“Oh, shit!” Bryce exclaimed with a loud laugh and some noisy cheering hollers for you. “Is that the stench of being shut down, Monty?”

“Who cares? She’s weird and miffing anyways.” Montgomery rolled his eyes and you just raised your shoulders to shrug everything off. The battle between you has just begun, but you didn’t mind it as you both knew that you were just faking it.

“Monty, bro, she’s hot and sexy!” Bryce wrapped his arm around Montgomery’s shoulders and he started on spitting some trashes from his mouth once again. He started to praise your body and it made you feel uncomfortable. “Are you letting that chance to slip off your hands? If I were you, I wouldn’t.” He winked at you and you looked at him in a disgusted way.

“Just fuck off, Bryce!” Montgomery shook his head as he took Bryce’s arm off his shoulders. His face softened and he stopped being the fake asshole that he was. “She’s beautiful and fantastically great, but she deserves someone better than you! Remember that.”

“Dude, are you defending her?” Bryce looked at him with his judging look and Montgomery just playfully elbowed his friend.

“Why not? She’s a frenemy!” Montgomery kept on defending you and gave you a warm smile. You understood his rules now: he could tease you or he could make fun of you, but he would never let others to do the same. Never in a million years.

“What the fuck?” Bryce exclaimed with his corrugated forehead and a confused expression on his face.

“Bryce, just proceed to the gym. Go on!” Montgomery shooed his friend as he was sick of the conversation that you were having.

“Alright, Mr. lover boy!” Bryce teased once again as he gave a brotherly hug to his friend. “Bye, Hottie!” He winked and you rolled your eyes once again.

“Fuck you, Walker!” You and Montgomery swore in unison and Bryce just laughed at you, shaking his head. He smirked at you and made his way to the school’s gym.

You honestly hated Bryce’s presence and, unluckily, he was one of those guys that you would always see every day at school. He was famous for being the best varsity player of your school and he was just so confident of himself for that. He really sucked.

“I better get going too,” Montgomery started as he broke your thoughts. “you know how that Physics teacher hates me!”

“I know,” You let out some soft giggles. “you don’t want to be late.” You winked and he flashed you his sweet and true smile.

“Talk to you later!” He exclaimed as if it was an important thing to do. Texting you could be defined as one of his favourite things to do and you actually felt great with that.

“Sure.” You smiled back and you waved at him as he started to walk in backwards. He waved back at you before turning around to walk normally.

You were left in the hallway with a wide smile as you held your phone tightly in one hand. You admired him as he walked away and you started to think of the things that he has said before.

You remembered that he called you beautiful and fantastically great and you quickly felt the heat on your cheeks. Montgomery was really one of a kind and you felt happy that he defended you from his friend.

“Monty!” You suddenly shouted as his silhouette vanished in the crowd.

“Yeah?” He shouted in response. You couldn’t see him anymore, but you luckily heard his voice.

“Thank you!” You shouted back, but you felt disappointed as you didn’t hear him answer.

You just shrugged it off and you started to fidget with your phone. You observed different facets of the people passing by, still with Montgomery in your mind.

“It was nothing, I will always protect you.” You silently read the message as your phone beeped that one personalized ringtone. “And remember that I still hate you, okay?!”

“I hate you too, asshole!” You giggled as you slid your fingers on your device’s screen, typing that little reminder to Montgomery. You sheepishly and foolishly smiled at your phone and patiently waited for your slow-as-a-tortoise best friend.

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Hey, i was wondering if you knew any place for undertale roleplaying? Ive been looking for someone to rp undertale for a bit now but its hard to find someone who does literate rps. Any suggestions?

I used to rp on aniroleplay, but the Undertale verse isn’t particularly active–though the PS4 release might have sparked a revival.  I haven’t checked.  

GaiaOnline is my go-to for finding roleplays.  I’ve met quite a few talented Undertale roleplayers on there, so I definitely recommend giving it a shot!

Annnnd there’s always tumblr!  Honestly, I don’t know much about finding rp’s on tumblr.  I know that quite a few tumblr RPers follow me, and before my hiatus, I had made plans to roleplay with several of them…  Whoops.  When I catch up a bit more, I’ll reach out again.  ^^;  Luckily, they’re all really patient people.  ♡

But hey, if anyone wants to RP with the anon here, maybe comment on this post and that way, the anon can IM you?