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Rio Yanez. Hello Kitty Learns about Chicano Art.Tortilla Art.

Featured in The Great Tortilla Conspiracy Presents: Tortillas with ideas. November 23, 2007 at the de Young Museum.


Avocado Mandala, 2016
Pencil and Pen on bristol board, color in Photoshop

For a long time I couldn’t bring myself to eat Avocado. It is an acquired taste. And I don’t mean that in a “it’s really gross, but you get used to it” kind of way. It took a while to pinpoint what it is about avocados that gave me pause. And the key was, it is an entirely different flavor. I can’t think of anything it tastes like besides itself. Onion and garlic are flavor siblings, and citrus fruits are similar, but there was nothing in my mental catalog that I could full up. Well, thankfully, I acquired a taste for avocado, and now I can’t get enough. For this piece, I had a hard time deciding between avocado toast and guacamole, and decided on guac because it seems a little more universally enjoyed.

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Based on a strange but true event that happened between me and my little sister today… 

Her singing Christmas music at the top of her lungs this time of year and dancing all over the room? Normal, expected. 

Her slapping me on the back randomly in the midst of her dancing?? Not expected or common. It was startling for a second there.

I figured it would work for a scenario between Dipper and Mabel though, that’s for sure. (I was too lazy to bother with keeping the fridge and stuff in the last panel if you couldn’t tell. This was meant to be a quick sketch anyways)

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