tortellini pasta

anonymous asked:

any good low spoon meal ideas???

my fave low spoon meals:

  • green pesto pasta (jar of sauce + cooked pasta)
  • tortellini (+ sauce thats normally next to it in the supermarket) 
  • frozen foods, e.g. potato waffles, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, quorn products
  • pizza
  • pasta + any kind of sauce that comes in a jar
  • microwave rice + vegetables 
  • microwave soup (the fresh/refrigerated ones tends to be tastier and more nutritional than the canned ones)(plus bread = filling)
  • pasta bakes: cook pasta, add jar of sauce, cook in oven for 45 mins (plus an optional extras e.g. cheese, veg, chicken etc). extra portions can be frozen and reheated v easily
  • instant pasta packets, like the bachelors cheese + broccoli which is my fave. its dry and you just dump it in a pan + add milk and water and butter and keep stirring until its cooked
  • instant noodles if u like those
  • fancy toasties: i like cheese and broccoli + can be bulked up a bit with salad or fries or baked beans or something
  • good ol reliable beans on toast

honestly im not too sure off the top of my head but i could try and make a low-spoon pinboard if thats useful. hope this helped somewhat


I had a half-day today so I spent my afternoon making tortellini completely from scratch. I (mostly) followed a recipe from Massimo Bottura’s Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef and holy hell, these things are intense in flavor. The filling is a mix of pancetta, ground veal, prosciutto, mortadella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and ground black pepper. (The original recipe calls for pork fillet but I didn’t want to go through the trouble, so I used pancetta instead.)