Day 79. Has anyone ever posed the theory that Peter Stormare in Fargo and Peter Stormare in The Big Lebowski are actually the same character? Follow up: Does Peter Strormare die at the end of Fargo? I can’t remember. (Fargo Spoiler Alert) I remember Marge walks in on him pushing Carl into the wood chipper. I can’t remember if she shoots him or arrests him or he gets away. Is he the one who gets shot in the parking lot? I haven’t seen Fargo in a while. I should watch it again, it’ll be like seeing for the first time, apparently.

Assuming he doesn’t die at the end of Fargo, I think the theory could have some legs. Fargo is set in 1987, The Big Lebowski is set in 1991. So after the events in Fargo went poorly for him, he moved out to the coast for a new life bilking millionaires with young trophy wives. Both characters are criminals with eastern European accents. We know Uli/Karl has a few different names. They both love pancakes.

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