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Pregnancy Pains. (Chicago PD, Jay Halstead)

Pairing: Jay/ She - can be read as Linstead

“Uh, that’s my towel.” Jay stated the obvious, pointing to the dark blue fabric wrapped around her torso. He had a thing against people using this one towel in particular, something about it’s plushness and other shit she didn’t care about. She pointed down to her stomach.

“And this is half your chromosomes. This towel is the only one that will fit around your fat ass baby.”

“It’s half you.”

“Yeah but it got it’s bulk from you.” She laughed as he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her soundly on her cheeks as the baby kicked a soccer player’s rhythm. “Oh look. It hates you.”

“Why are you so mean to me?” He chuckled, running his hand up her spine and along the curve of her baby bump. “She’s mean, you have a mean mommy.” The kicking stopped. She gave him a look. “Oh nice, take her side.”

“He doesn’t agree with you.”

“Well, she will.”

“Shut your face asshole, he is going to love me.”

“See? Mean. You’re a nurse. Aren’t you supposed to like humans?”

“Just because I like humans doesn’t mean I like you in particular.”

“Divorce, we’re getting a divorce!” He threw his hands up, stomping out the bedroom door as he muttered about mean wives. She just laughed. About to drop the towel, she decided to put on one of his old t-shirts before thinking it through.

Deal with grumpy, pouty, baby Jay all day or - oh who she kidding, this wasn’t a decision at all.

“Jay! I need your help.” It was a call he couldn’t refuse. He stomped back through the door, eyebrows furrowed as he looked at her obviously perfectly healthy, capable self.

“Why did you-” His eyebrows shot into his hairline as she dropped the towel to the floor, smirk on her lips. “Oh. Okay. Mhm, not mean, you are literally the nicest woman in the world and I love you.”



“Shut up and kiss me.”

domestic fluff is bad for my angst but soothing to my soul

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I married Kaze last night, because hahahaha of course I did asdfga send help, so yeah anyway I made a thing to celebrate

once when i was little i tried to design my perfect pet and what i ended up with was a cross between a little sea pony (as featured in the children’s book The Little Sea Pony©) and a snake

sparkling-aria  asked:

Older Ash is hot I legit cannot get over him pls stop

ok, I’ll try to stop drawing Older!Ash  V__V

………..and start drawing  DARK!Older!Ash???

I cannot be stopped

i dunno suddenly my ability to draw people has deteriorated overnight and now im just really really frustrated since i now cant draw crud. maybe i should drop attempting full-on drawings and practice by sketching them for a really long time first.

totally will work.

that time of the month
  • uterus: pay attention to me I'm booooored.
  • me: I can't rn, I'm too busy handling my...
  • me: I was yummy...
  • intestines: TO THE DEATH!
  • me: ...can I live without a torso? is that a thing?

She laughed, bright and thrilling, bounding ahead of him across the grass. His eyes opened. The aurora shimmered overhead, light casting strange shadows over the uneven grass. She was halfway to the hill, and he followed slowly. Every step hurt, every step made his bones protest as if they were giving out beneath him. He plodded, watching her get further and further away.

Hundreds, thousands of fireflies swirled up from the twisted tree as she crested the rise, her figure a dark blot against the glory of the sky.

for Somnium by @anachromystic

I LOVE this super interesting, modern au fic! 

= me almost every chapter from the angsty fluffiness


Philip woke up with a groan. His arm hurt like hell, and it didn’t take long to figure out why. He kept his eyes shut, not wanting to open them just yet. There was a reality behind closed eyelids, and he wasn’t ready to face that yet, not with any strength. 

He could smell the antiseptic. He could feel, under his left fingertips, scratchy, thin bedsheets. The blanket on top of him wasn’t nearly as heavy as the one he used at the Caldwell farm. To be simple, he wasn’t at the Caldwell farm, and it all added up to something else. The hospital, with bleach and clorox and antiseptic clouding his nose, he knew. 

When he did look down, the first thing he noticed was the tight, stark white wrapping around his arm, the sling that pinned it still to his torso. The second thing he noticed was Lukas, who was snoring away in the bed next to him, empty to the world. He pulled himself up, struggling as he only had the one arm to do it with, as he spied Tony lurking out the window. That solved one problem. If Lukas was here, he’d be safe. They had to keep Lukas safe, everyone knew that he was a witness. 

“Lukas.” He said. He wasn’t going to throw a pillow, he just wasn’t. “Lukas!”

Philip sighed, and dropped back down into bed. He turned his head on the pillow, brown waves falling into his eyes just in time to see the blond’s eyes start to open.