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Gym Bros

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“You’re getting kind of old, babe.” said Darren to his bf, Rob. 

“I know! I haven’t body hopped in years. I think it’s time to start fresh.”

“There’s this guy at the gym. Huge 27 year old bodybuilder. I think he would work nicely for you.”

“Are you saying he would work well for me or work well for you?” Rob winked.

“A little of both.” Darren smiled giving Rob a quick peck on the lips. “ It will be different. He is pretty big.”

“How are we going to do this?”

“Gym locker room. Closing time. Hide in the shower so he doesn’t see you and when I give the signal jump right in.” 

The next day, Darren had gone to the gym and kept Mike, the unsuspecting bodybuilder occupied until it was almost time for the gym to close. 

“aw man. I didn’t realize how late it was. Probably should head to to locker room now to change before the place closes.” Darren indicated to Mike. 

Mike agreed. 

They both made their way to the locker room. 

“Hey man, listen. It’s been really nice working out with you. I can’t imagine being as big as you, but you’re definitely an inspiration to me man.”

“Thanks, man.” Mike responded. 

“I really mean it.” Darren moved in for a kiss while opening his eyes and signaling Rob to come out from the shower. Mike pulled away after a short bit. 

“What are you…” Before Mike could finish his sentence, Rob had come out of the shower and his spirit ran out of his body and into Mike’s back. Mike threw his head back and gasped as Rob entered his body taking full control. Mike let a deep breath in and out and opened his eyes as he looked side to side, flexing his arms and feeling up his torso. 

“Man. It feels good to be young again and man, you were right. I feel huge.”

“You ARE huge, babe.” 

“Let’s skip the shower. This body wants to go out clubbing and afterwards I want to fuck you so hard your head will spin.” The new Mike pulled Darren close to him. 

“mmm yeah. That sounds fuckin awesome….Mike.”

They headed out of the gym and didn’t even bother putting their shirts back on. There was a gay bar not too far away from the gym. They danced shirtless and the new Mike felt a rush he hadn’t felt in years. He made out with his partner the entire night and kept a hard on while rubbing against him. 

The rest of their night is up to the imagination. 

Don’t Doubt Me

Member: DongHyuk // iKON

Gnere: Romance, Fluff

Words: 343

It was a peaceful morning, the winter sun hazily descending onto her bed and heating her stomach through the fabric of her bed sheets, serving the same purpose as an arm wrapped around her waist and pressing her closer to a slender torso of a young man who seeped his own body heat into her.

“You’re awake?” giggled a hoarse voice into her ear, biting at the lobe and making her squirm. “Took you long enough.”

She grunted then, flipping onto her back and twisting her head in his direction.

Kim DongHyuk was a mesmerizing man, she could not argue, but waking up next to him was on a whole another level.

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I want a baby

Title:  i want a baby

rating: M

Disclaimer: i don’t own Naruto.

In the bar of the biggest hotel of the city, a pretty bluenette was sitting at the counter a drink in her hands, moping.  For some time everything went wrong for her while the other had a right to happiness,  her best friend had just told her that she was pregnant, her little sister was engaged and her friend was getting married in two months. While she had just broken up with her boyfriend because she had discovered that he was cheating on her. She found herself single again, wondering what was wrong with her, maybe she was too demanding. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t care about having a boyfriend; this isn’t the reason why she was unhappy, she shouldn’t be unhappy she has everything she needed to be happy. She was a famous journalist, a profession that she loved. She had fantastic friends on whom she could always count on and a family, a little overprotective but who loved her.  No, all that was missing in her life was a husband and children. Children, she loved children. She turned her head and her eyes that looked like two slightly purple white pearls fell on a little boy cheerfully walking hand in hand with his mother in the hallway. She smiled softly. Now she understood why she was so jealous of her best friend when she had told her she was pregnant. She wanted a baby. She was sure that it would fill the void she felt, it would make her happy.

-“Excuse me Miss.”

That brought her back to reality

She turned to see the owner of the voice and saw a blond man with deep blue eyes. She found him very handsome.

-“Yes” She replied, blushing slightly.

-“can you help me please?”

-“It depends on what you want”

-“Well it’s a little embarrassing but you see the redhead behind me who is staring at us ?”

-“Yes I do.” She stated after casting a glance.

-“She absolutely wants to spend the night with me but I am not at all interested. And I keep saying that to her, but she won’t listen. So I told myself that if I left accompanied by such a beautiful woman as yourself she would give up. So do you agree to … Um …”

She looked at him suspiciously.

-“I am not asking you to kiss me or even to spend the night with me. Just take my arm and leave this bar with me. We don’t have to leave the hotel if that reassures you. I really have no bad intention.”

She found him funny, trying so hard to convince her.

-“Okay.” She agreed with a small smile.

-“Thank you.”

She took her bag and wanted to get her purse out but the young man stopped her by putting his hand on hers. She looked up and saw the blond putting money on the counter.


-“It will be more realistic if I offer you this drink.”

She did not answer and got up. He offered her his arm and she shyly grabbed it and they went out of the bar. They continued to move forward in the hotel. Once they were sure the redheaded woman could no longer see them they stopped and Hinata dropped the young man’s arm.

-“Thank you very much. I don’t know how I would get rid of her without you.”

-“It’s nothing…..oh by the way !”

She reached into her purse and handed him some money. The blonde looked at her oddly like he didn’t understand the gesture.

-“This is for the drink you paid earlier. “she explained.

-“there’s no need. You helped me after all, it’s the least I can do.”

-“but …”

-“Don’t argue, I won’t accept the money.”

-“Okay.” She sighed “ well, good night” She turned to leave.

-“Wait! I was wondering if you would agree to come to dinner with me. It has nothing to do with what just happened, but you see I came here alone and I don’t know anyone. I would just like to have some company.”

-“So why didn’t you accept the proposal of the young lady?”

-“This is not the kind of company I want. I want to spend the night with someone like a friend, that’s all.”

-“alright. some company won’t hurt me. And it’s more fun to eat with someone than alone.”

-“I agree. By the way, my name is Naruto.”

-“mine’s  Hinata.”

They then went to the hotel restaurant.


Hours later, they decided to go to bed. They took the elevator together to reach their rooms. The blond was leaning casually on the wall and his eyes were closed. While the young woman was standing on the other side. She stared at him, thinking about the pleasant night she spent with him. She found the perfect one. He was handsome, funny and charming, very kind. with a child like him, she would be happy. But that was not possible, they did not live in the same country and even if they managed to form a couple, it would have to wait at least a year before conceiving a child with him. But she wanted it right now, she didn’t want to wait. In fact, it was perhaps not impossible. After all, she did not need a husband to raise a child. She had enough money to support both herself and the child. So she just has to become pregnant.

Fortunately she had stopped taking the pill a few months ago. Yes, she stopped it when she had learned about her best friend, she had spoken with her ex and he said yes and then she discovered that he was cheating on her two months later. She made up her mind, she was determined to sleep with Naruto, tonight. She approached him and stopped just a few centimeters from him. She hesitated for a second before standing on her tiptoes and gently pressed her lips against his and closed her eyes. Her hands found refuge on the torso of the young man. She waited for a reaction from the blonde. Naruto, feeling her lips on his had opened his eyes wide. He didn’t expect this from her. She looked so sweet and shy. But he wasn’t complaining there’s this beautiful woman kissing him and he certainly wasn’t going to just stand there and do nothing, so he put his hands on her hips to get her closer to him. Hinata feeling this, opened her mouth and ran her tongue over Naruto’s lips begging for entrance, the blond accepted without hesitation. The kiss became eager and passionate. Hinata slid her hands up over his neck to feel a little more warmth. The elevator stopped and the doors opened.  Naruto broke the kiss so she can go out from the elevator but the young woman instantly took possession of his mouth again. She pulled him into the hallway and keeps pulling him until they reached the door of her room.

She tried to find the keys in her bag, without separating her lips from the young man’s, but she couldn’t found them.  She forced herself away from him and actively sought the keys. Seeing this, the blond man smiled before slipping behind her and embraces her. He put his hands under her top to feel her breasts.

-“Hurry up.” He whispered in her ear before kissing her neck.

-“I’m trying” She moaned “Here!”  she exclaimed proudly holding up the keys.

Naruto grabbed the keys and slammed Hinata against the door. He inserted the key in the lock and opened it. They quickly entered the room, closing the door behind them. The girl turned and fiercely kissed the young man. They took off their shoes and walked to the bed, Hinata took off her jacket and did the same to her partner. But Naruto stopped her and stepped back thinking that something was wrong. This woman does not seem to be the type to sleep with a guy she had just met. She was perhaps a thief who would rob him when he’ll fall asleep or a married woman who wanted to have some fun. He didn’t know who she was, but he was sure she will get him in trouble

-“ It’s better if we stop here. I better go.”

-“No!” she shouted

She pushed him on the bed and climbed on it. She removed her top and kissed him passionately, unbuttoning his shirt. Once it was opened, the blunette let her hands wander on his chest. She left the lips of her partner and begins to kiss the skin of his neck and licking his chest. The blonde forgot about the want to leave and the problems that await him, she was worth it. he grabbed her hips and reversed their position so he can be on top, which surprised the young woman. He pulled her shirt off that was quickly followed by the skirt while attacking her neck with kisses.  He trailed kisses down until he reached the top of her breasts as he slipped his arm behind her back to lift her slightly and remove her bra. One hand went kneading her breast as his tongue played with her nipple. Hinata was panting hard, that felt so good. She ran her fingers through the hair of her lover, Naruto slipped his free hand into her panties and felt how wet she was, he started playing with her clit then he slid a finger inside her entrance and started to move back and forth. Hinata’s moan got louder as the pleasure overwhelmed her and it only increased when he put a second finger inside of her. But that was not what she wanted, she wanted more than that. She pushed him away and took off his pants and boxers and then she did the same with her panties. .She was going to lure him to continue, but he stopped her and grabbed his pants.

-“ I always have one on me just in case” He said showing her a condom.

She looked at it, frustrated. This thing disturbed her plans, she absolutely had to get rid of it without him noticing. She took it from his hand and kissed him sensually. she laid him down and sat on his lap  then she quietly dropped the condom on the ground. Hinata lifted her body and guided him inside of her she let out a moan as she could feel him stretching her.  Naruto looked at her, captivated. she was gorgeous, her breasts jumped up and down, her mouth wide open and her cheeks flushed. But what fascinated him even more was her voice shouting his name. He wanted to hear her scream even louder. He sat up and put his hands on her buttocks and starts to move his hips to help her move faster, once he got tired of this position he stopped and turned her around so that she was on all fours. He slid himself inside her forcefully and start pumping furiously, hinata’s moans became louder much to his pleasure, he moved his hands to her chest and kneaded them while continuing his thrusts.

-“I can’t take it anymore, Naruto!” She cried when she felt her release approaching.

-“Me neither” He growled.

And in a last effort, he plunged deep inside her. Hinata screamed as she felt the most wonderful orgasm hit her.  She felt the hot sperm of her partner inside her. They collapsed on the bed, panting. The blond slid off of her and lay down beside her. When she turned to him, he kissed her tenderly and puts his arms around her bringing her closer to him and let the sleep claims him, hinata followed him soon after.


The next day, Naruto wakes up and find out that the young woman was no longer there, he turned around to looked at the clock when he noticed a small paper on the bedside table . He took it, sat down and scanned the message:

Hello Naruto,

I’m sorry I left but I had to catch my flight and I didn’t dare to wake you up. I must thank you for the fantastic night we spent together. I will never forget it. I don’t know what else to say. So thank you again.



Ps: I’ve left the key on the table. Bring it to the reception before tonight. Thank you.

He reread the message several times before deciding to get up. He had though for a moment that maybe she could be the woman he was looking for. But no, she would only be a one night stand. She was probably already married and that was just a small distraction for her. He got dressed quickly and was relieved to see that at least she didn’t steal his wallet. But he would probably have to pay for the room now.

He got out of the room and went down to the ground floor. He headed to the reception

-“Hello, can I have the bill?” He said, giving him the key.

-“Of course Sir.” He replied, taking the key.

The receptionist tapped on the computer.

-“Sir, this room has already been paid.”

-“really ?”

-“Yes. Do you need anything else, sir?”

-“I want to know the name of the person who reserved the room?”

-“Sorry sir, I can’t give you that information.”

-“I understand. Thanks anyway.” Said the blonde before turning to leave.

-“Have a good day sir.”

-“Thank you, you too.”


It has been two weeks now since Hinata returned to Konoha. Two weeks since she had met Naruto. And here she was now at home staring at a pregnancy test.  She literally jumped out of joy when she saw it was positive. She was so happy, she was finally pregnant, she was pregnant!  She would still see her gynecologist the next day for confirmation. She already imagined how it would look. It would be a little blond boy with blue eyes. Yes, she wanted it to look like his father in every way. She kept daydreaming until her phone start ringing

-“Hello ?” She answered happily.

-“Well, you seem cheerful.

-“Extremely, I have just learned some good news. Anyway, what do you want Sakura?”

-“Well, I wanted you to meet sasuke’s best man.

-“oh ok, When ?”

-“Tomorrow at five o'clock.”

-“No problem. Where?”

-“At choji’s restaurant”

-“OK see you tomorrow.”

-“Yeah, see you.”


The next day, in the restaurant, a young woman with pink hair and green eyes was talking with a blonde while a black haired man watched them, amused

-“ I hope for you  Sakura that she’s not ugly. I have no desire to move towards the hotel with an ugly girl.” said the blonde.

-“ I assure you she is very beautiful also she is adorable. Well hey, you’re going to see it for yourself because here she come.”

The young man did not even turn to see the young woman, he wasn’t interested, he just wanted one woman, the one that he was obsessed with, the one he couldn’t forget, the one with whom he had spent the most magical night of his life.

-“ Sakura, sorry I’m late. My visit lasted longer than expected.”

After hearing the voice, the blond froze. He recognized that voice. It was her, he was sure. He turned his head slowly, hoping he didn’t just imagined it

-“ Don’t worry about it. So Naruto …” Sakura began.

It was hianat’s turn to froze, had she heard her right ? did she just said Naruto ?

“…..let me introduce you….” continued the young woman

“Hinata…” whispered the blond his eyes meeting hers

S-3 Bellarke Fanfics Master Post

So it’s been a pretty wild year in Bellarke fandom!  Since season 3 is over and @bellarkefanfictionawards is happening, I thought it’d be a good time to do a master fic post, to assess what I’ve done for the year. 

If you enjoyed these stories, please consider nominating the one(s) you liked. Nomination details are here, and open through Sunday.  Even if you don’t care to nominate one of mine, please do nominate your favorite authors! We have so many great writers in this fandom, and it’s been an amazing year for output.  I also want to shout out to the crew at @bellarkefanfictionawards who are working hard already to manage the flow. Thanks gais.

Mid-Sized Fics:

All Precious Things Discovered Late
Published: 2016-06-16
Words: 7,334
Rating: E
Tropes: Bed Sharing, Future Canon, dual POV, Romance
Summary: Saving their corner of the world took two months of dirt, pain, and explosives, and even that doesn’t fix their problems. While on a mission, Clarke and Bellamy take shelter in an abandoned house to wait out the weather. The longer they’re alone together, the harder it is to ignore that things have changed.  //  “But are they gonna share the bed???“ …Of course they are.

linger in the chambers of the sea
Published: 2016-05-04
Words: 12,000
Rating: T
Tropes: Canonverse AU, Season 3 Compliant, Clarke POV, Missing Scenes
Summary: For three days, the Floukru boats don’t come. For three days, they have only each other, a small rocky beach, and the forest. For three days, they have time.  // alternate ending to 3x13 

Published: 2015-07-18
Words: 7,901
Rating: T
Tropes: Soulmates AU, Canonverse AU, Friendship, Bellamy POV
Summary: From the moment Clarke and Bellamy met, identical marks began to take shape on their skin. There’s only one explanation, and everyone knows how the story goes, but when you’re a leader, nothing is harder than a question you can’t bring yourself to ask…. a canonverse Soulmates AU. Lots of friendship, lots of family feels.  Bellamy/Everyone pretty much.

These three fics above are the ones I’m proudest of. If you want to know how I see the bellarke relationship, it’s pretty much in these three fics, different as they are.  Thank you so much to the kind friends who have beta-read these for me when I email at a weird hour like a vampire. Love you all.

Short Fics & Drabbles:

Pieces of Earth  - 25 various drabble stories
Published: 2015-08-07
Rating: various
Words: various  
Summary:   Assorted tumblr one-shots and prompt replies, all bellarke of some flavor. AUs, future fic, vignettes, speculation, ask box fic, smut fic, fluff, romance, adventure, angst, etc.  Most of them are less than 1500 words.

Just Because 
Published: 2015-07-21
Words: 449
Rating: G
Tropes: First Kiss, Soft Romance, Friendship
Summary:  It’s not the stars or the firelight that make her do it, it’s his hands.

Give a Little, Get a Lot 
Published: 2015-09-06
Words: 1,213 
Rating: E
Tropes: Abandoned Places, Flirting, Smut, Oral Sex
Summary: While exploring an abandoned amusement park, Clarke and Bellamy’s typical flirting gets kicked up a notch.

Published: 2015-08-23
Words: 1,029
Rating: T
Tropes: Kissing, Swimming, UST
Summary:  Beneath the late afternoon sun, in a part of the world that was once Virginia and never will be again, pooling river water drifts in gentle eddies over the naked torso of a young man.

Not So Much Great Expectations As Moderate, Achievable Ones
Published: 2015-11-16
Words: 2,141
Rating: T
Tropes:  High School AU, Partying, Age Difference, UST
Summary:  Octavia’s upperclass-only parties were legendary for being low-budget events with a lot of booze, fifteen-year-old video games systems, and no parental supervision except Bellamy. Turns out her brother was a pretty great chaperon because at early-twenty-something he was old enough to seem cool, not too old to be unapproachable, and knew how to mix cheap alcohol into halfway drinkable combinations.

How a Baker Met a Merman


Imagine person B of your OTP is a mermaid/man and is discovered by person A. Person B,having never been to the surface world is asking Person A about all the strange things they see and Person A having to explain it all to them. (Bonus: Person B tries to take off Person A’s shirt or pants to see how they work/what it is.)

Pairing: Adam Crawford/Kurt Hummel

merman!Kurt AU

Warning for almost drowning in the beginning/anxiety.


Adam Crawford scrambled among the rocks, searching the crevices and sandy holes with his eyes. He had been walking home from work the day before, breathing in the coastal air, when he thought he heard someone singing. Looking down, he saw something move, and a splash followed shortly after. The dark made it hard to clearly see anything, and he had vowed to come back the next day to search.

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Midnight Dance

Title: Midnight Dance
Character(s) Featured: Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanov, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Bruce Banner
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Words: 4293
Genre: Romantic Comedy/ Light Smut
Rating: M (Mature)
Author Notes: Howdy everybody! Alright, here is the next one shot starring our lovable lightning speedster, Pietro Maximoff. I hope I stayed true to many of the character’s personalities. I also hope you all enjoy reading this. Please like and reblog if you can! That would make me extremely happy if you do. Like I put on the rating, this is light mature content. So if you’re young, perhaps you shouldn’t read this. If you are young and you want to read it anyway….just read it when your parents aren’t around. ;) Okay, here we go! This is Midnight Dance.
Summary: Imagine being Natasha’s sister and sneaking in the tower to work on your fighting technique when you were discovered by Pietro Maximoff. You ended up having a heated sparring session with the speedster.

The oldest Maximoff once again could not find sleep, it was one of the disadvantages of having a fast metabolism. He groaned as he arose from his bed, briefly staring at the blank wall in front of him. After a minute or two, he stood and stretched. His well toned muscles expanding and extending before he decided to change into his gym clothes. Perhaps running a couple of laps or maybe a few hundred would tire him out…
You silently walked off the elevator and passed the threshold to the dark & empty room across the gym. Having access to the Avengers’ training center is one of the many perks of being Black Widow’s younger sister. Only a selected few knew of your existence; Clint and Tony being the only two so far since Nat works closely with both men. Though Natasha lives near by and happens to have a very large bank account, you wanted to tough it out by yourself. However, living on your own meant limited funds, like ‘cup o’ noodles a day’ limited. Your freedom, though, was worth the struggle. That being said, you didn’t have a place to train, a location to perfect the technique of your mercenary skills. Finding out Stark had a space, you begged and begged him to use it. The billionaire allowed you to come when it was convenient for you since you refused every other gift he presented to you. You happily sighed as the lights flickered on, taking in the wide vacant area. A smile appeared on your face when you noticed the walls. Tony installed mirrors on both sides along with wooden barres, and a plethora of weapons to work with. He knows you too well. You chuckled, shaking your head in amusement. He always had to have his way one way or another. Your hand placed your small stereo on the hardwood floor, dropping your adidas bag alongside it. Making sure the swinging doors stood still, and that no one was around, you changed into more comfortable clothing and then got straight to work.
Pietro wiped the sweat off his brow, his silver hair sticking to his fair skinned forehead as he took a moment to catch his breath. He inhaled deeply as he placed his large coarse hands on his hips, his fitted white tee clinging to his entire upper torso. The young man still felt no peace, actually he felt the exact opposite. His body was too wired to rest now. He exhaled a sigh, starting to plan out another workout to wear down his hyperactive frame. He advanced to the large punching bag that was left for the captain. He grabbed the glove adjacent to the object. The male Sokovian knocked it around in normal speed when his ears picked up loud music coming from the room across the hallway. His curiosity peaked, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. As far as he knew, he was the only one awake so who is playing that music? And if it isn’t any of his fellow team members, which he assumed it wasn’t, why didn’t the A.I. alert them? He took off the gloves but kept on the bandages as a precaution. His feet carefully moved towards the booming sounds, keeping his body close to the eggshell colored wall. Once he reached the doorway, he intended to barge in and demand the intruder how they entered the building. The second his electric blue eyes saw your graceful and fluent movements, he was like a snake entranced by its charmer. Your curvaceous and nimble figure had put him under a spell.
Your smooth s/c anatomy glistened with droplets of sweat as your naked torso twisted and turned, your black sweatpants hanging low on your wide hips. On your spare time, you would often practiced yoga, tai chi, and even belly dancing to keep your body limber and agile. However you decided to add a kick to your range of motion, incorporating Martial Arts and combat tactics. You swung your leg around the floor, followed by a backflip which you stayed in as you touched your toes. You kept your round firm backside out as your spine unfurled. Your arms reached to the ceiling and you slowly lifted your left leg in the air. You jumped high and in mid air, spun your whole body horizontally. Your hands and the balls of your feet hit the ground first; pressing yourself low to the oak floorboards. You owed your training to your sister, teaching you the deadly lessons of the red room without the ‘celebratory gifts’. Her way of ‘reforming you’ from the rigorous and sometimes painful schooling of the Russian mafia. Be that as it may, you wanted your own identity, your own signature. You wanted to be far from the likeness of Natasha Romanoff. Quick, flowing, and fluid, you never missed a step as you added a rhythm to your method of warfare. Small groans, grunts, and short breaths poured out of your mouth, almost like the moans of pleasure unbridled, passionate sex. You were about to finish your first set, kicking the long and tall staff on the weapons rack causing it to land directly in yours hands, equipped for battle. You suddenly heard a large heavy object hit the floor hard. You turned to see a muscular man with silver white hair on the crown of his head and Raven black hair below, on the floor, face down. A groanful 'ow’ entered your ears before hearing what you assumed were foreign obscenities from said man. You knew that voice anywhere. It happened to come from the fastest Avenger, the one you bothered Nat to tell you about (only because you found his powers interesting, of course), Pietro Maximoff. The Quicksilver. You held the staff in your hand, letting the end hit the floor with a thump as you eyed him curiously.
The young man tried to recover with a quickness but was unsuccessful when he almost tripped over his feet as he stood up. He brushed off whatever dust that covered him, purposely stretching his tee to reveal his chiseled abdominals. He knew very well how he looked, he wasn’t blind to the constant stares he received from both sexes. He also knew how his thick European accent excited the American female population. It was a matter of fact how women simply melt hearing him speak. They do a lot more when they hear his native tongue. “Who are you? How did you get in here?” He asked, attempting to sound intimidating yet alluring at the same time. You were actually more amused than scared, it’s hard to stay authoritative when you almost busted your ass. “I asked you a question. Who are you?” He repeated. Oh,right…fuck, what do I say? You thought to yourself. You didn’t want to reveal your whole identity nor your relation to one of the Avengers. You didn’t want to get Natasha in trouble or worse, you didn’t want to get into trouble with Natasha. You knew you had to lie and you had to lie fast. But when you looked into those two shimmering pools of blue staring at you, you couldn’t find it within you to lie. Instead, you decided to only omit certain details. What’s the worse that could happen?
“Um, hi? My name’s y/n. I’m a friend of Tony’s, he said that I could use this place to practice. Is the music too loud? I can turn it down if you want.” You asked, pretending to be timid and shy. You batted your eyelashes as you changed your demeanor to sweet and innocent.
Ne, you were not disturbing at all. I just didn’t know anyone else was here. What dance was that, that dance you were doing? I’ve never seen something like that before.”
You chuckled, “Oh that? That wasn’t dancing, that was…just me learning some defense techniques I’ve been studying for a few years now and it’s been pretty effective.” You lied through your teeth…kinda. You do use it to defend yourself, but also to incapacitate your targets. “Do you make it a habit putting yourself in danger? How does it help you exactly?” He inquired, closing the gap between you two but not enough to invade your personal space. “Ha-ha, very funny. I don’t put myself in danger, it sort of…finds me. But by practicing different forms of dance and martial arts such as Wushu or Tai-Chi, I’m able to stay fluid in my motions and also conserve my energy. I gain more agility, strength, and stamina to defeat my tar- my assailants.” You beamed in pride. Though you were raised and trained by the mafia, only to be later 'reprogrammed’ by the red haired Avenger, you struggled to find your own footing. This method you created was your pride and joy. You found yourself creating it, making a name for yourself without the help of your family’s reputation. The Sokovian male laughed, shaking his head in delight, “I’m sorry, moja ljubav but if I wanted to hurt you, I’d win. I am more faster than that. The most you probably manage is….vodi ih da žele da te jebem. You are very lucky to have met such stupid criminals.” Your expression darkened when his laughter rang in your ears, “What?”
Pietro shrugged, as if stating the obvious, “you know, you are beautiful and very sexy, you probably just get them…excited and then they run away, no?” Your e/c eyes narrowed in anger, “Are you saying that my method isn’t good enough to keep me safe or that I’m not strong enough to hold my own?”
“Don’t get me wrong, whoever taught you, taught you very well, and you probably pack mean punch but you’re so tiny and fragile. For you to take a man down all by yourself? Eh, I do not think you are that good. You need a real strong man to protect you, maybe one that is very fast, yes?” The silver haired man smirked. Tiny?! Fragile?! Why, that son of a bi- “Well, I’ve heard a lot of stories about you, Maximoff. I heard that though you are inhumanly fast, you are unfit for combat at normal speed or even standing still. You were holier than Swiss cheese in Novi Grad.” You snapped back. The speedster’s grin turned into a frown, “ I did it to save the lives of my comrade and a little boy. I had to act fast, and almost died doing it. But I know, I could fight without my powers and still beat my enemy.”
You smirked evilly, “Oh really? Let’s see that then, shall we? Fight me and show me just how good you are.” You were stubbornly determined to make him eat his words. He scoffed, “I’m not going to fight a little woman just to prove I am a better fighter.”
“Aw, why not Sonic? Are you afraid you’ll hurt poor, defenseless me? Or is it you’re afraid you’ll be proven wrong by 'a little woman’?” You opened your arms wide, challenging him to step up to you. His muscle tightened, his jaw clenched, and through gritted teeth responded, “Dobro, samsi to trazio.” He’s not going stand for this. Beautiful woman or not, how dare she insult him? Damn him and his pride.
“English, Sokovian.”
“Fine but do not say I didn’t warn you.” He grumbled as he walked towards the barre against the wall and began to lift the hem of his tee. You looked at the European confused and a little eager to see what was underneath that cotton material. “What are you doing?”
Pietro turned to you as if you grew another head, “I move better with less clothes, what do you think I was doing? You thought I was trying to distract you with my body?” He mischievously grinned as he lifted one top to reveal a white tank below it. He raised an eyebrow, shrugging his shoulders a bit to indicate that he did indeed had something underneath. You rolled your eyes, “Ugh, don’t flatter yourself. Just get into position.” You lightly blushed from the naughty thought that passed your mind about him distracting you. You turned away though before he noticed. You went into your fighting stance, the music blaring loudly through the speakers the following song. It turned out to be a remix of a tango. It was harder, aggressive, as the organ piano played those three notes followed by the strumming of the Spanish guitar. How could you have been remotely attracted to this man? He’s such a cocky little bastard! He thinks he could make you swoon with his thick Eastern European accent, those bulging biceps, and that trail of tiny hairs leading your eyes straight to his - Shut up right now. Stop that. He’s an ass, you scolded yourself. You were gonna teach him a lesson whether he likes it or not. He lightly stretched, limbering up his joints and bones for what’s to come. Pietro watched you doing the same, oh how he’s going to make you putty in his hands. Whether you want to or not.
The Sokovian threw the first punch which you dodged easily, quickly circling him to kick him in the back. He lost his footing for a moment, trying very hard not to use his speed. He advanced towards you, aiming to hit your abdomen but you deflected it by blocking with your arm and jumping into a backflip, and struck him square in the jaw. His head flew back as he groaned in pain, cursing in his language under his breath. A chuckle flowed through your rosy lips into your surroundings. The blue eyed man heard the sweet melody while he held his chin. He would’ve vocalized his delight of he wasn’t too busy having his ass handed to him by you. Now was the time to really use some of that training Captain America’s been drilling into him for so long. You didn’t give him any time to recover from your last attack before charged at him, thrust punching his left and right side which he staggered trying to block. He briefly held on to his side before he caught your horizontal kick to his broad chest. His large hand went up calf and towards your inner thigh which you couldn’t help but shiver from his touch. “You’re blushing, y/n.” He said breathlessly, enjoying the reaction he’s having on you. You grunted as your other leg jumped up and reached his other shoulder, pinning his head between them. You grabbed his arm as you slid off him like you would a pole. With all your strength, you flipped him to the hard floor with an yell. He moaned in pain but still quickly swept his leg underneath you, causing you to hit the ground. Pietro rolled and straddled you, placing your hands above your head. He inhaled your aroma of baby powder and warm vanilla. God, you were so intoxicating to him. “It seems like I win, princeza. Though I think I won more than one way here. I must say I enjoy this position. Go out with me, y/n. I’m sure I can pin you to the ground so hard that you won’t be able to get up.” He grinned, enjoying the image of you below him as he was in between your legs. You get heat building in the pit of your stomach as you were in this compromising situation. You tried to push the feeling aside, focusing on the subject at hand. “You should remember something, Pietro.” You panted.
“And what is that, dragocena moja?” His nose softly grazing your chin.
“Never count your chickens before they hatch.” With that, your legs wrapped around your torso, using the combined weight of you both to propel you to instead, be on top. You then pinned his arms a little above him and you noticed the idiot is smiling at you. Are you kidding me?!You mentally growled. “Why are you smiling like that? Stop it.”
He grinned wider, staring lustfully under hooded eyes. “I am sorry. It’s just I’m beginning to like this way better.” His clear blue eyes took in the beauty of your heaving chest which was only covered by your black sports bra. He then continued looking at your curved wide hips that rested directly under his manhood. His member hardened and twitched below your sex which added fuel to the already burning flames within you. He did not shy away in fact, he relished the feel of you if only over clothing. You tried to keep your calm but it was beginning to become a struggle as your hunger for this foreigner grew. Your mind started to wander not in the battle but in how he was possibly in bed. Was he fast and rough or slow and gentle? Does he make love or does he fuck…hard? You were yearning to find out. You bit your lower lip, which caused him to growl at the gesture, purposely rubbing against you. You mewled at his motion underneath your pelvis. However, you weren’t going to end it like this. Oh no, you weren’t going to let this go easily. You moved closer to him, your hand lightly making impact with his cheek, “Say that I won.” He chuckled, then glanced at you incredulously, “Are you serious? You’re choosing this exact moment to ask me that?”
“No time like that present. I’m not going any further until I hear those two words. Now say it, Maximoff.” You loosened your grip on his wrists, moving them to rest on his pecs. “Ne.” He refused playfully, his rough hands sliding to your waist.
“No?” You asked, annoyed.
“No.” He confirmed. You licked your upper lip and let out a frustrated laugh. He’s going to regret that. You bucked your hips hard, whispering your moan in his ear. “Oh, that is a cheap shot, y/n.” He groaned in pleasure, tightening his fingers around your hips. “All you have to do is say I won, Pietro.” You stated breathlessly, bucking your lower body again. He moaned, his eyes rolling back as he bit down on his lip. God, he’d sing the entire Sokovian alphabet if he could just take you right now. He just won’t admit he lost. You grinded against him, your hot breath hitting the tiny hairs on his neck. You’re dying to have him naked on top of you but you won’t stop until you heard those words. “Say it. Now.” A brief silence entered the air, besides the short pants emitting from the two of you. Oh fuck it, he thought as he admitted defeat. “You win.” He whispered, his nails beginning to dig into your skin.
“Louder.” You smiled, beginning to give in to the bliss of his clothed form.
“Ugh, you win.” He repeated a little louder.
“I still can’t hear you…”
Jebi ga…you win. Oh God, you win!” He moaned loudly.
“What the HELL is going on here?!” A female voice boomed, its tone of shock and anger reverberated through the four walls. You both jumped and separated as fast as possible. You and the speedster turned to see the entire team standing in the door, including your assassin sibling. You cleared your throat, looking at the hardwood floor. “Uh…hi…guys…”
“What were - Were you - W-With speedy?! Oh, come - now I have to burn the floor! And I just had it waxed!” Tony grimaced, shuddering at what he briefly witnessed. He always thought Star Spangles or even himself can get you all hot and bothered. He never would’ve suspected the European roadrunner. “Care to explain what’s going on, y/n?” Natasha asked, her arms crossed, and tapping her barefoot slowly. She stared you down, still appearing terrifying in a long sleep t-shirt with boyshorts beneath it. You nervously chuckled, “Well, that depends…What did you hear?”
“F.R.I.D.A.Y. noticed very heat activity in her thermal scanners occurring in this room and…mentioned strange noises coming from it.” Steve explained, his eyes darting from you to the older Maximoff twin in front of him. He looked a bit flustered from your predicament as he stood there in his blue boxers. He scratched the back of his head as he averted his eyes for a second. Just the idea of…fonduing turned his ears red. You were ready to explain when Wanda, who you knew was his sister yelled, “Oh, toje bruto, Pietro! I ne treba da vidi da!”
Zašto još gleda?! Izlazi odatle!” Her brother exclaimed in horror.
Prekasno je, Je ne ne mogu da vidim šta sam video.” She said, stunned. You had no idea what was being exchanged between them but you had an embarrassing inkling based by the traumatized expression on her face. You turned redder than you were before which you didn’t deemed possible. Natasha raised an eyebrow, still waiting for an answer. You took a deep breath and began your story. The whole team looked confused at the sudden turn of events. Tony grabbed the opportunity and teased the silver haired Sokovian, “So your offensive move was to what? Attack her with your erect penis?” He looked at the speed demon’s crotch then back up to Pietro’s face. The male Maximoff looked down to notice that he was still standing at attention. He cursed under his breath and turned, trying to think of anything to calm himself down. Bucky just couldn’t help but laugh at the entire situation unraveling before him, “And you were so worried about me, Romanov. You should’ve been worried about Mr. Euro right here hitting a homerun with your sister.”
“Sister?!” The majority of the team simultaneously cried out. Tony and Clint naturally was not phased by the announcement but were a little wary of their red haired teammate’s reaction. “Who told him?!” The Black Widow glared while they pointed a finger at one another. Meanwhile, Pietro froze in place, his soldier instantly killed in action at the word 'sister’. He assumed he would’ve received an earful from Stark but now knowing the young woman he was interested in getting to know in more ways than one is none other than the younger sibling of the deadly Black Widow, well he might as well sign his death certificate now. You turned your head to the man next to you, nervousness about what he might say or do. He didn’t appear to move, he was so scared. “I’m going to die now, aren’t I?” You were going to answer but was cut off by Nat, “No, you’re not going to die…not yet, at least. But the three of us are going to have a nice long conversation in the morning. For now, let’s all go to bed. Come on y/n, you’re sleeping here tonight. With me.” She emphasized to the petrified young man as she motioned you to go with her. You whispered an apology to him as you headed in the direction of your older sister. Your e/c eyes darted to Wanda, looking at her strongly for a brief minute or two. The brown haired girl smiled and nodded. Everyone headed to their respective rooms while Maximoff witch walked in the opposite direction to fetch her stunned brother. “She wanted me to tell you if you would be interested in another match tomorrow night.” She stated, trying to release him from his statutory state. He knew he shouldn’t, he knew that his life will hang in the balance, and he knew one wrong move and he’d be the Widow’s prey. However, he also knew he couldn’t miss a chance to get his ass kicked by you. He smirked in response, “Only if she lets me win this time.”

~*~*~*~Extended Ending~*~*~*~

“Shit!” Pietro exclaimed, rubbing his backside roughly as he looked at your joyful face. “Language!” You jokingly scolded before breaking into laughter, wearing Steve’s Captain America helmet which he accidentally left in the gym. Pietro hissed as he walked the soreness away, “You know, I thought we were going to have…another kind of session tonight.” You took off the blue headgear as your giggle died down, “Has all that running rattled your brain? My sister wants to put you on a skewer and roast you over a spit. She’s this close to putting a chastity belt on me. We have to keep this under wraps for awhile.” You gestured to both you as you walked closer to him. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t visit me in the middle of the night, no?” He raised one of his dark eyebrows as he smirked. The deep blue of his eyes looked down at your smaller frame, his large broad arms snaked around your waist. A small chuckle escaped your lips, a sound that was music to his ears. “Sonic, I highly doubt you want to be skinned alive. I know I wouldn’t want that, I kinda grew fond of this one.” You petted his bare chest, a requirement given by you. For training purposes, of course or so you said just so you could see some of that fine eastern European flesh. “If you could be a little patient…” You trailed off, looking up at the man you grew to care for in a short amount of time. He lifted his right hand, the back of his fingers stroking your cheek and then traced the outline of your pink lips, “Princeza…I would wait an eternity for you as long as I can call you mine.” He brought your face closer to him, placing his lips onto yours.

Sokovian Words
• Ne - No
• Moja ljubav - My love
• Vodi ih da žele da te jebem - Leads them to want to fuck you
• Dobro, sam si to tražio - Well, you asked for it
• Princeza - Princess
• Dragocena moja - My precious
• Jebi ga - Fuck
• Oh, to je bruto , Pietro! - Oh, that is gross, Pietro!
• Ja ne treba da vidi da! - I did not need to see that!
• Zašto još gleda?! - Why are you even looking?!
• Izlazi odatle! - Get out of there!
• Prekasno je - It is too late
• Je ne ne mogu da vidim šta sam video - I can not not see what I have saw

Happy Birthday to Constantin Brancusi, born on this day in 1876.

“Torso of a Young Man” (1924) is on view in “Speculative Forms." The subject of a male nude torso has a long and prestigious tradition, notably in classical Greek and Roman sculptures. Brancusi created a geometric simplification of the form and eliminated the distinction between a sculpture and its base. The contrasting textures and colors accentuate the inherent beauty in each material. The mixture of natural brown wood with highly polished metal linked humble crafts with fine art in a unprecedented synthesis. 

undertow     |    bellarke, 1k

A short fic for wanderinglilly, bellamyward, myso-calledlibrary, malietates, thatweirdparamedicstudent, halemaliia, ofmonty, singinglikeapenguin, keywordlydia, trashkingbellamy and the rest.

Y’all keep me entertained and writing way past when I should be asleep.

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Beneath the late afternoon sun, in a part of the world that was once Virginia and never will be again, pooling river water drifts in gentle eddies over the naked torso of a young man. He floats with his arms spread wide and both eyes shut against the light, his hair so dark it disappears in the shadows of the pool’s surface. Tiny drops of water bead on his chest, catching mirrored reflections of the sunlight as he inhales in steady, measured breaths. With his ears in the water, he doesn’t hear his attacker approach.

Clarke kom Skaikru splashes him with a tidal wave right to the face.

Bellamy flips up in a sputter, arms flailing as he shakes his head to get the water out of his nose. Kicking his feet to find the riverbed, he stands with the water up to his shoulders and sends her a deeply disappointed expression.

“Can’t you relax for five minutes?”

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