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Photograph of police officers searching for body parts that belonged to a victim of the Cleveland Torso Murderer. Also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, this murderer killed and dismembered 12 victims during the 1930’s in Cleveland.  In all cases the victim would be beheaded, and decapitation was normally the cause of death, and in most the bodies would be dismembered, with the torso occasionally cut in half. The perpetrator was never caught.

The Torso Murder

In the year 1992 in Australia in a suburb called Revesby located in the south west of Sydney, happened a gruesome murder.
The married couple, Wayne Robert Chant and Joyce Chant, reportedly had problems since the beginning of their Marriage. Mr. Chant was often described as a very abusive and violent individual.
When another fight seemed to escalate in their House, Mr. Chant went to another Room in the midst of the argument. What Joyce didn’t know was that he came back with a gun in his hand. He provocatively held the gun near her face, making her afraid what he’s capable of. However, she seemingly accidentally shot him dead in a struggle for his gun in the bedroom. She left the corpse in the bedroom for two weeks and didn’t see another chance than starting to dismember his body due the bad smell that started to grow worse with every second.
She distributed the arms and legs into the Georges River and disposed the torso at a truck stop. Joyce kept the hands and head, placing them in an ice box filled with cement in her backyard.
She later unearthed both his hands and his head, dropping them elsewhere.
Mr. Chant was reported missing since 1992, and no one had a clue where he could have been. Shockingly in the same year in October, his torso got discovered, giving this case the name ‘The Torso Murder’.
Joyce took two of her sons, Craig and Scott Chant, two little toddlers back then, to two trips where she dumped the body of Mr. Chant. The Case was unsolved until it got reopened in the year 2006. Due the Fact that DNA Identification was more efficient than it was in the year 1992, Joyce Chant got identified as the Murderer of her husband.
She claimed all over the years that Mr. Chant disappeared and that she isn’t responsible for his disappearance.

Morning Rush - Sherlock x Reader

Yourself and Sherlock had only been living together for seven months now but you could barely remember a time before.

You’d first met in the hospital when Sherlock had been hospitalised after he was shot in the torso in an attempted murder. You’d been in the room down the hall from him and had been going for a walk when you had seen him sneaking out. You had decided to follow him and had been the one to call for help when he’d blacked out and fallen to the floor.

And look where that simple act of kindness had taken you. After he had recovered a little more, Sherlock had offered you the spare room in his apartment. He needed someone to pay the other half of the rent and he’d “found out” that you needed somewhere to stay. Beneath all the excuses, you knew Sherlock wouldn’t share a flat with anyone so you were quite flattered.

Each morning you would get up and make tea or coffee for Sherlock, depending on what you thought he needed.

This morning was no different.

Once you had motivated yourself to roll out of bed, you slipped on your loose knitted jumper and trudged to the kitchen. As it was a Sunday, you weren’t in a rush, but the same couldn’t be said for Sherlock. He was at the door already, cup of tea in one hand and phone in the other.

“Y/N!” He called to you, when he heard your bedroom door open. 

“Sherlock!” You shouted back, drowsily switching the kettle on to boil.

“I’ve got a case! I need you to come with me and do some observation work.” He set the empty mug down on the floor and proceeded to pull his gloves on.

You stood on the landing and looked down at him in disbelief, “You made your own tea?”

Sherlock shook his head, “Mrs Hudson.” He said in explanation before listing his instructions. “Get dressed and meet me at this adress,” he stuck a post-it note with an adress to the wall by the door, “I’m leaving.”
He stepped outside and shut the door behind him before you could say another word. 

You sighed and were about to go back to your kitchen when Mrs Hudson came out and invited you in for tea which saved you the trouble of making your own.
Sherlock would just have to wait until you were ready.

“Obviously, I must be sick somehow. Normal people don’t do what I did.”

Richard Cottingham AKA ‘The Torso Killer’ would bind his victims, gag them with duct tape, brutally rape them, torture and stab them before killing them by strangling them with a ligature. He would mutilate their bodies beyond recognition, cutting off limbs and leaving bare torsos, or sometimes decapitating them. As a sadistic joke, he would threaten them with a toy gun leaving it within their reach so they could try to grab it in order to defend themselves, only to discover that it was fake. He would also force the girls he murdered to call him “master”. Cottingham is currently serving a life sentence at New Jersey State Prison, where he is likely to remain until his death.

The Cleveland Torso Murderer is the unsolved case of a serial killer based in Cleveland back in the 1930s. There were at least 12 known victims of the torso murderer, although believed to have been more. 

Despite only a few of the victims ever being identified, the few that were created the Modus Operandi for the killer. Each victim had one thing in common, they were all drifters, leaving them extremely vulnerable. The Torso Murderer would always behead the victims as well as often dismemberment, and even in some cases the male victims would be castrated.

(Photo:  An exposition dedicated to the Cleveland Torso Murders in the Cleveland Police Museum)

anonymous asked:

In the last chapter I was reminded of Oedipus tragedy not because of the storyline, but as a general feeling. The chapter starts with Mutsuki condemning Torso and he comments Murder is murder. In this way he is unknowingly condemning himself like O. who decided the punishment for Laius's murder not knowing he was that murder. O. was also said to be able to see through any riddle, but couldn't see himself clearly like M who has excellent highsight and percception but didn't see a part of himself

Mmhm, Mutsuki is another Oedipal character. Except this time both  his mother and father figures are tied up in Haise Sasaki. I’ll probably write another meta on this later.

Most remember the incest part of Oeidpus, but it’s actually more about a character who seeks the truth only to find out the truth was horrible and he was the culprit of the crime he wanted to prosecute all along, albeit unknowingly. That’s the tragic part of it. 

Victim #4 from the Kingsbury Run Torso Murders.

This was a serial killer that gripped Ohio in the 1930s, murdering, decapitating and conducting bizarre experiments on at least 12 victims (though there is suspected to be substantially more). The killer was never caught, even though the famous Eliot Ness was somewhat involved in the case and had a clear suspect in mind, an influential and wealthy man that later committed himself to a mental hospital (taunting Ness with postcards from inside) to avoid conviction. Other theories have surfaced, but so far, the case is largely unsolved.