torso man

Me: Saitama is such a lovely character to draw! He’s so easy too, with simple curves and shapes - I love that I can draw him!

Me: omg. I could…I could draw fanart. I could draw comics!!

but wait


there’s still the other one

“Cut deeper”

Tooru at the beginning of :re using the dual knifes, only cutting around the depth of Torso`s eyes:

Now over 100 chapters later in :re, Tooru slices a clowns freaking head in two with a knife:

Some development man.


With this in mind, I was thinking about something. Tooru had used different weapons before in his life: an axe when he murdered his family and a knife when he killed those cats and removed their tongues. I guess it means that he was capable to inflict more sever wounds from the start. He was trained buy Suzuya and Haise to fight and got stronger as :re progressed, so that must have been a factor why he is so strong at the moment, but I wonder if the break down of the lie enabled him to be more brutal. Like the lie restrained him or along those lines. 


Prince Randian the Human Caterpillar 

Prince Randian was a Guyanese circus performer who was known as the Snake man, Cigar man, and The Living Torso, due to the fact that he was born without any limbs. He was a charming and intelligent man, reportedly displaying a genius IQ and being fluent in Hindi, English, French, and German. During the 1800s, Freak Shows were a popular form of entertainment and Randian was a top performer for over 45 years. His most famous trick was rolling and lighting a cigarette with his mouth. He earned a lot of money for his shows and became very wealthy, and his biggest pay-cheque came when he appeared in the 1932 film Freaks, were he performed his famous cigarette trick.