Grey’s Anatomy - Season 12 Episode 9 : The Sound of Silence (2016)

Meredith is brutally attacked by a patient, and Penny is the one who discovers her. The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial rush to stabilize Meredith and remain by her side in the harrowing aftermath.

Oh, I’m sorry Annie, you must be new here! You live in a place called   ShondaLand now….

In ShondaLand, there is rarely sun and always rain…Followed by a big, dark cloud of doom and gloom…All of us who reside here in ShondaLand, like to call this cloud, Shonda!


I’m sure you’ll find your stay sad and depressing!  Though, don’t be discouraged, you’ll begin to develop a glimmer of hope, even happiness…

Uh oh, wait! There’s that big, dark cloud of doom and gloom again… Taking all of our happiness away….