The next time someone says that Fernando doesn’t play hard enough for Atleti or that Fernando is too old to play for Atleti, I’m showing them this gif set. It’s the 55th minute and Atleti is down 0-2 and he literally sprints down the length of the field to play defense, ultimately giving Atleti back possession. 

(and of course in true Fernando fashion, he has to be Extra about it and do a somersault at the end)


grey’s anatomy meme ≡ 1/3 quotes → strong female moments
“Guys like you don’t see girls like me. We don’t exist for you. We exist to do your homework. We exist to build your ego up. I am a successful, married mother. I am Chief Resident! I am Chief Resident of a major metropolitan hospital! I am a surgeon who saved his life today! And he still doesn’t see me.”