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it’s a well known fact that leonard mccoy does not like to fight.

he’ll make you cry with his words no problem, but actually raise a hand to someone? not a chance.

but then someone mentions jim’s father, and they say that jim probably used his dick to get into the academy, and no actual talent or smarts, because he’s just a deadbeat hick from iowa.

it’s a well known fact that leonard mccoy does not like to fight,

but it still takes four guys to drag him away from the asshole that thinks jim kirk is going to be anything less than a god damn hero.

Actress gives the shirt off her back - literally.
Grey’s Anatomy star boosts cancer sufferer’s spirits with meaningful gift
By: Kevin Toal 2007

We don’t often think of giving the shirt off your back - an expression used to describe the utmost generosity - in the literal sense. But that’s exactly what it took for a Grey’s Anatomy actress to give Lee Surrette a surprise she would never forget. Sitting in the living room of her Bedford home, Surrette proudly displayed the publicity photo Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie Torres on the hit series, sent to her. The gift came as a heartfelt display of support of Surrette’s fight against breast cancer. The picture is a direct result of her daughter Jenn’s desire to bolster Surrette’s spirits during an extremely difficult time. At first glance, the picture appears to be a standard publicity still. Written in thick black marker are hugs and kisses followed by the actress’ name. Yet, upon closer inspection, a second, smaller inscription reads “To Lee - you are my hero.” It was evidence that Ramirez took the time to personalize the picture - and her thoughtfulness did not end there, "I’d been looking through a magazine and saw an ad for Ford Cares,” Jenn explained. “It’s a promotion they do with a lot of popular shows. ER did it last year.” The ad showed Ramirez wearing a brown t-shirt emblazoned with a warrior symbol. Similar shirts were offered for sale as a part of the Warriors in Pink campaign to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. But, unlike the personally-altered shirt Ramirez was wearing, the ones for sale were of a standard unisex t-shirt design. Towards the end of September Jenn decided to order the shirt with the idea of making her own alterations. To help with the task of getting it as close to the actress’ style as possible, Jenn sent Ramirez an email. She also took the opportunity to request an autographed picture for her mother. In the email Jenn told Ramirez about the breast cancer and how she wanted to support Warriors in Pink. What happened next surprised both Jenn and her mother. Less than two weeks later, Surrette checked the mail and found a brown manila envelope. “I didn’t really think about it,” Surrette said. “Jenn is always getting things online in my name. I opened the envelope up and saw the picture and t-shirt. I asked Jenny if she knew about it and she said, ‘Yeah!’” Until then Jenn had kept the donation and the email to herself. Instead of sending alteration instructions, Ramirez sent the original. It was the one from the ad that had sparked Jenn’s interest. The timing, she said, was perfect as Surrette was in the early stages of recovery from surgery. In response, Jenn sent a snapshot of Lee and herself, with a warm email of appreciation. That same day, Ramirez sent a reply confirming the authenticity of the shirt and added her hopes for a successful fight. The act of compassion has one Ramirez a couple of loyal fans. Of the Grey’s Anatomy actress, Surrette said, half-jokingly, “Needless to say, in our family, she’s the favorite.”


Heat in the game / Neymar Jr. / Requested- Anonymous

Anonymous said:Hey love can I get a Neymar imagine off you where me and Neymar are dating and I’m the clubs physio and barca are playing atletico in tonight’s match and at half time when there kinda fighting I try and get Neymar away from it but Torres ends up pushing me instead of Neymar please.

Today is the game between Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona, I predicted this game would be a head on battle between these two teams, as both wants to be on the road to the Finals, it’s really hard watching your guy play against a team that injured him during their second match.

I’m the FCB’s Club Physio, that’s why I can really see or hear what’s happening on the field itself, and so we can respond to injuries quickly when there is.

“GOAAAAAAL!!” The whole Barca bench shouted right after Neymar shot his second goal, the whole field was full of howling, and cursing just because he scored again, and the game was really heating up, the people booing Neymar when he has the ball, or sometimes they whistle if he has the ball.

Torres went near to Neymar and said. “How’s your broken dreams during the world cup, yeah, Neymar?!” I heard Torres said to Neymar after his goal in the second half, I know something wrong will happen when someone will mock Neymar about what happened during the World Cup it was really tough for him.

“Mierda!” He looked at him, and spat on the turf. “What did you say again, look man I respect you so much, so please respect me too!” He said, as he calmly backed down, but Torres continued to taunt him.

Torres chuckled as he walked closer to Neymar. “Aww, that’s sweet. I don’t need any of your respect, man. You’re just a piece of junk playing on this field.” He say, and Neymar pushed him as hard as he could, which made Torres tumble down the turf, but stood up immediately.

I can see Neymar breathing heavily, his shoulders looked like it was full of weight because her breathes so hard, his eyes upfront to Torres as he was fixing himself, and removing some grass on the back of his shorts. “Puta!” Neymar shouted, as Andres tried to stop them from attacking each other. “No que diz respeito!” He added, as we immediately run to the field to stop him.

“Stop! Stop!” I said, and backed down Neymar together with the Field staff on the benches earlier. But he continued pushing forward trying to reach Torres for another push on the ground, I know he is pissed off because no one wouldn’t be pissed off when somebody will treat you like that. “Neymar! Stop!” I shouted at him, as he slowly backed down.

Torres was still near us trying to resist the power of his team mates. “Nice one super star!” He shouted, and got his way out to his teammates, and attempted to push Neymar, but instead I was the one who was pushed down onto the Turf, my bum hit the turf, and Neymar gently pulled me up, and gently pushed me onto his back.

“What the hell man?! Why would you push my girl?!” He shouted, as he went closer to Torres, and pulled his collar up, and looked at him eye to eye. His knuckles turning white because of his tight grip on his shirt. “Neymar, don’t, I’m okay, everything’s fine.” I said, as I felt my tears going up my eyes, and I felt my knees weaken because of the shock I was feeling at this moment.

“Aww, Mr. Lover boy, or should I say Fuck boy.” He shouted, and chuckled, as his team mates tried to pull him out the field, and Messi, and Pique try to pull Neymar in the benches for him to calm down, Neymar was ready to hit Torres any minute when he bursted. “Push her or I’ll erase you face!!” Neymar shouted.

Neymar gently pulled me by my waist, and kissed me on the side of my head. “Sorry about that, baby. Are you okay?” He asked, as he held my hand, and checked for the bruises on my palms, and kissed it, and smiled at me.

“Hey, it’s okay. I told you everything was okay, right, love?” I say, and smiled at him, and held onto his waist and looked up to him as I smiled.

“Yeah, I know you’re the only one left here who wants me.” He said, as his smile started to fade on his lips.

“Hey, baby. Don’t think like that, everyone loves you here. Don’t think about the booing, they’re doing that to distract you because they know you’re strong, and that they know that you can shot the ball in no time, to score. They don’t hate you, cheer up, baby, I don’t want you seeing so disappointed, everything will be fine.” I say, as we sat on the team bench.


Raffi Torres suspended for half of 2015-16 season

San Jose Sharks forward Raffi Torres will be forced to sit out half the regular season after getting handed a 41-game suspension by the NHL on today. Torres was suspended after an illegal check to the head of Anaheim Ducks’forward Jakob Silfverberg(*).

Torres has earned himself a reputation as being one of the league’s dirtiest players and even though he’s not technically considered a “repeat offender” by league standards – he has been warned, fined or suspended nine times for similar incidents throughout his career. With the league cracking down with more severe sanctions on dirty hits, Torres becomes the first player in quite to feel the iron fist of the league’s disciplinary department.

Torres will surrender over $400,000 to the Players Emergency Assistant Fund. This is the longest suspension in history of the NHL.