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Yours is a story of ups and downs.. but what your journey has taught us, is never EVER giving up.

Even in the darkest days you kept your smile and moved forward.

Happy 33rd Birthday Fernando José Torres Sanz.

You were, are and forever will be our Niño❤❤


A brief biography of Fernando Torres.

 I chose Fernando as the topic of my visual journalism assignment. Also I Skipped over the Milan part  since I didn’t get enough time to finish them all. 

Congratulate Fernando for completing his 700 matches,  though Atletico didn’t get into the semifinal of the Champions League today.

(My fault. I forgot that Fernando didn’t play in today’s match so it was not his 700th game…)


endless list of favorite footballers: [1/?] →  Fernando Torres

Liverpool (2007-2011)
Chelsea (2011-2015)
Atletico Madrid (2001-2007) (2015-present)
Spain NT (2003-present)

“When I retire, the only thing that concerns me is that no one can say that I was a bad team-mate or disrespectful or self-important.”