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Patagonia - Chile 

Home to mountain peaks, glaciers, and ice fields, Patagonia is a virtually untouched natural beauty. The area of Patagonia spans 1,043,076 km, across both Argentina and Chile. 

While the area was once only frequented by backpackers, cruise ships often stop here on the way down to Antarctica. Most come to hike around the mountains and see the glaciers, as well as to observe native fauna. Flamingo, Penguin, Orca, Elephant Seals and Cougars can all be seen here. 


The film is the result of impressions which I captured with my camera on a 3,5 week journey through Chile to Argentinia. The trip started in the Atacama Desert up to the stunning mountains of Patagonia.
The following places which we have visited:
Santiago, Pichilemu, Calamar, El Chalten, El Calafate, Perito Moreno, San Pedro de Atacama, Punta Arenas


Around The World In 80 Days: Argentina

Lunar Glow
Photo Credit: (Iso100)
Southern Sea Lion Pups
Photo Credit: (Richard McManus)
Photo Credit: (Kurt Budlinger)

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This is some pretty epic hiking - a trek through Torres Del Paine National Park, up to the spires near the top.