losing you ; a stiles/boyd playlist

heartbeats - josé gonzález // sporting chance - observer drift // lazarus - the deer tracks // this is what it feels like - banks // about today - the national // buffalo - alt-j // a promise - broken records // winter is all over you - first aid kit // silhouettes - of monsters and men // don’t be afraid, you’re already dead - akron/family // can’t get it out of my head - john paul white // stars - grace potter & the nocturnals

You've Always Got Me;--a mix made by stiles for scott: [listen]

Why I made this stupid mixtape: Boyfriend by Best Coast || For when we argue: Seventy Times Seven by Brand New || For after we argue: Strong by London Grammar || For when we makeout after we argue: Heavy Feet by Local Natives || For our first date: At Home by Crystal Fighters || For when we makeout in your bed after our first date (because we’re taking this slow): Still Life by The Horrors || For when we break up the first time: Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts by The Gaslight Anthem || For when we get back together: BTSK by MS MR || For when we gotta kick some ass as official boyfriends: I love you by Said the Whale || For our cheesy ironic dates: Werewolf (I Like You) by Sky Ferreira || For when we have really intense sex for the first time: When We Were Lions by Charlie Simpson || For when you realize that you’ve always got me: Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy

Takin’ Commissions - A Beginner’s Guide

Do you draw? Do you want to make money drawing? Are you like, sixteen, and unable to get a job? Well no matter your age or skill level, being open for commissions is a great way to practice your craft while making some cash. Taking commissions is pretty simple, but the hardest part is getting started. And I’ve learned the hard way over several years that there are lots of little obstacles that can get in the way of taking commissions efficiently. So if you’re interested in starting your own little art business, let me be your guide!

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when did it all stop making sense ; a sciles mix

the suburbs - arcade fire // you know what i mean - cults// summer skin - death cab for cutie // winter - matt corby // battery kinzie - fleet foxes // flesh and bone - keaton henson // almost home (feat. damien jurado) - moby // alleyways - the neighbourhood // crystalised - the xx // breaking the law - emeli sandé // speaking a dead language - joy williams // a bad dream - keane