Nagumo sent seven Japanese scout planes to confirm that the American were not at Midway. Their own hubris of their attack plan would be their undoing. And in believing the plan to be invincible, Nagumo would not waver from it or put much stock in scouting. There would be no improvising, no changing of tactics. The US sent out over 20 scouts and found the Japanese fleet. Fletcher sent in torpedo bombers. However, initial attacks by US torpedo bombers on the Japanese fleet were a complete failure. All but 3 torpedo bombers were destroyed. This fact only cranked up Nagumo’s and the Japanese confidence.

When the first wave of Japanese planes attacked Midway, they failed to put the nail in the coffin. When word comes of a US aircraft carrier being sighted by a Japanese scout plane, Nagumo has to make make a key decision about whether to continue the attack on Midway or to go after the Aircraft Carrier. This was not part of the plan. The US aircraft carriers were supposed to be in Pearl Harbor. Nagumo chooses to reconfigure the bombs on his planes for an attack on the carriers. This would take an additional 60 minutes. To do this, the planes would be reconfigured on the decks of the aircraft carrier. It would be a fatal mistake.

“So there’s many productive ways I could have spent my day. Like working on my guitar skills or doodling in my sketchbook. But instead I looked up random facts that I’ll never need in life. But, did you know that if you sneeze hard enough, you can fracture a rib? Or that your stomach produces a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it’ll digest itself? Oh! Or that sharks kill Orcas by torpedoing up into their stomach which causes them to explode? So yeah, that’s how I spent my day… How was yours?”

World War II PT Boat

Sail the seven seas on a piece of history with the World War II PT boat. This PT-728 vessel is a fully restored Patrol Torpedo Boat from World War II and one of only 12 remaining PT boats in the world – a real treasure for any serious history collector.


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To mark the 70th anniversary of worst naval disaster in history, 14 of the 31 remaining survivors of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis reunited last weekend, a tradition they adopted in 1960.

The USS Indianapolis was sunk by two torpedoes fired by a Japanese submarine in the south Pacific in 1945. So began a five-day ordeal of thirst, hypothermia, salt-water poisoning, hallucination, drowning and dismemberment in shark-infested waters. Out of the 1,196 crew members, only 317 survived.
Louis “Kayo” Erwin was one of those survivors. “When the sharks were around, I would pull my legs up as far as I could,” he said about being stranded at sea.

Read the stories of other survivors on National Geographic News. Photograph by Jon Lowenstein (@jonlowenstein)

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Can we all just recognize at this point Oliver sucks. He may have loved Laurel but he treated her like trash (forget island Shado sex or Baby Mama) he torpedoed her relationship with Tommy, ran from her after the quake, then rubbed Sara in her face. yanked F all over the place s2 and 3 ( he knew she liked him, he was fine seeking attn for it and leaving her with a mass killer cause plans) kissed her knowing she has abandonment issues and shaded her for moving on.

I think Oliver is bad at relationships, but after the island I think he is moves by the idea that he has to protect people. As I said many times before, I think Oliver had a very nice redemption arc until the middle of season two. 

But you are wrong, because Oliver didn’t do anything to Tommy. Oliver was very clear to him that he wouldn’t tell Laurel about his feelings. Tommy decided she should know, and Laurel made her choice. She had a voice on everything, and Tommy couldn’t win her back after telling her about Oliver’s feelings, because at this point she realized her own feelings. 

I also don’t think Oliver ran from Laurel after the quake. I think he just couldn’t deal with his guilt, because yes, it wasn’t only Laurel who blamed the Hood. Oliver thought he could do more, Oliver doubted himself.

But as I said, I think they lost Oliver’s journey the moment they made him date Sara, and the moment they decided it was ok for him to judge Moira for doing the same thing he was doing (lying to Thea about her father). After that, and even more in season three, for me they did a lot of terrible moves. 

Oliver in season three was the most selfish we’ve seen him (very similar to his old self), he lied to people, he didn’t respect his team, he was a selfish asshole, being kind to him. Also, it’s very weird that he wanted to kill himself and after 20 minutes he was “happy”. This is not how you build a character. It’s insane. 

So, I don’t think “Oliver sucks”. I think they had a great human being, and a great story, but the writting for this show is really bad, because they can’t plan two episodes ahead. 

I love Oliver, the same way I love Laurel. But they made him a very disappointing character. And in my opinion they will do the same to Laurel in season four. 

the signs according to my leo dad
  • aries:mom's an aries, right? isn't that her sign-thing? they're... nice
  • taurus:excuse me, what? torah? what did you say???
  • gemini:*groans*
  • cancer:there's a sign named cancer? that's not nice
  • leo:aren't i a leo? is that what i am? yeah, i'm a leo. right? they're the best, then
  • virgo:what???????
  • libra:oh, i know what a libra is... stay away from those
  • scorpio:torpedo!!!
  • sagittarius:saggy hilarious??? what did you say??? stop laughing!! whAT DID YOU SAY????
  • capricorn:*grunts* you're a capricorn. i know that
  • aquarius:your brother's an aquarius, right? yeah. why don't they sleep
  • pisces:spicies??

V Sugar Ration Spoon

This spoon allowed most of the sugar to fall back in the bowl so that less was used. Sugar was one of the first foods rationed during WWII. A byproduct of sugar is molasses which was used to make ethyl alcohol. Alcohol was then used to make the gun powder which was used in weapons and dynamite, torpedo fuel and other chemicals that were needed by the military.


Crissy Field (locals just call it Crissy) is always bustling with tourists, except when you arrive early, like 7:30am and you’re client is stuck in traffic. It was nice to run through a roll of film to kill time. 

Crissy Field Warming Hut + Golden Gate Bridge + Torpedo Wharf 

Hasselblad 500CM | Kodak Portra 400

German submarine SM U-35 attacking British cargo ship SS Maplewood. This submarine, captained by Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière, sank 224 ships during WWI. (near Sardinia, Italy 4-7-17)


—and we had engineers in Britain.

RMS  Lusitania  1910

The ship was designed by Leonard Peskettand built by John Brown and Company of Clydebank, Scotland. Turbines by Charles Parsons who maintained that he could design engines capable of maintaining a speed of 25 knots, which would require 68,000 shaft horse power (shp). The largest turbine sets built thus far had been of 23,000 shp for the Dreadnought class battleships, and 41,000 shp for Invincible class battlecruisers, which meant the engines would be of a new, untested design. Turbines offered the advantages of generating less vibration and greater reliability in operation at high speeds, combined with lower fuel consumption.



Shortly after she had cast off from a disabled Navy supply ship which she had been towing off the coast of Iceland at about 1312 on January 29, 1942, the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Alexander Hamilton was jolted by an explosion on her starboard side. All hands immediately took their battle stations. Two shots were fired from one of her guns to attract attention and flares were sent up. Listing badly to starboard, the cutter settled but remained afloat. She remained afloat for many hours. However, as she was being towed into Reykjavik, Iceland, the wrecked cutter suddenly capsized. A few gun shots from other ships sent her to the bottom. Although no one saw a submarine, the officers were sure she had been struck by a torpedo, for had it been a mine, the blast would have occurred outside, not inside the ship. The shattering blast took place inside the engine room and caused live steam from broken pipes to spurt up through the midsection of the vessel. It has been officially reported that twenty six men lost their lives in the disaster. Twenty were killed in action–one chief warrant officer and 19 enlisted men. Six died of wounds.