Chuunin exams in Boruto the movie

Second round:

Metal Lee’s team gets eliminated against Shinki’s Team.

Third Round:

Boruto vs Yurui — Boruto wins
Mitsuki vs Toroi — Mitsuki wins
Sarada vs Tarui — Sarada wins
Shinki vs ChoCho — Shinki wins
Yodo vs Shikadai — Shikadai wins
Inojin vs Araya — Inojin wins.

Next battles round:
Boruto vs Shikadai — Shikadai wins, Boruto gets disqualified.

Unfinished battles:
Sarada vs Shinki
Inojin vs Mitsuki

Even so at the end the Chuunin Exams were resumed although it’s not shown the results of the battles.