Grand Canyon National Park was established 95 years ago by President Woodrow Wilson on February 26, 1919, following its designation as a National Monument in 1908.

  1. Colorado River. Grand Canyon, foot of Toroweap, looking up, easterly. The man on the top left side is unidentified. Hillers photo. 1871 - 1878.
    NARA ID: 517845
  2. Grand Canyon. Muav Canyon, Colorado River. The very small figure, a man is down in the canyon, maybe a topographer. Hillers photo. 1871 - 1878.
    NARA ID: 518025

From the series: Photographs taken by John K. Hillers during the Powell Survey and other Geological Surveys, ca. 1879 - ca. 1900

These animated gifs were generated from stereograms taken by John Hillers during the Powell Surveys of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon in the 1870s. They are among some of the earliest photographs taken of the Grand Canyon.

Looking for a more recent view?  Check out photographer Ansel Adams’ photos of the Grand Canyon from his series for the National Park Service.



This amazing image, taken by Bret Webster on July 5 2011, shows Toroweap Point, taken from the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. Toroweap is about 915 metres above the Colorado River. Its name means ‘dry or barren valley’ in Paiute; it refers to many local features which include the geologic formation and fault, the valley and the overlook. Tuweep refers to the park district and in Paiute refers to ‘the earth’.

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