tororainbow replied to your post: Haha glad you liked it! What is your next con anyway? O: Also askdllkjl I would be pretty excited to get a drawing in return, not gonna lie. Anything John + Karkat. It doesn’t have to be romantic either, I love all of it. Maybe an AU though? I’m unashamedly fond of alien invader AUs or fantasy AUs, or….Farmstuck even ffff (Am I allowed to say that about an AU I’m part of? haha)

Dang! Well I guess in terms of cons I’ll have to wait until Otakon 2012 to ever bump into you. Excited about this picture though!

Oh, but Katsucon is also in MD if you are close enough to go to Otakon! TBH I am more fond of smaller cons, Otakon is so big now… XD

ALSO this is totally not the picture for you, I was dicking around with concepts for clothing and what the hell to do with a fantasy AU, and I am rubbish at sketching digitally, I need to use paper and pencil for my lines… 

I imagine their dynamic is pretty much like Link and Zelda in the Minish Cap. John drags Karkat around everywhere with him even though Karkat is just a farmer’s son and John is the prince. Karkat pretends to hate it, and nobody in the castle town understands what John sees in that grumpy peasant, but that is just how their adorable charming prince is, so for John’s sake they put up with Karkat’s sour attitude all the time! 

I guess since this is fantasy I could have given John glasses but honestly I wasn’t sure, I mean, what did people do for faulty vision way back when? 

Just… imagining John grabbing Karkat by the cheeks to pull him close so that John can get a really good look at the colour Karkat’s irises are turning… X3