Supernatural Convention 2013.

1st: When I was taking my picture with Richard,when Matt randomly just photobombed it. I didn’t even notice until my friend told me.

2nd: When I was taking my picture with Misha, I was crying my eyes out. I told him he was my role model and he just smiled really big and he took me in for a hug.  

3nd: I was really scared for my picture with Jensen because I accidentally missed the first time he was doing solo pictures and when I told my him thanks for the picture he called me a sweetheart. 

Even though I was only there for three days, they were probably one of the best days of my life. The thrill of being there, being with people who have the same passion as you do just feels amazing. And even though I am super awkward I still managed to make a couple of friends who just are down-right amazing. 


I miss SeaCon so much. It’s like I’m home sick. I miss all the amazing people I met over the weekend.

I can’t wait for TorontoCon in October!

On the bright side Mark Pellegrino is coming next year.

Here you go, Wendy. Ty drew the penis on Jensen’s forehead, and on the right hand side you’ll see writing? Ty wrote, “She made me do it, buddy. I love you.” The scar on Jensen’s cheek and, it’s hard to see, but “boogers” dripping into his mouth were drawn by Jared. The mustache, earring, and soul patch were drawn on by Mark P. The bow tie was drawn on by Rob. Misha coloured in one of Jensen’s eyes and signed his bottom lip. The blob monster thing is what James Patrick Stuart drew. It’s supposed to be Dick Roman with six fingers???? Oh right, and the penis that Ty drew? It’s ejaculating through his hair. 

When I brought it to Jensen to sign, I told him I had everyone [but Samantha, she signed my photo op with her] sign it. I called it the “decimation of Jensen Ackles”. Jensen laughed and proceeded to tell me that Ty had told him - ruining my surprise, that ass, but I love Ty. Ty had come up to him earlier that day and said, “So, I drew a penis on your forehead.” Jensen was amused by the final product. His signature is the giant silver one on the left.


Jared and Jensen- The BFF Song

And here’s my winning video from Torcon this weekend! Again thanks to everyone who complimented it! You made me feel great! :D

Jared Padalecki signed my impala :D

Actually it’s my brothers impala, but that’s not really the point is it? ;)

So yesterday, the final day of Toronto Con, I waited to be the last person to get an autograph from Jared.. When I got to the table and asked him if he could maybe come out to sign the dash real quick, he was like “I’ll ask Jensen cause I don’t know when we’re leaving or what we’re doing after this” (so on and so forth) So I said thanks and went to go find my brother… WHO WAS ALREADY GETTING THE DASH SIGNED BY JENSEN!!! THEEEN, after a while Jared comes out and signs the dash, chats with us, takes pictures, etc. After that, he came around the car, gave me a biig moose hug ;) and gave my brother (21 year old impala owner, Eric) a hug and walks back over to their truck where Jensen is chillin. He pet a couple of dogs and then hugged a couple people and left.. waving at us all as they passed by.. Holy shit that was awesome. 

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Oh and did I mention that Misha Collins did the same the night before? yeah. Best weekend EVER.

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