toronto to vancouver train

I have finally gotten hold of a scanner at work and scanned the whole bunch of paintings of recent travels. I am sure it would be a better presentation if I was being more selective…but I am a bit lazy and look, they all have time stamp on it!
So I am gonna let them roll out in real time….from the train ride Toronto to Vancouver, from my point of view :) Day 1!

#toronto to vancouver


I know I haven’t posted in a while, and that is because I recently took a rain from Toronto to Vancouver! I could talk all about it if anyone is interested, just ask me anything you want. But otherwise…it was an amazing trip!

Of course I painted quite a bit during this 5 day course trip, which I will try and get up later when I have the access. For the meanwhile, enjoy these photos from my phone! I haven’t even gotten the time to go through the ones on my camera…because there is so much you gotta do when you are in a new place!!

Ps: for those of you who may be interested, I will be working at an animation studio here in Vancouver till at least end of November. Time for lots of exploring!