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My Fashion Truth: I play dress-up as often as possible because we should all try to fit more fun into our days! And the twirlier a skirt, the more fun I have.

I love this modcloth skirt so much. I wear it all the friggen time!

Photo by Chris Smart. You need to follow his street style photography blog: csmartfx


Guys, I know I’m posting far too much about this outfit, BUT COME ON! These photos turned out too good not to post. Plus I feel so fancy in this dress.

Photos by the ultra talented Chris Smart —> csmartfx
Thank you so, so much. I’m really looking forward to more shoots :)


Another couple of photos from this shoot. It would be a shame to not post them, because I hate to waste pretty things. No photo left behind!

Photos by Chris Smart. Check out his gorgeous street style blog csmartfx

I made a new friend today! I’m thrilled to have worked with the ridiculously talented and super cool Chris Smart at csmartfx. Head over to his street style blog and show him some love! Seriously, he’s a sweetie!


Outfit 1: I found Hello Kitty flip flops at value village so I’ve decided to make flip flops a thing this summer haha

Outfit 2: Wearing a silk shirt makes me feel like yaaaaaaaas kweeeeeen w my black roll up lunch clutch

Outfit 3: FREE THE NIPPLE!!! It all boils down to the fact that some nipples are legal, and some aren’t wtf

An old lady told me that I looked pretty in my outfit today! It made my day!! She was so sweet! I love when old people compliment me on my style, because they were young when style actually meant something.

Photo by burntpixels