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This is probably a dumb question but who are the st. Pats? I'd never even heard of them until the leafs thing.

When the Toronto NHL Franchise began they were the Toronto Arenas first, after the Toronto Arena company. They then changed their name to the Toronto st Pats and then i think in 1927 they changed their names to the Maple Leafs. So the st pats are just the 1920′s maple leafs 

Snap Shot (3.17.17)

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Hold out for Toronto’s St Pats throwbacks tomorrow though ;)

USA Hockey: Why are they so full of shit? In Hilary Knight’s words… Lol.

NCAA Hockey: The women’s championship game is set! Wisconsin is taking on Clarkson on Sunday, and you can even watch it on TV (it’s definitely on Big Ten Network, and probably somewhere else but that’s tough to find who would’ve thought). The men’s tournament is also happening, but they’re still a few rounds away from the Frozen Four.

Night at a Glance:

  • 50% of tonight’s games were decided in a shootout. Gross.
  • Injuries: Taylor Fedun (BUF, lower body)
  • First goal: Carter Rowney (PIT)

Games under the cut!

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reasons today is the best day of my life:
-my son Andre has finally returned
-consequently, my dash is full of burky content and i am LIVING
-the Toronto St Pats
-Auston scored and ended his drought
-Oshie has already scored twice (*agressively whispers* hat trick hat trick hat trick)

The Maple Leaf, to us, was the badge of courage, the badge that meant home. It was the badge that reminded us of all our exploits and the different difficulties we got into, and the different accomplishments that we made.

It was a badge that meant more to us than any other badge that we could think of, so we chose it, hoping that the possession of this badge would mean something to the team that wore it, and when they skated out on the ice with this badge on their chest, they would wear it with honour and pride and courage, the way it had been worn by the soldiers of the first Great War in the Canadian Army.

—  Conn Smythe on re-naming the Toronto St. Pats.
Day 20. How many times has your favorite team won the Stanley Cup?

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13 times have the Leafs won the Cup. although under the title of Maple Leafs it was 11. They won it once as the Arenas and once as the St. Pats. They also have the longest Cup drought in the league thanks to Chicago ending theirs last year AND they are the only original six team to not win a Cup since the league expanded in 1967. Sadly enough they haven’t even made the Finals since that fateful year 44 years ago. FML. 

They are on the rise though. Not Cup contenders yet but I have a feeling they’ll sneak into the playoffs finally this season.