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Hi! - I was rewatching some Carmilla including some of your reaction videos and realised that you have been to Toronto. I'm sorry if it's a weird question but would you recommend Toronto as a Summer holiday destination? I have heard nice things about the city and it looks likes there is nature near by but I don't know if it's a good place to go for like a week/10 days. Any input is welcome! :-)

Crap, I can’t believe I still haven’t posted my Toronto vlog. Shame on me!
Personally, I’d absolutely recommend visiting Toronto. I’ve been there twice now. Once in September and once in July. 

The first thing I noticed: It’s HOT.

Second thing: It’s HUMID.

Third: The energy there is lovely.

By which I mean the people are lovely, it’s pretty and there’s lots to see and do. If you’re looking for nature, I recommend Niagara Falls. That’s just an incredible sight. Bonus if you try the zip line!
And Toronto Islands. Renting bikes with my friends and just riding around was one of the nicest experiences ever. Plus, the view of the city from there is damn pretty. I took this while I was there:

Besides that, I know there are parks and probably other nature-y things I just didn’t have the chance to see (yet).

You see that tower? Go up there. The view is priceless. And there are glass floors. Enough said.

And then there are markets, museums, the aquarium and Casa Loma, The Darling Mansion, Patrician Grill and now Glanmore National Historic Site if you’re a Carmilla fan, McDougall Lane (Felix’s ally in Orphan Black) and probably tons of other filming locations if you’re interested in that.

You also wanna see the big ass TORONTO sign in Nathan Phillips Square simply because it’s cool to look at and take selfies in front of.

I’ve heard sport fans really like the Blue Jays, so you can go catch a baseball game at the Rogers Centre. I know nothing about baseball, but if you’re up in the CN Tower, you can look down at the stadium. It looks pretty cool, plus the people and cars are soooo tiny.

If you plan ahead there’s always Fan Expo which is a lot of fun. Been there twice, would go again.

I’m sure there are so many more things to do there which is why I really want to go back as soon as I can. So yeah, a good summer holiday destination!

People from Toronto, please leave a reply with tips for anon!

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“Maybe, I’m not sure if I feel like it tonight though - some drinks usually ends with both of us so hungover it would put Kesha to shame.” Toronto flashed her a quick smile - they both knew what he said was completely true after all. “And we always make bad choices.” 

He stood up and pushed the stool back towards his desk, running a hand through his gelled hair. “I’m considering this my lunch break - and that vegetarian sushi shop down the road is calling to me. You game?” 

Let’s have a moment of appreciation for Vancouver’s gor-ge-ous mayor, Gregor Robertson! Finally realizing how much I appreciate him for representing me now that my former home town mayor Rob Ford (who’s always been a pretty big shit) has been caught on tape doing crack with his Somalian drug lords. As if the rampant homophobia, racism and general stupidity weren’t enough to make me ashamed of Toronto.

Thanks for being a swell guy, Gregor. Find me for a bit of the hokey-pokey later.