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scene tshirt ideas: Pangur Screams in the Forbidden Hallway in the style of Munch's The Scream

this isn’t quite that

I always liked how when Pangur entered the Forbidden Hallway, her presence turned eery. she would not be in horror; she would BE the horror

Stay High - Auston Matthews #15

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about/request: a auston imagine where it’s his 20th birthday and you throw him a massive party. + i’m sorry that i hijacked this request and turned it into my high birthday sex idea but it happened. 

warnings: this is genuinely probably the dirtiest thing i’ve written and i’m sorry there’s so much cursing and everyone is drunk and high like pls stay away if you are young or do not like things that aren’t pg af this is gross as hell oh my god sex so much sex ok

authors note: just read the warnings again

word count: 2271

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