toronto revellers

We stay a little longer in Toronto to revel in the deep house euphoria that is Rainer + Grimm’s new single, Ruler. The production duo has served up an opulent pumping, lavishly textured dance opus featuring enchanting songstress Maéday on vocals. Crisp high hats lead us through this labyrinth of plump beats and dark hypnotic progressions. Ruler prowls untamed and unrestrained, like a charismatic beast, all the while moving us with its succulent rumbling bass. We may be at the beginning of a new week brimming with adulting to do, but Rainer + Grimm convinces us to let loose anyway. The pair rules our day with this fierce banger. Ruler is out now via iTunes, here, alongside an Island Mix of the song.

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Friday night at Toronto Pride I went to the Revel and Riot booth to buy some t-shirts and of course see Emy. Emy was so sweet and remembered us from marching in World Pride last year and seeing her on West Coast. She signed the Meet and Greet picture she was in with us from Portland and then went above and beyond to make a video for Carrie who couldn’t make Pride this year. She said of course she would say hi to Carrie and then said that Carrie was soooooo cute. Carrie (@1magnet2another) is still recovering.

caribana ...

this weekend was very disappointing. because of the poor organization in the toronto revellers mass camp, my friend and i didn’t get to play mass. we paid the full amount of our costumes and didn’t receive them. later we learned that the costumes were being made in trinidad and something had gone wrong with the shipment to toronto. i was so excited to play mass and didnt even get to do it. jamaal magloire, the owner of toronto revellers, put us in a vip bus with rocsi diaz of 106 and park and machel montano. rocsi’s voice is way less annoying in person than it sounds on tv. i guess that was cool. and we got to be on the dj truck with infinity sound crew. i had a bit of fun of course just because i love dancing. but i missed out on the experience of playing mass. one of the marshalls told us that we would be able to get our money back and that we might get free costumes next year. all we needed to do was go to the office and let them know the situation. unfortunately, no one was at the office today and i don’t know when we’d be able to go back. it’s really inconvenient because the office is in scarborough and we live in brampton. a lot of my family members didn’t want me to go to caribana. and i feel like their ill wishes came true. i think i would have had more fun if i was wearing a costume. *sighs* i guess i shouldn’t dwell on it though.