toronto raptor


We think it’s safe to say that Norman Powell is not afraid of Anthony Davis at the rim. Goodness.

“We are on FaceTime together a lot late at night. If I have something to say, I hit him up right away. On the road, I hang out in his room; he hangs out in my room. We have genuine conversations about life. Yes, we sometimes talk about basketball, but we are grown men and mostly we talk about our families, our kids, everyday life. He’s in my Favourites list, so when he calls me, it rings through no matter what.” – Kyle

“You see our two kids in pictures at the games hanging out – that’s real. Diar and Karter are best friends. Lots of times, I have to FaceTime DeMar just because the two kids want to talk to each other. It’s one family really – me, my wife, my kids, him, his girl, his kids.” – Kyle

“My daughter just calls him “Karter’s Daddy.” She’s in love with Karter; they’re best friends. So Kyle to her just means Karter must be around too.” – DeMar

“I’d call DeMar a best friend. A genuine, awesome, great guy. It’s beyond friendship, if there’s a word for that. Family, that’s the only other word for DeMar.  He gets on my nerves every day, but I love him.” – Kyle

“I don’t look at him as Kyle Lowry the basketball player; I look at the guy I hang out with outside basketball. That’s my man.” – DeMar