toronto photos

Carmilla Movie Locations!

When I was in Toronto for Fan Expo this year, I decided to pay a visit to the various locations used in the upcoming Carmilla movie!

1 (one) Spooky Mansion (aka Glanmore National Historic Site)

Dancing House (aka Vincent Massey Mansion)

Domestic Hollstein (aka 1091 Queen Street East)

Oh Hey It’s Toronto (aka Riverdale Park East)

Bonus Round, from the teaser:

Cat on a Bike (aka Unwin Avenue)

Hot for Teacher (aka Sugar Beach Park)


As much as I love Instagram and blogging and social media in general, I still have great appreciation for more old school ways of documenting things. The process of writing something down on actual paper and taping photos into a journal is os satisfying, and when you actually fill up that book and finish it, the gratification you feel is even greater. That’s why I carry my black moleskin journal with me everywhere, along with a little pack of fine tip markers, tape and my polaroid. Whether I’m downtown Toronto at a cafe or on a beach in Cannes, I want to be able to snap a quick photo, save any receipts, flyers or other items and write about it right away. So far I have finished one book and am halfway through another, but someday I hope to have a library filled with black moleskins that document every moment of my life.

Since most of my journal pages are about my travels, I decided it be fitting to share some photos of them on here. I’ll shut up now and let the photos do the talking since, you know, they’re worth 1000 words and all.