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ONE OK ROCK - Hard To Love NEW SONG - FULL SONG #SLFLUncasville  

Melissa Castor  ONE OK ROCK perform a new song called “Hard To Love” - Taka wrote this about his father. This is the full song!! Please enjoy!!

July 1, 2016

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This… 😢

“One is loved and cared for like a member of the family,

The other is killed without mercy and eaten at just 6 months old.

One you would be arrested and prosecuted for killing,

The other you would be payed a salary to kill.

What’s the difference?

Not the difference from your perception, sat at home in comfort.

What is the difference from the victims perception?

Why love one but eat the other?”

~ Toronto Pig Save


My Day one adventures as Kuzco at Toronto ComiCon ^_^
Got to meet the voice actors of some of my favourite animes ever as well as James O'Barr (creator of the Crow) <3<3
Such a great time n___n

“Helplessness Blues” (Fleet Foxes) –Chris McCarrell, Matt Rosell, Andy Mientus, Andrew Love (Listed in order of first “appearance”)

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“And that’s our attempt to break Twitter!” –Andrew Kober

…I can’t speak for Twitter, but you broke ME a bit.  This song was lovely from start to finish and I forgot how amazing it is to hear Andrew really sing.  *_*  He has such a gorgeous voice.  He really does.  *wistful sigh*  You need your Javert cover back, Andrew.  You really do.  *_*  (…only then I’d have FOUR Javerts I love all in one show and that might break me for good.  -.-;;;)

…don’t get me wrong.  Chris, Matt, and Andy were amazing in this song, too, but… ANDREW.  *_*

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