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injuries - auston matthews

requested: sort of

warning: like two swears

word count: 1378 (i just kept writing omg it’s so long)

a/n: i based this off of the tor/tbl game where auston got hit and his cute mama wanted a call (his injury will be exaggerated)

*lowercase intended*

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it all happened way too fast.

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Morgan Rielly - The Proposal

anon request: Could you write one about Morgan Rielly?? Maybe about the playoffs too? Thanksss :)

anon request: can you do a morgan rielly one please, just do any plot, don’t mind, love ur blog :)

this one i really enjoyed because i just love the toronto maple leafs and i love including them all in imagines!!

requests are open:))

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“please y/n” morgan asked. i laid on the hotel room bed. “it’s my one day off and were in washington” he begged flopping on to the bed beside me. morgans head rested in his hands as he pouted like a child.

“look at me” i said gesturing to my appearance. “you look beautiful what’s your point?” he asked completely serious, i smacked his arm.


“ow! what the hell was that for?” he yelped in pain as he held his arm like a baby. “for lying to your girlfriend” i smiled sweetly at him which he only answered with a groan.

“you don’t have a choice” he stood up crossing his arms. “it is four, mitch is gonna pick you up at six and if you aren’t ready then we’re taking you in your pyjamas” he said sternly, but also he was proud he stood his ground. “see you at six baby” he pressed a kiss to my cheek and walked out of the room whistling a tune.

“what mo! why are you trusting mitch to drive!” i yelled as the door slammed shut but was quickly opened again. “i am a fantastic driver thank you very much” mitch stuck his head in the room. auston’s head appeared over mitch’s and he laughed, “rest in peace y/n, please know that we all loved you” that caused me to laugh loudly and auston joined in. as the door closed i heard mitch’s loud voice asking people if he was a good driver.

i quickly stood up and opened the door to see the team walking down the hall. “hey mo!” i shouted. everyone stopped and looked back at me, “yes babe?” he said moving to the back of the crowd and closer to me. “what do i wear?” i asked and he thought for a moment. “that pretty blue dress that i told you to bring” he smiled and i nodded, “see you at six” i said and he answered with the same, “see you at six” and with that i got the steamy shower going and i began to get ready.

i was 5:30 and all i had left to do was my make up and get dressed. my makeup ended up taking 15 minutes and getting dressed by the time i was done and admiring myself in the mirror a loud knock sounded from the door. i answered it and saw a brown hair’d boy bouncing on his feet, “hey y/n you look-” he stopped mid sentence and looked at me.

“wow you actually look like a girl. and pretty” he said blinking fast. “well common we don’t want to leave prince charming waiting now do we?” he laughed offering me his arm, i accepted and bulleted him

with questions. “i cant say!” he yelled out pulling his hood over his face which made me burst out laughing.

after a long car ride of mitch singing along to his country music we arrived at an empty, fancy restaurant. “we are here and you are alive” he sassed at me rubbing his hands together and then patting his own shoulder. “oh shut up” i laughed getting out of the car. “thanks for the ride mitchy” i waved and he yelled out the window, “your welcome and use protection we don’t need a mini mo running around” he laughed honking as he drove away and i stuck the finger at him.

“classy date” i heard morgan’s voice from behind me. i turned around and made eye contact with his angelic eyes that were sparkling with their beautiful blue colour. “only the classiest for you” i winked at him slowly taking a step forward and into his open arms that were welcoming me in for a hug.

“you look lovely” he kissed my cheek. i leaned into his touch and pulled back, “you look good too handsome” i smiled grabbing his hand and leading him into the restaurant, “we are eating here right?” i asked and he nodded following after me although i didn’t really know where i was going.

i pushed the door open and smiled when i saw the sight of auston, zach, william, kasperi, and connor. “this way to your table” william smiled and held his arm out which had a white cloth on it. “after you” mo smiled gesturing me to go forward. i followed behind william as he lead me to a small, circle table lit up with tall candles, a dark bottle of red wine, and two large plates.

morgan pulled out my seat for me which i quietly thanked him for then he sat down himself. “music?” zach yelled from the other side of the restaurant which made me laugh. loud country music blasted which made me jump then it was quickly turned down and changed into a slow piano song. i looked over to the stereo and mitch was starring at us like a deer caught in the head lights.

all of the leafs rookies held in there laugher, “wine?” connor asked seeing as he was the only one who had recovered from laughing, i nodded handing him my cup and morgan did the same. “thank you” he smiled.

“here are your menus” kasperi came in giving connor a hip bump and scooting him out. i snorted back a laugh and took the menu from him, “thank you” i laughed giving the other menu to morgan.

“wine?” mitch walked over and grabbed the bottle and started pouring two glasses until they practically spilled over, “oh shit sorry!” he exclaimed and then covered his mouth. zach grabbed mitch’s arm and pulled him, “we won’t have him disturb you two no more” zach smiled then began talking again, “oh and we will take your order soon” he pulled mitch by the arm and out of sight.

“so” morgan said laughing. “did you set this all up?” i asked reaching out for his hand across the table. “yeah” he said shyly. “it’s our halfiversary” he kissed my hand and blushed when i looked at him confused. “oh-oh!” i said a second time finally understanding.

“this is sweet morgan” i took a look at the menu. once dinner began and the conversation started flowing, morgan and i were laughing at something that happened three years ago on our first date. “that was great” i laughed wiping my mouth with my napkin then placing it back on my lap.

“dinner was great mo” i smiled. “was it?” james walked out of the kitchen and tyler was right behind him, “no way” i covered my mouth. “yes way” james laughed, “oh and congratulations” he said, james looked at my hands then his face dropped.

“wait- oh my” he froze, “i go make dessert,  español?” he said confused then sprinted back to the kitchen. “does he even speak spanish?” i asked laughing then i looked at my hands. “why did he do that though?” i frowned looking at morgan.

“damn it” he mumbled and stood up from his chair. “the original plan was to take you on a romantic walk and do it at the beautiful park an-” morgan was babbling on and on. “do what morgan?” i asked standing up with him. he wasn’t that much taller than me while i was in heels so he didn’t look down on me.

“i love you y/n” he said and dropped down to one knee. my hands flew to my mouth and i already felt tears brimming my eyes. “the day i saw you i was already in love. when we were introduced by mitch i thought you couldn’t be the one for me because well it was mitch who introduced us who knows what runs through his head.   when i saw walk through that door i knew that you were the one for me. you are my soulmate y/n” he said quickly meeting my eyes with his. the ones that i could look at forever, the eyes that were the ones that i love.

“will you marry me he asked pulling a small blue box out of his suit pocket and opening it revealing a beautiful sparkling diamond. "yes morgan, yes!” i said pulling him up by his hands. “a million times yes” he pulled my lips to his. his lips locked with mine and they moved together like they were meant for eachother, which they were.

“finally” mitch sighed and pulled his phone back, a flash is what stopped the kiss though. “now you’re part of our family for real!” auston ran up and pulled us in a hug. “my parents!” william shouted and ran through room to join our group hug.

“i better be your maid of honour!” mitch shouted and ran in for the hug too.

“as long as mo is my groom i don’t care what happens” i smiled placing my hand on the side of his face and pulling him in for one more kiss. “oh my good look at that ring!” zach shouted walking over to us. 

“i love you” i laughed making eye contact with morgan as he wiped away tears, happy ones of course.

For me, I was just always on my skates when I was young. I loved it ever since day one. In Toronto there’s such a high demand for the rink and there’s not enough rinks to support it so I was always on my rollerblades. Whenever I wasn’t on the ice I was doing stuff to better myself. I always got kind of made fun of as a kid but looking back I think I got the last laugh.
—  Connor McDavid on how he worked on his skating as a kid.
(Mastercard Memorial Cup Intermission Interview, May 19, 2017 | Sportsnet)

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Earlier today, CBS Sports put out a poll asking fans who will win the NBA title this year-only problem is they excluded the Toronto Raptors. In place of the only Canadian team is the option “other’. Seeing as this wasn’t the first time the 6 has been disrespected in this seasons playoffs, the Mayer of city took a stand for his team. Have a look at the letter John Tory wrote calling the station out on their blatant lack of class.