toronto mas themes 2013

Toronto Mas Themes for Caribana 2013

Louis Saldenah Mas-k: Heaven & Earth…I am excited because I’m sure it will be pastel shades that will go so well with my skin tone :D

Carnival Nationz: The Reef…This I HAVE to see

Toronto Revellers: 007, Mas Never Dies...Interesting

Tribal Knights: The Beauty of Nature…That sounds really nice and I’m sure the costumes will be beautiful but I would never play with them EVER again. They do not treat their masqueraders  well at all, and I am talking from experience…maybe I will write a post to explain this further.

Mas Toronto: Timeline 

Fantazia International: Ancient Legends…They have really nice costume designs but they are one of the under dogs. 

Connections Mastumes: Rhythm of Life 

Callaloo: Rebirth…Blah moving along 

Blues Carnival Fusion: Lost Civilization…This should be fun. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for this theme  

Black Sage: Spice of Life…another under dog with beautiful costumes.

So as you can see there are some interesting themes for 2013 Toronto Mas’s. Hopefully this year will be much better then last year!!!

Can you sense my excitement?!? 

Peace & Love 

Dom :)