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In the new issue of the Pirouette (No.7/2017) is a small article about Yuzu’s training in Toronto. Article written by Klaus-Reinhold Kany

Kany was there before the media days with Yuzu, so the infos in there are not new. Kany talked to Brian Orser.

Here are the main points translated by me:

- most of the time Yuzu was in Toronto, he rarely did ice shows

- Yuzu is already fit (for the new season) , he knows his body well and found a good rhythm and he focuses on not getting injured “if tomorrow would be the olympics, Yuzu would be ready!”

- 4lz is included in the plan for the season

- SP is Chopin again because it was a masterpiece and Brian hopes judges like it again like they did two years ago

- Brian was not allowed by the Japanese Fed to talk about Yuzu’s FS program at this point of the interview, but there is the media day for the Japanese journalists and if the music is announced then he can write about it

- Brian do not decide when to talk about the music choices, it is the Japanese Fed decision if Yuzu is allowed to talk about it

When the magazine was printed they already knew that Yuzu would return to Seimei and Kany wrote it in his article in the end.

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