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Conversation I Had At The Solstice

Me: Are you transhumanist?

Cishumanist: No. I don’t think people should be living forever.

Me: Why not?

Her: Because then all the evil people in the world would live forever and the world would fill up with terrible people.

Me: So, to avoid that, we have to let all the evil people grow old and die? That would be just?

Her: Yes.

[we get distracted and discuss the bonfire for a bit]

Me: What’s your opinion on the death penalty?

Her: I am very, very opposed. The government shouldn’t be allowed to just kill people like that. It’s tyrannical. I mean, what if they make a mistake? Then an innocent person might be executed. I’d rather a thousand murders not be executed than let one innocent person be executed.

Me: Sure. Isn’t it tragic every time an innocent person is killed?

Her: Yes!

Me: However, something about all this feels a bit off. You say that when the government executes an innocent person, it’s a great tragedy. It’s tyranny. And yet, when death doesn’t discriminate, and the reaper executes everyone - sinners, saints, and jaywalkers - it’s justice.


HELLO TATINOF TORONTOERS!! if you’re going to the TATINOF TORONTO SHOW on MAY 7TH me (sherry!) and some pals are hosting a FAN MEETUP down in ST JAMES PARK before the actual show!!

SO if you’re coming to the show and want to come down and hang out with me and a bunch of friends then you are more than welcome to join us!! its just a chance to hang out and meet some people who also love D&P and just to cry together before we all internally combust in the venue during tatinof!! :D:D

((read more for details!!))

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IRL: World MasterCard Fashion Week FW15

It’s currently Fashion Week in Toronto. While I used to heavily attend it a few years ago when I used to shoot the shows from inside the photographer’s pit or do social media from the press section, these days I may go a day or two as a guest if I attend the season at all. Yesterday was Day 3 of the shows and I stopped by the tents to take in a few shows by Triarchy, Malorie Urbanovitch, Klaxon Howl and my favorite of the night, Haley Elsaesser.