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Busy day!

It’s barely 10 am and Christine and I have been across the city for mould making supplies, and now we are headed home to drop stuff off, and then off to fabric shopping with Emmy and Syd!

We hit up Sculpture Supply Canada, which has the worst business hours known to mankind, but we found out they now have worbla in black, brown and transparent for cheaper than Dani’s. May not be worth it for everyone, given Dani has free shipping, but there’s an option for folks in Toronto.

- Jenn


Photos: Vance Joy @ Massey Hall – Toronto

*** For all video interviews and features with Vance Joy, click here. Photos by Justin Roth | @dailycitytrain


I’m looking for queer poc for a youtube project profiling queer folks/features on topics that affect our community within the context of being queer in the city.

Send me a msg on here or tag any blogs belonging to folks you think may be interested in being a part of a youtube series of this kind.

anonymous asked:

hi melanie!! sorry if this is strange to ask, but are there any events in colorado that you might be attending this year?

Yes! I’ll be here for the inaugural DINK on March 25-26:

I’m also doing ECCC and TCAF this spring, so see you soon, Seattle and Toronto folks :)

“When I first listened through Merival’sLovers EP, I didn’t read too much into the background of it. What I felt from it was unbridled realism and a willingness to put forth emotion that came with no restraints. After reading how Merival, now 23, wrote all of the songs before she was 20, it all made sense – the urge to emit candidly rather than suppress itself in metaphors or symbolism may have been suppressed with age or influence.” Read our review of @mmmerival’s Lovers EP at #newmusic #music #alternative #indie #indiemusic #folk #toronto #singer #songwriter

FE Kit update!

No pics because I’m exhausted, but:

  1. Kinu is approved.
  2. Myrmidon/whoever targe is approved.
  3. Elise is approved.
  4. Mami’s hair flower is approved.
  5. Sayaka’s fortissimo hairclip is approved.
  6. Lucina’s soundtrack buttons are approved.
  7. Outlaw belt piece is ready, but we need to do some testing on hardware before it can be made available.
  8. Most of Kamui is ready to go but there are some teeny tiny details we’re still fussing over. Updates will come.
  9. Guess what? Kamui’s hair accessories are the same pieces as Velour’s boot accessories, so there’ll be that too.

Listings will be up late tomorrow night; hopefully we’ll carve out time in the next few days to get proper photos, but until then, I’m sure you folks have seen our several thousand progress pictures.

On another note: if any Toronto FE folks are headed to Nintendo’s Fates event on Friday, I’ll have a whoooole bunch of these kits in my purse, just to give out on the promise people do something cool with them and show me later :) I’ll probably be wearing my Robin coat, so come say hi.

- Jenn

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Sometimes, it is better to come second.
At least, that rings true for Matt Corby. In 2007, Corby (then 16 year old) was the runner up in Australian Idol. Since then, he has released 5 EPs with multiplatinum singles ‘Resolution’ and ‘ Brother’. As for the winner, does the name Natalie Gauci ring a bell? No? Exactly.

Corby made his Toronto debut at Phoenix this past Friday night. Below are the observations from the evening.

Bonnell’s hair was on fleek

Opener Megan Bonnel was too mellow for a crowd that was ready to jump and shout and get it all out. The Toronto singer-songwriter has impressed me before in intimate venues such as The Drake. To her credit, she soldiered on performing for the alert ears in the front row. At some point, I also overheard a group of women discussing how to get Bonnell’s curls. I guess she made an impression, for both her songs and her hair.

Corby’s got soul

Matt’s 12 songs set was his entire discography: 5 EPs and few of new tracks from Telluric, debut full length being released in March. While more famous for his older singles ‘Resolution’ and ‘Brother’, Corby’s bluesy influences were more evident from new singles ‘Monday‘ and ‘Sooth Lady Wine’. That man ain’t just your atypical somber voice layered over guitar strums. Corby has way more soul than that!

Man of many instruments

Corby’s biggest X-factor (pardon my reality show pun) is the voice. He can maneuver through different ranges with unrealistic ease, while tugging at your heart strings and manipulating your emotions. But the musical brilliance extended to other instruments as well. He crushed a bluesy guitar solo for ‘What the Devil has made’ and rocked a jazz flute for ‘Trick of the Light’. Don’t even get me started on his looping capabilities during opener ‘Monday’.

Toronto, BEHAVE!

Given it was a Friday night combined with Corby’s heartthrob factor, there was a certain ‘Girls night out’ vibe at The Phoenix. That meant the crowd was mostly groups of semi-drunk girls wooing at the wrong moments. The consistent chatter during the non-single songs also took away from the intimacy of the evening. Toronto, you gotta learn to behave during the quieter shows!


Matt Corby

Megan Bonnell


Follow updates from Matt Corby here.

Photos by Kayla Baker (@kaylasheaphoto) | Review by Nilabjo Banerjee (@nilabjo)

Review + Photos: Matt Corby and Megan Bonnell @ The Phoenix – Toronto Sometimes, it is better to come second. At least, that rings true for Matt Corby. In 2007, Corby (then 16 year old) was the runner up in Australian Idol.


Hard to believe I am embarking on this new journey with my bestfriend @lifeandrecords to learn more about the business we are in: MUSIC. Cheers to everyone who believed in us and believes we will do great, you the real mvp here. Xo #happy #music #musicians #mvp #life #toronto #newhome #newyear #coalitionrecordsgroup #coalitionrecords #friends #folk #indie (at Markham, Ontario)


Toronto folk artist Merival, the project of singer-songwriter Anna Horvath, has released her new song, “Kicking You Out,” off her upcoming EP, Lovers, out on January 29th. Ethereal and calming, Horvath’s voice shines in the track, accented by its vocal layering and acoustic guitar lines. Stream and purchase it below.

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Needlings ❤️’s @kidicarus_store! Pop in, Toronto folks, and get your sweetie a cute little locally made Valentine’s Day gift - they have Needlings littles in stock!

New record set for warmest February 3 in Toronto

Let’s all take a moment to thank a Texas Low.

That’s the meteorological term for a low-pressure system that originates in the Lone Star state, and which is responsible for gifting us with the warmest February 3 on record for Toronto.

Forecasters predicted that previous record highs would be shattered when the temperature passed 9 C this morning. At 2 p.m., the mercury hit 15.5 C at Pearson International Airport.The previous record set at the airport was 9.3 C in 1991.

CBC Toronto meteorologist Jay Scotland said it could become the hottest February day on record.

“Warm weather should be no surprise really for folks in Toronto this year,” Scotland said. “Due to a strong El Nino pattern, we’ve seen warmer than normal conditions through November, December and January.”

Make sure to get outside and enjoy the abnormal — but not unwelcome — weather before this evening. Overnight, the temperature is set to drop down again to a low of 0 C.