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“Evo Lu’Shin” 

It’s neat to see how my technique has changed, and how Lu’Shin has evolved. I like seeing what has stayed/gone over the last two or so years - but also what has been modified/improved upon. The starry eyes are a Plot effect, and will likely be gone/return back to the white markings in November. I’m going to miss it! But not the time it takes to get it *just right*.  

Pro tip: foundation and setting powder are your friends. I used to use barrier spray, but it irritated my skin, and if sprayed too close, the liquid made some of my water-based makeup run.

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There's going to be a vigil tomorrow (Friday July 10th) for Andrew Loku in Toronto at 515 Gilbert Ave. It starts at 7:00 PM and is being organized by the Black Lives Matter - Toronto Coalition. Folks are asked to bring candles, flowers, and donations for the family. The vigil will end in time for people to go home and break fast for Iftar. Here's the facebook event for folks who want it. facebook(.)com/events/1449898765316554/

Black Lives Matter vigil for Andrew Loku (Toronto, Canada)


Hey mortal
do you realize a rosebush
could be your true love’s ancestor?

Come, spread rosepetal jam
on a dry crater cake
devour it

We’ll drink to every
dilation and ecstasy
on this fucked up planet

We’ll dream of ripe thorny sunsets
bleeding all over
the softest mountains

Hey mortal
do you realize a rosebush
could be your true love’s ancestor?



Jodinand Aguillon of HATAW Wants Filipino-Canadians To Get Their Groove On

As co-founder and artistic director of HATAW Performing Arts, Jodinand Aguillon brings together professional dancers, multi-disciplinary artists, and community dancers from Filipino folk dance troupes across Canada. HATAW interprets traditional Filipino folk dance through the lens of the Filipino-Canadian experience, fusing diverse styles of dance.

Get your tickets here to see HATAW perform and to learn about Jodinand’s inspiration at NextDayBetter + Toronto on July 30, 2015!:

Read on to get to know more about creative and #ndbTO 2015 speaker, Jodinand Aguillon!

Featured Speaker Q & A:

NAME: Jodinand Aguillon, @spreadego

TRADE: Co-Founder/Artistic Director of HATAW and Business Owner of A HOMERUN

If you had to choose one restaurant in Toronto to eat at tonight, where would it be and why?
I have yet to check out Hanmoto but I’ve seen images of their interior on Google. Looks great and I think I’d enjoy myself in there even if the food wasn’t that good.

What makes Toronto unique? How do you feel about being a creative in Toronto?
I love Toronto. Being a creative here can be much more challenging but also much more rewarding.

What is your spirit animal?

What is your favorite go-to karaoke song?

“Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)” by Blu Cantrell

Complete this sentence: “I make the next day better by…”
HATAW makes the next day better by honouring our heritage, creating the future, and putting our best foot forward.

Meet Jodinand Aguillon at NextDayBetter + Toronto.
July 30, 2015 | 6PM – 9PM
Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media & Education
918 Bathurst St.

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