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Just a little one, from my trusty book of manners. I don’t know about Americans, but I love puttin’ my feet up! I won’t do it on your kitchen table though.

Well I have had a very busy year. I finished two books, and published two books, and toured them with four different publishers. I’m writing to you now from my new Nova Scotia home, where I moved to at the end of December. Farewell Toronto! I will miss all my lovely comics friends. If you go to Toronto, be sure to take in The Beguiling comic store, or the Toronto Comic Art Festival (TCAF) in May.

Again, I have everyone here to thank for my books coming off of any bookstore shelf in the first place. Thank you for sticking with me, and my work, all this time. Here’s a cheers, to many more years together. *Clink!* (that was two wine glasses)



“Specialization isn’t just key to evolution—it can help bring new focus to your work and encourage readers to learn from (and share!) your enthusiasm. In this panel from the 2016 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, join Lucy Bellwood/@lucybellwood​  (Baggywrinkles: a Lubber’s Guide to Life at Sea), Erika Moen/@erikamoen​  (Oh Joy, Sex Toy), Lisa Hanawalt/@lisahanawalt​ (Hot Dog Taste Test, BoJack Horseman), and Kate Beaton/@beatonna​ (Hark, A Vagrant) as they discuss the benefits and perils of “having a niche” in comics.”

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🚁🍉🌿🛀🚚🕰👒🐢 Life Like Lulu, poster zine about life in the dream lane. Debuting at TCAF this weekend in Toronto, May 14-15. Find me on the second floor of the library at table 282!

I’ll also be talking on a panel set up by First Second called ‘Improving Yourself’, at the Hilton Theater on the third floor of the library from 1-2pm Saturday!

As well as doing a live drawing event on Saturday in the Apple Salon on the library’s second floor from 12pm-12:30!

Woof! Can’t wait for this weekend!!

Whew, bought a lot of stuff today at TCAF! Drawing zine is by my friend @lisshu, top sweater and bottom right shirt are by @ghostspaces, bottom left shirt is by @punimelt, postcards are by @akimiya, and five volumes of Carciphona by Shilin/ @okolnir !!

(Sorry for the non-art stuff lately, it’s been a really eventful couple of weeks! I will probably be back on track until Anime North, though!)

The first few copies of my short comic zine have been printed! In addition to my thesis (and other classes), I spent the semester working on one long-form comic for another class…and SLEEPWALKER is the result of that! Unlike FLOWERMOUTH (my zine from last year), this is one singular story spanning twenty pages. 

I should have more copies of SLEEPWALKER available at TCAF this year at the shared OCAD table! If you can’t make it to TCAF, I will also post an online version closer to the date (likely as a pay-what-you-want).

Thanks everyone!

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is proud to present its first official poster art for TCAF 2016, from the incredibly talented KATE BEATON!

Kate has created something really special here, showcasing the many different ways that readers and fans enter and interact with the medium of comics. This poster will also be produced on a slightly thicker and more rigid paper stock, so that any of you our there that want to actually cut up and play with your poster will be able to do so. Look for it this spring!

Our thanks to Kate Beaton for turning in a phenomenal poster that embodies a lot of what we love about comics.


Kate Beaton is a Canadian cartoonist who appeared in the comics scene in 2007 with her online comics strip Hark! A Vagrant! Since then, she has become a fan favourite and has garnered a significant following, with comics & illustrations appearing in places like the New Yorker, Harper’s, and Marvel’s Strange Tales anthology. Her collection,Never Learn Anything from History, is published by Topatoco, and her next title, Hark! A Vagrant published by Drawn & Quarterly, spent five months on the New York Times bestseller list, and topped best of the year lists from Time, E!, Amazon, and Publishers Weekly. Beaton’s cartoons often display a wonderfully light touch on historical and literary topics. The jokes are a knowing look at history through a very modern perspective, and a campaign against anyone with the idea that history is boring. In 2015, Kate released Step Aside, Pops with D+Q, as well as her first children’s book, The Princess and the Pony, with Scholastic.

I just got my first copies back from the printer, and they look great! 8.5x5.5″, 32 pages B&W for only $4. Roughly one third of the content has not been published online, the remain content has been cherry picked from all my daily comics over the past year. It’s debuting at this years Toronto Comic Arts Festival… you can pick up a copy at BOPU squad’s table!


Hey, psst!! If you live near Toronto, you should come see me at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend, May 14-15! I will be at table 262, and I will have some brand new small books of my mini comics, as well as my big JSPH books (and a very limited number of JSPH hardcovers.)

See you theeeeennnn

(PS– I will also be an VanCAF the next weekend after this, so if you live in Vancouver, plan for that!)

Caity Comic…Saturday?

Oh my god you guys, this comic took waaaay long. I totally underestimated how much time five characters per panel would take XD! It was super fun to document this trip to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival though and I had such a blast! A big thanks to my road trip buddies who made the whole experience so much fun <3


Exciting news to share with you all!

For all of you in Toronto this weekend, don’t miss TCAF at the Toronto Reference Library!

I will be doing sketches for kids and signings for my new picture book with Owl Kids : “And What if I Won’t”

You can find me at the OwlKids table next to the kids activity area.TABLE #102

I will be there between 11am-12pm on Saturday, May 9th. Short time frame, so stop by to say hi!