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Psychic Experiences - by ninthhousemoon

After a while of promising this post, here it is (finally)

So, I have received a lot of questions asking about if I am psychic, how I know, what experiences I have had and how I have developed my powers. In this post I will tell all, so sit tight, this bitch is about to be long.

I honestly can’t even remember how far back it was when I started having “psychic experiences” because I have been having them so long I thought it was normal. About 2 years ago, it is when I knew something was different about me; I picked up energies, auras and vibes from other people and they would always be right. There was never a time where my gut was wrong, so I was like alright I can pick up vibes nice, and I thought it ended there, but boy oh boy no it didn’t. A few summers back I was out with my mother at a carnival in Toronto and we decided to play a game there. So we get out money because it’s a betting game. A lot of you have probably played this before, but it’s that game where you put money on a certain birth month and you roll a ball on a table or spin the wheel and wherever the ball lands, that month is the winning one for that turn. Cool thing with this is I can relate it to astrology in a way because it’s got to do with birthdays So what I did was I would stare very intensely at all 12 months and I would get this feeling deep down and something would tell me, “pick this one for this turn” so I was like okay… And I would put my money down on the certain month my gut told me to get. Guess who walked away with a big prize after? That’s right.

I went home and told my best friend at the time what happened, and he also is into astrology and told me that’s not something to just look past. Me being a skeptic was like yeah sure I just got lucky it’s nothing. I really needed to stop lying to myself because the more I denied it the more it was thrown in my face because I started having vivid/premonitory dreams, and plenty of déjà vu moments like you wouldn’t believe. I would even ask people, “did this not happen already?” and they would say it didn’t. I thought I was going crazy at this point to be completely honest because no one could relate to me.

This repeated for a long time so I told my same friend about more experiences and he started calling me Theresa Caputo, which I found funny but kind of annoying. I really thought about it because at this point I started predicting events before they happened, completing people’s sentences, and my gut feelings were stronger and still very accurate, so I said you know what, maybe I am psychic. So I looked up a bunch of psychic posts and how to tell and no word of a lie I felt so comfortable reading everything… I could relate to others who had similar experiences. From this moment on, I began to develop and open my third eye just this past summer. And it’s the greatest thing I have ever done.

Opening and developing my third eye actually scared the shit out of me, because I remember the first time I actually seen my third eye flash before my eyes and I jumped up after practicing to open it. Then I felt something very calming, telling me not to be scared and that it was okay.

I’m gonna skip ahead a bit now, having a fairly developed third eye and strong intuition, it just gets stronger everyday with everything I do. I am still completing sentences, vibes are still accurate, reading auras is much easier, etc. now, I am able to think about something right before it happens. For example, receive a message from a person I am thinking about, hear a song I think about on my playlist or radio just before it plays, will think about someone for a period of time then I see them or get a message from them in the same week or day, stuff like that.

I also have been able to feel someone’s negative energy and will reach out to that person and ask them if they’re okay, and they ask me how I knew they were upset. Recently a good friend of mine has been having a tough time with things and I reached out to him and he was really surprised when I said I knew something was up and something told me to reach out to him, so I told him the whole psychic story and he was amazed (he’s an astrologer of 30+ years so he was pretty understanding of me and not skeptical about my abilities)

I also have a bit of a healing ability. You guys all know I hate opening up but just a year ago my grandmother had lung cancer and that really affected me, to the point I went into catatonic shock when I was at the hospital with her when I seen her after a surgery. I went back to see her about a month after I went into shock and did my best to give her all the energy I could. The doctors, and my family all said once I came back, her energy increased substantially, and she is now cancer free. This itself was one of the reasons I continued developing my abilities because I want to be there for the ones I love and give them everything I can in return of them taking care of me for a lifetime.

Lastly, I have recently felt a lot of spiritual presence and have felt spirits put their hand on my shoulder, and it makes me feel at peace when they do this because I know I am doing my job and I am doing it right.

A bit of a long post but yeah, this is my life as a psychic lol. Everyday I experience new things and my third eye gets stronger everyday. It’s a pretty fun life. Anyway if you guys want another one or have any questions feel free to ask me


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