toronto burlesque festival


#slowjam time!

Last Saturday I joined a couple ladies and attended the Toronto Burlesque Festival. It was it’s 7th year and I believe we’ve gone to the last 5. The show is ALWAYS amazing and there are performers from around the world who attend - so there is always something new. It gets to the point where there are so many great acts that you can’t possibly have a favourite by the end of the night. You have a list of 10 that you are SO in love with. 

One of my favourite parts of attending is dressing up - of course!! This year I didn’t wear any hair flowers and I was SOOOO sad once I got there to see everyone wearing Amber Ray. But I made due with this full on leopard print peplum dress.

Also - please excuse the mess in my room, I had my cousin in from out of town to attend the event. I promise I’m normally not that messy. 

Dress - Gifted from a dear friend, originally Forever 21

Tights - Asos Curve 

Lipstick - Make Up Forever in Moulin Rouge with MAC Lip Glass over top.