toronto adventures

For those of you out there scratching your head and pondering … “what’s going on with Cartoon Hangover’s new animated series Bee and PuppyCat?” You’ve come to the right place. Production on Bee and PuppyCat is well underway – with new scripts, storyboards and voiceover sessions ongoing. I will provide updates on all aspects of the series, production, products and interviews, right here at Frederator Times.

As summer gears up there will be more and more festivals and cons where Bee and PuppyCat and series creator Natasha Allegri will be featured and/or appear.

In fact, Natasha is packing up and will be heading to the annual Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAFFI), which will be held June 13-16, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.

In addition to creating Bee and PuppyCat, Natasha is a writer, storyboard and comic book artist. She has worked on series including Frederator’s Adventure Time, which was created by her pal Pendleton Ward.

While at TAFFI, Natasha will take part in a number of panels:

Saturday, June 14, 2014

  • Creating: Bee and PuppyCat  (11:30a-12p), Natasha will be joined on stage by moderators Guys With Pencils’ Andrew Murray and Adam Hines.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

  • Burbank Boarding (9:30a-12:30p) – this masterclass will help animators learn how storyboard artists create shows. Featuring Natasha Allegri, Vera Brosgol and Steve Wolfhard.
  • Creating Success (1:30-2:30p) – hear from cutting edge show creators and show runners including Natasha Allegri, Dave Cooper, Mike Geiger, Brandon James Scott, and moderated by Mike Valiquette.
  • Storyboard Driven Cartoons (4:30-5:30p) – this panel explores the creative benefits of storyboard driven shows. Moderated by TAFFI Chair Barnabas Wornoff, and featuring panelists Natasha Allegri, Mauro Casalese, and Steve Wolfhard.

- Gwen