toronto adventures

What to buy with 5 Canadian dollars in coins before I leave Toronto?

A copy of Cosmo of course!

This issue will tell me:

  • 78 CRAZY HOT sex facts (They’ll knock your panties off!)
  • How to “feel happier in 9 seconds”
  • What my breasts need most at night
  • 4 steps to a SEXY ASS
  • Secrets even a GOOD BOYFRIEND keeps from me
  • ORGASM GUARANTEED! Tricks that really work for women
  • The trait men can’t resist about zooey deschanel
  • and last, but by no means least
  • 12 LOVE MOVES that turn him to mush

Be prepared followers.

To learn all this info.

Today was really fun!

I left the house took selfies with flowers. Got really good cookies and milk hung out with really rad folks. Walked along the beach barefoot (fuck heels and sand.) Found a dead fish named him Herman and gave him a burial. Then a seagull ate him. 

Walked more. There was a big hill that I will classify as hell. I think I cried or it might of been sweat in my eyes.

Brought home cookies and milk for the fam! Went to pick up my clothes from forever 21 they’re really cute n.n.

Overall best day off I’ve had in a while.

Thanks for hanging out with me n.n