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Notable things that happened during the 2017 MLB season (part 1/∞)

Lana Parrilla Gold Panel! Toronto 2017

1. Out of all the ships that were on the show for your character; and like fan-made ones, like Swan Queen and stuff, which one is your favorite?

2. And the second question is: if you could make any ship happen for your character in particular on the show, do you think she would get her Happy Ending now? Because she hasn’t got her Happy Ending yet. If you could make ANY ship, like ANYTHING happen; your character with any character on the show, dead or alive or whatever, do you think she would get her Happy Ending?


Photographs of Muslim Toronto (from the Toronto Digital Archives)

1. “Moslem Women in Metro will say special prayers this Saturday which is the birthday of the prophet Mohammed. To those of Islamic faith, Allah is god and Mohammed is his messenger. There are about 50,000 followers of Islam in Metro who came here from countries such as Pakistan, India, Albania and Arab states.” (1969)

2. “Blushing bride (and groom): Muntaz was married to his bride Fazela in a Muslim ceremony that mixed Canadian traditions with those of his native Guryana.” (1982)

3. “Nozhat Choudry Rao applies henna stain to friends’ hands as they get a head start on the three-day Islamic festival of Eid ul-Fitr. Using henna is a traditional ritual; Nozhat says.“ (1997)

4. “You’re never too young. Mohamed Hussein Joins his father Hussein; left; and Ahmed Mohamed; right; as 3;000 Metro Muslims gather at the Better Living Centre in Exhibition place yesterday to offer prayers marking the end of Ramadan.” (1992)

5. “Locked-out Moslems pray in the snow; Nineteen Moslems; with shoes off; kneel on prayer rugs laid on the snow outside Jami’ Mosque in last night’s 32-degree weather.” (1972)

6. “Toronto protest: About 200 Muslims demonstrate at Queen’s Park yesterday to protest India'a treatment of Muslims in the disputed Kashmir region.” (1990)