Olivia Chow’s NDP Anti-C51 ad

Freedom and public safety go hand-in-hand. But the Harper Conservatives have eroded the rights of Canadians.

By ramming Bill C-51 through Parliament, Stephen Harper has shown his disregard for the Charter—and he’s done so with the Liberals’ support, including Adam Vaughan.

That’s why Canadians are looking for a change. Tom Mulcair took a principled stance against Harper’s Bill C-51. And as prime minister, he will repeal it.

Ready for change? Join Tom Mulcair and Olivia Chow.
Together we’ll repeal Harper’s C-51.
Senior police officer found guilty in G20 disciplinary hearing -
Officer found guilty on three out of five offences stemming from summit five years ago

[…] Fenton had pleaded not guilty to five Police Services Act charges stemming from two so-called kettling incidents that occurred over the 2010 summit weekend.

The first took place when Fenton ordered officers to box in protesters in front of a downtown hotel and more than 260 people were arrested and taken to a makeshift processing centre.

The second incident occurred the next day when, six minutes after coming on shift, Fenton ordered police to keep scores of people standing for hours at a downtown intersection despite a severe thunderstorm that left them drenched.

More than 1,000 people were detained over the summit weekend in what is considered the largest mass arrest in Canada’s peacetime history. Most were released without charge.