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New York City: Stop the U.S. March to War! People’s Assembly Against War in Times Square, May 26, 2014.

An amazing gathering of international solidarity as more than 100 people rallied in Times Square on Memorial Day, representing people’s struggles from Ukraine to Syria, Venezuela to the Philippines, Egypt to Honduras, Ecuador to the Fight for $15 here in the U.S. They marched on corporate media giant CNN to remember the victims of U.S. wars and fascist coups and say: Not another war for Wall Street profits and NATO expansion!

Photos by G. Dunkel



Here’s a short written by, directed by, and starred in by women about the absolute worst way to spend Halloween weekend w/ your boo. If you jumped, or wanna see more, reblog that ish.

Special thanks to everyone who worked on this! 


Chef Sono at Kyo Ya is like an Italian grandmother, always wanting to feed you. I’d just finished dinner at another restaurant on his block and popped in to simply say hello on my way home. I told him I was stuffed but he insisted I sit down and try some of the new otoro he’d just gotten in and butchered. How could I continue protesting after this was placed in front of me?!