Hyundai A Message to Space

In advertising, we are always trying to think of the next big thing, that ad, video, spot that gives our customers a new voice in to their customers. We see this search mainly during the Super Bowl, where this year they paid up to $4 million dollars for a 30 second spot. 

But Super Bowl is not the only time for companies to get noticed. Sometimes a simple big emotional spot is all we need to shine a new light on a company. Yesterday, Hyundai revealed a new spot for their brand, where a 13 year old girl sends a message to his astronaut dad, using Hyundai vehicles to write “Steph (heart)’s You!” on sand. 

Reminiscent of Red Bull Stratos, the company uses several cars to drive over a sandy area “as big as the city they live in” which can be seen by her dad aboard the ISS. Not only is the feat impressive, but they even managed to get the Guinness Wold Record for “Largest Tire Tire Image.”

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5 Creepy Real Places Horror Games Should Visit

I love a good scary video game (and moovie!), and I’ll always have a soft spot for the first Resident Evil, which scared the crap out of me when I first played it. Other awesome horror games I’ve played include the Silent Hill series and the Blair Witch Project series (yes, the first game scared me tons!). The last game I played that managed to scare me a bit was Alan Wake for the 360.

So here are a couple of real life places that’ll hopefully guide future video games artists to create a horror masterpiece. 

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Hyperskin’s Smartboy

What was once conceived as an April Fools’ joke is now an awesome piece of hardware, as the makers of Smartboy, Hyperskin, are set to release a peripheral that turns your Iphone into a 1st generation Gameboy. The attachment allows you to play original GameBoy cartridges with high-resolution graphics, similar to other console devices like the Supaboy and Rentron consoles.

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X-Men DOFP Historic Turning Points

Movie blockbusters are already in full swing with the release of Noah and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the last couple of weeks. But, the one movie I am most anxious for is X-Men: Days of Future Past, which unifies the previous movies and versions of the characters into one cohesive film.

FOX is doing an amazing job at promotion the film with various viral videos and websites. They previously launched a viral video that placed Magneto in the JFK assassination (see video here). Recently, a new website was launched showing 25 moments in history, all showcasing mutant involvement in all of them, from Nixon dealings with Trask Industries to mutant revolutions in the future. 

The website,, can be accessed online here.

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ANAR ‘Anti-Abuse Lenticular Ad’

ANAR (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation), a Spanish child-advocacy organization, partnered with the ad agency Grey Spain to produce an amazing ad that displayed a secret message seen only from a child’s point of view. Using a lenticular top layer, the ad creates displays a message of hope for kids under 4'3" in height, listing ANAR’s hotline number and copy that reads, “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.”

An amazing execution that treats the topic of child-abuse in a professional and intimate manner. More about this ad can be read on here:

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Volvo ‘The Epic Split’

To demonstrate the stability and precision of their trucks, Volvo partnered up with Jean Claude Van Damme to create the Most Epic Split ever. In the ad, JCVD stands on the side mirrors of two Volvo truck, while their are being driven backwards. To the soothing sounds of Enya’s Only Time, the trucks slowly separate until JCVD performs one his infamous splits, not only bringing awareness to Volvo trucks, but also presenting JCVD as the badass he is.

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You can also watch the behind-the-scenes-video on here:

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Skylanders: A Billion-Dollar Game Franchise

Chopper from Skylanders Trap Team (Activision/Toys for Bob) I-Wei Huang has been drawing his entire life. He’s been with the company since 2002, but his value grew exponentially when Toys for Bob began working on the Skylanders franchise for publisher Activision.

The Fall of Final Fantasy (pt.1)

The Final Fantasy series has always been one of the best series I have played. I remember playing the first game in 8-bit Nintendo glory, and was fascinated with the engrossing story. Final Fantasy 7 was a wake up call, after I failed to play parts 4 thru 6. I spent countless hours fighting monsters and exploring the city of Midgar and beyond.

Unfortunately, by the time FFX arrived, I was too tired of the franchise, abruptly ending the gameplay of this series because I just did not care anymore. Why did this happen? I think this article explains it better than I could. Continue to article


SONY USA ‘BE MOVED’ Parallax Website

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook a link to an amazing parallax site from SONY USA. This site is the most amazing example of a website using parallax design, with images deconstructing as the user scrolls vertically (e.g., smartphones, digital camera, PS4 controller, etc.), user interaction to discover easter eggs, and video integration. Amazing to see how great parallax web design is progressing lately. 

Visit this site online here:

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5 most violent video games of 2014

As much fun as some grownups may have playing violent and profane video games (and as you can probably tell from the reviews below, I’m one of them!), some games should never come anywhere near your kids.

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H2oh! ‘Braids’

In 2011, Pepsico partnered up with BBDO Argentina to create a clever ad for H2oh!, a popular soda beverage in Argentina. The sport shows a boy winning over an entire family during dinner, a familiar setting for anyone that has ever been introduced to their lover’s family. The spot won numerous awards, including the coveted Cannes Lions 2011 Gold prize.

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All credits about this ad belong to BBDO Argentina, pepsico, and H2oh!

Additional credits and info:
Advertising Agency: BBDO, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Rodrigo Grau, Ramiro Rodríguez Cohen
Creative Directors: Gabriel Huici, Jorge Ponce Betti
Copywriter: Roberto Espino
Art directors: Joaquín Campins, Frodo
Account Manager: Daniel Albamonte, Paz Goicoa
Head of TV dept: Verónica Zeta
Agency Producers: Rodrigo Lema, Carlos Cavaciocchi
Production company: Argentinacine
Director: Augusto Giménez Zapiola
Executive producers: Marcos Landajo, Nano Tidone
Photography: Julián Ledesma
Editor: Leandro Aste
Post production: Metrovision
Sound: La Casa Post
Music: Supercharango
Advertiser’s supervisor: Federico Bluthgen, Hernán Tantardini, Alejandro Laborde, Richard Rodríguez