Storm Chasing on Instagram

Storm chasing is one of the most exhilarating and dangerous jobs in the world. Whether in pursuit of research data, better forecasting methods or heart-stopping footage, these thrill-seekers actively seek out deadly tornados, all the while putting themselves in contact with magnificent—and photogenic—scenery.

Fortunately for risk-averse extreme weather fans, many storm chasers document their experiences through Instagram. For a glimpse into the tornado-chasing life, follow these people on Instagram:


After being trapped in a vicious storm while traveling across Nebraska, photographer Eric Meola realized his next project would take place far from his native New York. 

For 3 years, Eric traversed over 25,000 miles across the Midwest chasing storms and capturing them in a way you’ve never seen before. 

Photographer Spends 3 Years Chasing Storms in the Midwest

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Andy and his colleagues sat in a diner talking about where the next storm was heading and when. “So it looks like we can stay in town about two days before having to head towards Oklahoma.” Andy said munching on some fries and smiled as he saw a really cute worker coming over to their tables. His team of ten men and one woman were making the small diner work on overdrive. “Well aren’t you a cutie.” Andy said cutely.

the signs during a tornado
  • Aries:taking vertical video of the tornado
  • Taurus:hiding in the basement
  • Gemini:chasing the tornado
  • Cancer:saving all the people and hoarding their pets into the basement
  • Leo:the weather guy freaking out on tv
  • Virgo:driving around the neighborhood warning everyone
  • Libra:doesn't realize there is a tornado but survives anyways
  • Scorpio:the one person who doesn't make it to the basement in time
  • Sagittarius:the person who gets in the car and doesn't stop driving away from the tornado until they reach Russia
  • Capricorn:the person who miraculously survives by hiding in a freezer at a gas station
  • Aquarius:is the tornado
  • Pisces:the person who gets sucked up by the tornado

With its swirling column of wind, a tornado is one of nature’s most destructive storms. The most powerful tornadoes can rip houses from the ground, throw cars in the air, flip trains, and topple trees.

All tornadoes start from thunderstorms. But not all thunderstorms produce tornadoes. It takes just the right conditions for a tornado to form. 

More than 75% of all tornadoes in the world take place in “Tornado Alley,” an area that spans eight states in the Central U.S. This region has just the right conditions for thunderstorms to form: cool, dry air from the Arctic mixing with warm, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico, combined with warm, dry air from the southwest.

Learn much more about tornados on the Museum’s website.