tornado and lightning


This tree in St. Louis, MO was struck by lightning, causing it to burn on the inside.

Video: Jim Probst

bdaddyyy  asked:

What would each sign be as their element and quality? Like Pisces would represent an ocean bc they're mutable.

Aries is represented by explosions or fireworks.

Taurus is represented by untouched earth like a forest. They can also be associated with earthquakes.

Gemini is associated with wind in general, the unpredictability of it along with clouds.

Cancer is actually associated with the ocean because of their nurturing nature, their deepness, their protective side, and because their planet is the moon.

Leo is associated with the sun or a campfire that brings light and keeps people warm.

Virgo is associated with small flowers, plants, and smaller animals. Virgo can also be associated with landslides.

Libra is associated with a light breeze.

Scorpio is like a still, deep pool, a rogue wave, an ocean storm of any kind, and can sometimes be associated with ice.

Sagittarius is associated with wildfire or a candle.

Capricorn is associated with mountains, crystals, ice, and caves.

Aquarius is associated with violent winds like a tornado and is associated with lightning.

Pisces is more like a river because they are constantly moving, is flexible, and makes their own way.