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I know it's Oklahoma and tornados are not THAT big of a deal but do you really have to get your 3 salads (from a fast food joint) that all have different toppings and modifications? While the sirens are going off and you're the last customer before we can all go hide in the freezer?? Don't you want to find a storm shelter???

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Getting some really nasty weather right now and even had the sirens going off earlier. Have you ever had a tornado scare before?

I heard about all the crazy tornadoes! Hope you and your loved ones were all safe!

I’ve never dealt with big tornado scares, although they occasionally hit in the area. Here in NY, we mainly deal with blizzards that cause a lot of damage and loss of human life each year. Mother Nature certainly is a cruel mistress!


Hell On Wheels 

look out sister, look out brother
river’s gunna be risin’
we all prayed for a single drop’a rain
and now a storm’s comin’ through
s’been a long time comin’

hell on wheels main title (extended) by kevin kiner, gustavo santaolalla //
chasing twisters by delta rae //
john the revelator by curtis stigers //
lovers on the sun by david guetta, sam martin //
i feel a sin comin’ on by pistol annies //
up on the ridge by dierks bentley //
desperado by rihanna //
let there be cowgirls by chris cagle //
tornado by little big town //
building a town by kevin kinder, gustavo santaolalla //
long time gone by the civil wars //
where have all the cowboys gone? by paula cole //
fallin’ for you by dierks bentley //
come away to the water by maroon 5, rozzi crane //
burning house by cam //
barton hollow by the civil wars //
bones by little big town


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Are you ok?? Do you have any idea how big the tornado was? I live in Oklahoma and I'm still scared to death of those things. I still go outside to watch them, but I'm hyperventilating the whole time. But are you ok? Are your friends and family ok?

yeah it missed us
i dont know the size of it but it came in off the gulf going about 35-40 mph the weather channel said

The Signs & Absolutely Random Things They Remind Me Of

Aries: the color red, Breaking Bad, spending all afternoon cooking a fancy meal for people

Taurus: hot summer days, whipped cream, rearview mirror ornaments

Gemini: SUNRISES, hysterical laughing, getting obsessed with a video game

Cancer: big sunglasses, tornadoes, when you’re eating watermelon and it drips all over you

Leo: open windows, decorative pillows, being a mix of different styles all jumbled together but rocking it

Virgo: finding the perfect dress in the clearance rack, saying I love you, hardcover books

Libra: having a loud laugh but trying to contain it, hot pockets, glasses

Scorpio: the moon, curling up in bed with music and a book after a long day, sarcasm

Sagittarius: roasting marshmallows, ice cubes, excited congratulation hugs

Capricorn: mumbling a funny but probably not appropriate comment under your breath, stained glass windows, calm rain

Aquarius: eating cake, blowing bubbles, being goofy in a public place with friends

Pisces: telling friends about weird dreams you have, the forest, cardigans


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - S02E16: Shadowplay

their interactions throughout the whole episode were really sweet

TAYA: And then the great Minra said to the evil changeling, ‘maybe you can turn into a mountain, or a ghergher beast, or a tornado, but those are big things and big things are easy. I bet you can’t turn into something small, like a loaf of greenbread.’ And so the changeling said 'Yes I can.’ and he did, and do you know what happened?
ODO: The great Minra gobbled him up.
TAYA: How’d you know that?
ODO: The changeling in your story wasn’t very smart.
TAYA: Could you turn into a loaf of greenbread?
ODO: I suppose I could.
TAYA: Show me.
ODO: And let you gobble me up? I don’t think so. 


Here’s most of the stuff I did for John on his own, plus Jane’s healing bolt!  There was also a big tornado but I can’t find it. @v@ I think he was one of the most fun to work with, and the easiest in some ways since is aspect isn’t very abstract.

Sorry about the filler frames–we left those in there for technical reasons and guys, there are so many of these things, I really didn’t want to go through and delete one frame from each of them.