willam.braga The majestic nighttime South Dakota tornadic supercell from June 19th, 2015. What a spectacular stacked plates of the structure it was, no doubt one of the best storms at night I had! This is a gif animation of the storm, produced by my friend Jonathan Wennström (see his work on IG @jonathanwennstroem)!

Pop and Wedlock

Same Campaign as Mother of (No) Mercy.

As the group of seven, irl 5 kids (8-14) and their (40s) parents goes further into the jungle, they are ambushed by a tribe of Cliffwalk Shifters. Everyone but the Monk fails their diplomacy check, so while the tribe lets them stay in their camp that night, they weren’t too friendly towards the party.

Now I like to get the players invested in the world as much as I can, so that night, the Shifters engaged in a tribal dance around a fire with a cool thing happening at the end. I’d rolled for the 4 Shifters dancing and the best got a 19 on his performance check. With no bard in the party, I expected the characters to just watch and learn some culture.

I did not expect the Dragonborn Paladin to try to redeem himself on the dance floor.

Paladin OOC: I’m gonna try to dance as best I can to make these people like me.

Me, surprised: Uh, sure. Roll performance.

*Nat 20*

The table roars and I feel the blood drain from my face.

Me: Ok, so all of you watch as your Dragonborn friend, known for his enforcement of justice and valor, absolutely kill it on the dance floor.

Rogue: Woo, you go Tornader!

Me: The Shifters are awestruck by the performance. After a moment of talking, a young and beautiful Shifter run out of a tent and straight up to Tornader. Before any of you can react, she kisses him passionately.

Paladin OOC: What’s happening?

Me, as the Shifter chief: Well done, scaled one. For your incredible performance in our ceremonial dance, you have won the hand of my daughter, Nutmeg, and are now a part of our tribe. Though we do not know the final place of the Journey Yet to Come, I am pleased to say you shall walk it together as Husband and Wife. Congratulations, my son.

Let me tell you, the look of horror that plays out on a 10 year old’s face when he finds out he has a wife to come home to is priceless. They are still married to this day, as he doesn’t think it would look good if a Paladin went through a divorce.

french news vocabulary 🇫🇷
  • à la une   on the front page
  • les achats de précaution   panic buying
  • l'actualité, les actualités   news
  • affolé (adj)   panic-stricken
  • allégué (adj)   alleged
  • un appel   appeal, call
  • une arme   weapon, gun
  • une arme blanche   knife
  • les armes de destruction weapons of mass destruction
  • assassiner   to murder
  • un assaut attack
    un attentat   attack
  • un attentat-suicide   suicide bombing
  • l'avortement   abortion
  • la banlieue   suburb
  • un bilan   death toll
  • blanchir exonerate
  • blessé (adj)   injured, wounded
  • une bombe   bomb
  • un bouchon traffic jam
  • braquer to hold up, point a gun at
  • la canicule   heat wave
  • un cas de force majeure   disaster (natural or man-made)
  • les Casques bleus   UN peacekeeping forces
  • un casseur   rioter
  • une catastrophe aérienne   air disaster
  • une catastrophe écologique   environmental disaster
  • une catastrophe naturelle   natural disaster
  • censurer to censure
  • un cessez-le-feu   cease-fire
  • un cible - target
  • le chômage   unemployment
  • un collecte au profit des sinistrés   disaster fund
  • coupable guilty
  • un coup d'état   overthrow
  • une coupure de courant   power outage
  • le crime   crime
  • un criminel, une criminelle   criminal
  • une crise   crisis
  • un cyclone   cyclone, hurricane
  • se déclarer - to break out (eg. a fire) 
  • déclencher to launch 
  • décréter to declare 
  • des dégâts   damage
  • le deuil   bereavement, mourning
  • un désastre financier   financial disaster
  • un désastre politique   political disaster
  • les drogues (fem)   drugs
  • un éboulement   rockslide
  • une élection   election
  • une émeute   riot
  • une enquête   investigation
  • une épidémie   epidemic
  • extrader   to extradite
  • un feu   fire
  • un flic (informal)   cop
  • flotter le drapeau en berne to fly flag at half mast
  • la garde à vue   police custody
  • être mis/placé en garde à vue   to be kept in custody, held for questioning
  • le gaz lacrymogène   tear gas
  • un glissement de terrain   landslide
  • une grève (faire la grève)   strike (to be on strike)
  • la guerre   war
  • la grippe aviaire   bird flu
  • la grippe porcine   swine flu
  • hexagonal   French
  • l'Hexagone   France
  • un immigrant, un immigré   immigrant
  • les impôts (masc)   taxes
  • un incendie   fire
  • une inondation   flood
  • inonder   to flood
  • un insurgé   insurgent
  • des intempéries   bad weather
  • IVG   abortion 
  • le kamikaze   suicide bomber
  • la loi   law
  • la lutte (literal/figurative)   struggle, fight
  • une manifestation   demonstration
  • le meurtre   murder
  • la mondialisation   globalization
  • une navette spatiale   space shuttle
  • un obus   explosive shell
  • opération escargot   rolling blockade
  • un ouragan   hurricane
  • une panne d'électricité   blackout, power cut
  • la peine de mort   death penalty
  • la pénurie   shortage, lack
  • la police   police
  • un policier   police officer
  • la politique   politics, policy
  • le politique   politician
  • poursuivre en justice   to sue
  • le pouvoir d'achat   buying power
  • présumé (adj)   alleged
  • un procès   trial
  • le réchauffement de la planète   global warming
  • la région sinistrée   disaster area
  • une réplique   after-shock, counter-attack
  • la retraite   retirement
  • un scrutin   ballot, election
  • un séisme   earthquake, upheaval
  • selon (prep)   according to
  • un sinistré, une sinistrée   disaster victim
  • un soldat   soldier
  • un sommaire summary
  • un sondage   poll
  • soupçonner to suspect
  • le suicide assisté   assisted suicide
  • les suites aftermath
  • un syndicat   union
  • le système de santé publique   health care system
  • un témoin   witness
  • une tempête   storm
  • le terrorisme   terrorism
  • tirer (sur)   to shoot (at)
  • les titres   headlines, headline news
  • une tornade   tornado
  • les transports en commun   public transit
  • un tremblement de terre   earthquake
  • une trêve   truce
  • tuer   to kill
  • un vaccin   vaccine
  • une victime   victim  (Note that this word is always feminine, even when referring to a man)
  • viser  to target
  • voter   to vote

Tu le connais toi
ce sentiment constant
de pas être assez
même si
même si tu te lèves tous les matins
pour partir vivre ailleurs, suivre cette putainde routine, métro, boulot, dodo
et pour retrouver ton lit à la con
le soir
pour reprendre un nouveau matin
même si
tu souris aux autres dans la rue
à ces cons qui savent où ils vont
alors que toi t‘es perdu
putain de paumé dans ta tête
ta tête trop vide ta tête trop pleine
ta tête Océan ta tête tornade ta tête magnitude 9
même si
tu regardes les autres avec cette adoration infinie
même si
tu fais tous les efforts du monde pour t’en sortir
même si
tu fais tout ton possible pour te sentir mieux
même si
tu t’épuises à être quelqu’un de bien
même si
même si
ce sentiment constant
de pas être assez

French Vocabulary - Weather

la météo - weather
le soleil - sun
ensoleillé - sunny
le vent - wind
venteux - windy
le nuage - cloud
nuageux - cloudy
la pluie - rain
pluvieux - rainy
pleuvoir - to rain
pleuvoir des cordes - to rain cats and dogs
le brouillard - fog
la brume - mist
brumeux - misty / foggy
le verglas / la glace - ice
la neige - snow
neigeux - snowy
le flocon de neige - snowflake
neiger - to snow
la grêle - hail
le grêlon - hailstone
chaud - hot
froid - cold
humide - wet
sec - dry
la catastrophe naturelle - natural disaster
l'orage (m) - thunderstorm
orageux - stormy
le tonnerre - thunder
la foudre - lightning
l'éclair (m) - lightning bolt
la tempête - storm
la tornade - tornado
l'ouragan (m) - hurricane
le cyclone - cyclone
le tsunami - tsunami
la vague - wave
le tremblement de terre / le séisme - earthquake
l’amplitude (f) - amplitude
l'innondation (f) - flood
le glissement de terrain - landslide
l'incendie (m) - fire
l'éruption volcanique (f) - volcanic eruption
le volcan - volcano
l'avalanche (f) - avalanche
la sécheresse - drought
la mousson - monsoon

Il y a + partitif : Il y a du vent / du soleil / de la pluie (It is windy / sunny / rainy)

Faire + température : Il fait chaud / froid / 30°C (It is hot / cold / 30°C)

Avoir chaud / froid : J’ai froid / chaud (I am cold / hot)

I’ve been in countless tornadoes and tornadic thunderstorms which can literally pop up in an afternoon, giving no warning and no time to prepare and yet somehow I’m way more scared of this hurricane that we’ve got 5 or 6 days to get ready for.


EF 0 Tornado / Didsbury / Alberta / i.m. ruzz

I’ve been kinda putting off posting these because they’re so much spectacle you won’t bother with the mennonites. Canada day I finally got my first tornado. 

Storm Chasing is an odd habit. you often get into situations you probably shouldn’t be in, you spend your days trying to get your work done before or after the peak times and generally it’s sort of isolating to be out in a massive storm alone in the prairie. 

At the end of last year I’d debated giving it up because I had a couple storms that caught me and didn’t like the stress involved in trying to predict and stay ahead of massive waves of violence. But the pictures kept dragging me back. the awesome power and unrepeatable light kept dragging me back. 

I’d half promised myself to just find nice slow moving wall/shelf clouds and stay out of the dangerous stuff but all that went out the window when I saw and heard the power of an actual tornadic storm. Yes, my blood pressure was through the roof. Yes I felt like my head could pop off my shoulders at any moment and honestly there were some really scary moments. 

but at the same time, it was astoundingly beautiful. something primal happens in our bodies when faced with such power and learning to control that primal call is fascinating. Learning to work through the adrenaline and stress and find the chords of beauty is something I learnt I enjoyed. 

Now, having been in front of one of these true monsters everything else seems a tiny bit boring. A tiny bit human in scale. 

but summer has just begun …

anonymous asked:

Le vent que se prend Valls par En Marche et la tornade qu'il va sûrement se prendre par le PS qu'il a lui-même bousillé... c'est beau, c'est bon, ça fait du bien, c'est jouissif, c'est magnifique

49.3 raisons de lui claquer toutes les portes au nez.

weirdhologurl  asked:

Hey, can you give us your assessment of Hurricane Harvey & explain the weather phenomenon occurring in Texas? Why are tornados forming from the tropical storm?

Hurricane Harvey is presenting itself with the most dangerous aspect of these storms. While the wind often stands out and is most notable in hurricanes, flooding and storm surge results in the most fatalities. After making landfall in Texas, Hurricane Harvey has stalled out and created what is essentially a conveyor of water from the gulf. Additionally, it’s not over. The 12z Nam-3km model on the 28th is showing Harvey’s remnants finally departing Houston late on Wednesday still producing rain until that point. Please do not go by this word and reference the forecasts from the National Hurricane Center - I am merely taking a glance at one model as time allows me to, while other meteorologists are utilizing an entire day to develop forecasts. 

As for tornadoes in hurricanes, though we generally think of hurricanes and tornadoes as completely separate entities, hurricane environments are actually quite ripe for tornadic activity. This is a matter of scaling: a hurricane is a mesoscale sized event, while a tornado is a general on a micro scale. When making landfall they possess considerable and extreme wind speeds - however, the ground is not a frictionless surface and slows winds relative to winds higher in the atmosphere. We call this difference in wind velocity with altitude wind shear, which is a necessary ingredient for the development of mesocyclonic storm cells and tornados. Thusly, mesocyclonic cells and tornadoes develop in the moist tropical air and are embedded in the hurricane. For more reading on the topic, feel free to check out this page from the NOAA

J'sais pas, j'écris plus, je fume, j'passe mes nuits à regarder le plafond blanc, à réfléchir, dans la journée, j'traîne des pieds, je réfléchis encore, ça commence à me bouffer, j'ai la haine, personne m'demande si ça va, ça va pas connard, j'suis énervée mais fatiguée, j'ai envie de vous tuer tous un par un, mais au final j'ai juste envie que quelqu'un s'arrête et m'dise arrête débile de faire semblant, tes larmes c'est pas la fumée de ta clope, c'est juste ce monstre qui veut ta mort, maintenant gerbe-moi ta peine et dors dans mes bras avant d'causer encore une fois une tornade de détresse et l'ivresse de ton passé amer.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Characters: CastielXReader ft. Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1503

A/N: Drabble request by @charlotteofcamelot – “Could I maybe request a super short drabble of Cas interacting – and I don’t mean sexually – with an overweight character that has body image issues, please?” Reader has serious self-doubts about their body. Enter Castiel stage left with the fluff. I have a theory that’s why he wears the trench coat all the time – extra pockets to carry more fluff. (P.S. You specified “super short” length, but my muse is not so great at following instructions. I had to give up editing it because more words kept getting added. Oops!)

This is pointless! I have nothing to wear! Your frustration grew more and more unbearable with each article of clothing hastily pulled from the closet and tugged over your round shoulders or yanked up too generous thighs and ultimately yielding the same unsatisfactory reflection in the mirror. Ten minutes. We’re leaving in ten minutes. You’d have settled for looking just okay at this point. You weren’t out to win any beauty pageants tonight. Far from it – only going out for cheap drinks and live music in a hole-in-the-wall bar with shitty lighting. But nothing fit right. Nothing made you feel good enough to go out with the Winchester brothers. Not with Dean and his gorgeous green eyes and charismatic personality and boy-next-door bod who managed to make flannel and layers simultaneously approachable and sexy. And certainly not with Sam and his devastating combination of a swoon-worthy sculpted muscular build and bottomless intellect for deep conversation – not to mention better hair than you on your best days. Ten minutes, ten hours, it doesn’t matter. I look terrible! Worked into a tizzy, you chucked your favorite oversized sweater at the mirror, knocking it from the dresser in a cacophony of shattered glass, and flopped defeated onto your bed. I’ll just stay in tonight. It’s not worth it.

“Y/N,” a sharp knock echoed on your door, Sam’s warm voice sounding from the other side, “you alright? I heard a noise.”

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J'viens de réaliser qu'emotionnellement, je ne dépend que de toi. Tu fais la pluie et le beau temps et en ce moment il y a comme une tornade de tsunami.