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Teru was declared Not Guilty, and taken under Reigen’s wing. 

But not everybody is as forgiving.

@sandflakedraws, @phantomrose96, @modmad, and @ohwwhuv​ decided to write this angst today so I decided to throw in my two cents.


CHIASMUS:  || PART 1 ||  Part 2 ||


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A short silly fic, a few days late for kagehina day, featuring a familiar ratty old sweater <3 

 It happens like this every winter.

It’s not like they don’t have sweaters to spare. Hinata has hundreds, it seems, sagging on hangers and folded on shelves and pouring out of the bottom of the closet, and Kageyama’s supply is far from lacking, so he doesn’t understand, really, why year after year when the cold weather creeps in, this has to start up all over again.

This being: the sweater hunt.

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okay, answering a few extremely spoiler heavy asks below!

and, perhaps importantly - there’s art >v> so if you’ve played [Soul Redacted] and would like a deeper peek into those most heavily tied to the end of the game, check out below the cut! <3

everyone else - AVERT THINE EYES, YA CUTIES. i cannot stress enough how spoiler heavy this stuff is (;・∀・)

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Urban Vamp

Halloween was yesterday so I’m late but enjoy this spooky little piece featuring the reader and Dan!

The atmosphere of the club was certainly much darker than usual. There was still pulsing music and flashing lights, people rolling off of all sorts of feel-good stimulating drugs, but the difference was palpable. Clubs were usually vacant on Tuesdays, but given the date of the year it made sense why this place was packed, Halloween was the perfect excuse for people to come out and get freaky in the middle of the week. Waiting in line and being dragged through crowds of intoxicated people showed off the just how many people were in costume. Men and women alike were half naked, their faces done up expertly. Dan sighed, all of that work just to sweat it into a disaster on the dance floor. It made everyone look creepier, low lights and hypnotic beats and melted makeup and an abundance of skin. It was his own personal hell. He nursed his second drink of the evening. It took him getting just above the line of drunk to even stomach the place, and once he was past drunk he got the confidence to go out to the dance floor. Looking at the slightly manic mass of bodies before him, maybe tonight he’d just play the sidelines. He and Phil were celebrating a friend’s birthday, so they had a table to themselves. It had been last minute, the invite coming earlier that day, so he and Phil had no costumes to put on. Well, Phil had thrown on a yellow sweater and called himself Arthur, so Dan was the only odd one out of the group. There were more people at the club going costume-less, but he was the only one left at the table, his friends had all downed shots and gotten in the mood for dancing about 15 minutes ago. Dan checked the time, they shouldn’t be staying long, he could check his phone for a couple hours, that was fine.

When he finished the sapphire colored beverage in his glass, he looked for the waiter that had been serving them. She was cute, tiny with short hair dyed some unnatural color, Dan rather liked looking at her, though she was much too talkative for his taste. She’d had on cat ears, all of the staff wore half-costumes for the night, but they were probably less enthusiastic about Halloween than Dan was. After a minute of craning his neck to find her, Dan accepted his unfortunate fate. He rose from the table, cracking his knuckles, and went for the bar. Their table was up above the dance floor, much quieter and away from the action, Dan would have to leave the safety of that bubble as the bar was on the lower floor where everyone else was.

He was asked by several people to dance, much more noticeable as the only sober and casually dressed person around. Some were cute, most were just bold and intoxicated and figured he matched their level of energy. He’d declined them all, and was currently waiting for an opportunity to catch the bartender’s eye, grab his new drink, and go. He’d come back down when he was up to it, maybe. Unfortunately, the bar was flooded with people and their gaudy costumes, Dan was no good at shoving forward and grabbing attention, but he also knew that if he kept this patient act up, he’d never get a drink. For now, he was fine waiting, people-watching as he did.

That was when he saw her.

She was tall, that was the first thing he gathered. He could spot the top half of her face over the mass of people, the light hitting her dark eyes in a way that made them look almost like they were glowing. She wasn’t doing very much differently than the rest of those on the dance floor. Dan saw her kiss some guy, then kiss some girl, and now he was really interested. She eventually parted from the crowd, and started coming toward him. No, she was going toward the bar, Dan mentally told himself. Dan got a better look at her when she split from the crowd. Even in this low light, he admired the rich color of her skin. She was like him, not wearing a costume. She had on a black sweater, torn black skinnys, and ankle high black boots. Maybe it was a costume, that was the only reasoning Dan could come with as to why she would ever wear such sweat-inducing attire to a club. She ambled past everyone and easily grabbed the bartender’s attention. Dan saw the way her cropped hair brushed over her neck, saw the charming smile on her red painted lips as she placed the order. He realized just how intently he had been staring at her when she looked over and met his eyes. His throat closed at being caught, but she just gave him a big smile, downed the shot the bartender slid in front of her, then returned to the curtain of people.

And she was gone.

He didn’t even order a drink, just followed right behind her into the mass of people. He understood that was a mistake the moment he was fully enveloped by the crowd. Giant as he was, there was no way he’d keep track of her in this kind of lighting, and now he was being touched from all sides and there was no way he could escape this many people. He chanced a look behind him to find the bar, but only saw more limbs and skin. He did manage to spot Phil and the others, though, his friend was dancing like an idiot, likely too tipsy to care about it. Stuck where he was, unable to really move or see where the girl went, Dan had no other choice but to just dance to the music.

And what a bad idea that was. He had no real coordination, and kept stepping all over people, he even elbowed one girl in the nose. She’d left the dance floor bleeding and he hadn’t seen her since. Not to mention being tall meant loads of people had been trying to get him to dance, pressing against him in an effort to get him to grind with them. He’d given a few half-hearted attempts, but for the most part Dan was muddling through this like he muddled through everything else. It seemed that his efforts were to be repaid, a hand gripped into his and he looked over to meet eyes with that same hypnotic girl from the bar. She had a knowing smile on her face, and her hips were swaying provocatively to the music. He looked dumbly at her face for some time, then stared down at where their hands were still joined. A finger pulled his chin back up to where her eyes were, and Dan couldn’t look away. People were all around them, shoving them so that they could never truly stop moving. Someone was digging the sharp end of a fake angel wing into Dan’s back. Her eyes asked him if he’d like to dance, he pulled her to him. He’d danced before, been the leader and the follower on the dance floor. He couldn’t dance on his own, but he at least knew how to dance with another person.

Dan realized how weird this was. He was such a nervous guy, always watching and never acting, he liked to know what was going to happen and when, being spontaneous wasn’t ever his thing. Yet, without saying one word to this girl, this girl that was no more or less ordinary than him, he’d followed her past his comfort zone and into whatever was supposed to happen next. Halloween played with the mind, after all, it seemed. At least Phil would be proud of him. The girl was tall, but wasn’t close to his height, he still had to tip his head downward to look at her directly, around the third time he’d done that she leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Everything was blurry then. It was like he’d been hit hard with the two measly drinks he’d had, and he was putty in her hands, he felt light and drunk. In a deep corner of his mind, he wondered if people were staring at the two people kissing on the dance floor, and an even smaller part of his mind thought this was a bit familiar, though he couldn’t place where he’d felt this before. She left kisses along his jaw, trailed down to his neck. Usually this was when he’d speak up, his neck was sensitive, after all. But his tongue wasn’t working, and he let her do whatever with the skin of his throat. He managed to reach down and find his voice, when she went to bite at his neck, and he felt the prick of two. Very. Sharp. Fangs.

“Rethink that move,” Dan growled.

She stepped back, a look of genuine shock on her face, well, only really reflected in her eyes. The same eyes that had been glowing from across the room, and the same eyes that had dragged him into the middle of this pool of human beings. Now it made sense, why he’d felt this before. Her lips tugged into that same smile she’d been giving him and only him all evening. “Was wondering when you’d figure it out,” she said. He heard it over the thumping bass of the music, clear as day. He had more to say, but she was gone even faster this time. No, he couldn’t let her get away twice. In a blink, he was through the crowd and by the bar again, only to see the movement of her boots up the steps to the second floor. Damn, he really should’ve just stayed up there all night.

The second floor was empty, thankfully, it was just her leaning over the glass railing, staring down at the people. He came up next to her, stood so close their arms were touching. For a clean 10 minutes, neither of them spoke, just watched everyone below them moving about. “Do your friends know?” They didn’t. He didn’t even have to say the words for her to guess his answer. She turned so her back was against the glass, and stared openly at his profile. “Why are you here? Aren’t we supposed to live isolated lives in the shadows?” Dan asked, his tone bored. She frowned and turned her gaze toward the ceiling at his words. “Usually, but it’s Halloween, the ultimate feast for us.” She gave his shoulder a soft punch. “Not to mention you’re here with a gang of people, so who are you to ask me about the lifestyle?” She had a point there. “How long has it been?” She asked. He knew, even without the full question, he knew what she was asking.

How long has it been since you became a vampire?

“About a year now, no one else knows.” She giggled in a quiet voice. “Damn, you’re practically younger than a baby.” He looked over at her, she had an unreadable look on her face. “I saw you, you know, kissing people…down there.” Dan swallowed. “Were you…eating, too?” That smirk was back, she seemed to always know when he was uncomfortable. “We call it feeding, and yes, idiot. If you were smart, you’d be down there getting your fill, too.” How could Dan tell her he’d only ever had blood in a bag, stolen from hospitals at least three counties over? It seemed he, once again, didn’t need to say anything. She rolled her eyes at him and mussed up the styled curls across his forehead. He smacked her hand away and stepped a bit away from her, only for her to press back up against him again. “I could show you, how to do it. Honestly people always stereotype us as these loners but…” she turned his head, and the rest of his body followed so he was facing this dark, mysterious vampire. Once again she leaned in and kissed him on the lips, “…we work so much better in pairs.” For the first time in his new, immortal life, Dan actually felt like smiling, and one corner of his lips lifted into that same smirk she’d been donning all evening. He kissed her this time, then glanced over at the warm, living crowd of people below them. “Show me, then?”

She interlocked their fingers, and dragged him back to the dance floor.

Boom! The Danpire returns!!
Been forever since I wrote some fanfic! Hope you enjoyed!! Also this fills two requests from months ago so two birds one stone and whatnot

On Sleepless Roads (3/3)

Summary: A S6 Canon divergence.  There’s an irony, she supposes, that something created to pull one into eternal sleep, is now a barrier to any sleep. Her body fights against the maddening exhaustion. She’s just so tired, so fucking tired and she can’t keep going like this.

Ao3   Part 1  Part 2

It made sense, really. After Killian’s explanation that the Sandman is a character in her dream and therefore could only be defeated from within it. They were still struggling, though, with questions of how and why, especially because the sandman’s powers blurred the line between reality and hallucination.

(Especially because the information came from a page randomly appearing in a book.)

Someone was helping them, or relenting in their torture to give Emma a leg up for once. Although, there was always the creeping fear that the intel was false, an answer that leads them into a trap. Her gut says it isn’t, to trust that this is real, but–

“It’s a sleeping curse.” Regina chimes in. They’re all sitting around Emma’s living room - her parents and baby brother,  Regina, Henry, Violet, and Killian. Emma’s never had her house as a meeting place to plan their operations before. Even throughout this, they met at Granny’s, or the library, the loft, or the station. It’s a weird feeling, having a home she can share like this. She thinks she wouldn’t mind it if she didn’t feel like she belonged in an episode of The Walking Dead, her brain fried and body slug from sleep deprivation and nightmares that leave her injured without physical proof. “Not like the one I cast. This one’s specific to the sandman. There’s different dream realms too.”

“So we find how to get to the sandman’s dream realm and what? Diplomatically ask him to stop torturing my daughter?” Charming asks.

“Not exactly. See, the realm is specific to Emma and what haunts her. The Sandman is powerful; he can play on the problems in your subconscious. Originally, this was used for good, to give people good dreams and hope. There’s only one other recorded case of a sandman, or sandwoman, using their powers for evil.” Regina pauses, making sure she has her audience’s full attention. “I think I figured out how to get to him though.”


Killian frowns at his Swan’s protest. “Emma, love. Someone has to go.”

“No one is going through this, but me. I can fix it. I can defeat him.”

“No offense, Emma, but you’ve had your chance to fix it and you haven’t. You need our help. You can’t do this alone.” Regina says.

“And what happens if one of you gets hurt or killed in this dream realm? I can’t let you do this. You’re not under the curse. It could hurt you beyond what it does to me.” Poorly veiled panic rises in her voice, the caring words escaping harsh as the pieces of Regina’s plan click. Nightly, she’s suffered the pain of what it feels like to almost die, floating on a line so close she thought she had more than once. A line sewn with pain and adrenaline, regrets, and the overwhelming sensation of burning, sharp and aching in its pursuit to torment her. There were too many unknowns, anyway.

Her eyes find Killian’s, fierce determination masking their brooding anger, and she knows that he will be the one to go under. Unwelcome flashbacks of his demise reappear, the real version and that of her dream; she’s seen him in this realm before and she longs to never experience it again. True love’s kiss has yet to break the Sandman’s grip. What if it’s the same for him? If he doesn’t wake up, or suffers the same fate as she…No. This is supposed to be her job - she’s the savior. They can’t come running to her rescue because she’s too damn weak to do what she was made for. “No. Please, Killian.”

“Swan, you would do the same. Watching you suffer has been the hardest thing I’ve had to face. I’m going under the sleeping curse and you’re going to wake me. And do you know why you’re going to wake me?”

She smiles at him then, lashes fluttering up to meet the blue of his eyes, no longer hooded in anger, but shining with something lighter, happier. “Because we’re true love.”

“Aye. That we are. And true love is the most powerful magic of all.”

Regina pulls a strand of Emma’s hair without warning - earning the Queen a grumbled What the hell - that she laces through one of Mary Margaret’s sewing needles. “I need this to get Hook there. This and the sand that’s in your eyes when you wake up. When you fall asleep, Hook will gather the sand and tether it to this needle. Once he pricks himself with it, he should appear in your dream.”

So they wait. Emma lays her head on the cushion of the couch, face turned away from her expectant audience. They’re hovering, consuming oxygen and producing a sweltering heat. A week ago, she’d have been able to easily fall into sleep’s embrace, but now…

Now her heartbeat quickens, smothering her in doubts and fears, while they watch on.

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anonymous asked:

Modern Marauders? Just go crazy

i was two Marauders in and i accidentally deleted it i want to shoot myself 


  • played american football in high school, was definitely the star quarterback
  • gets the nickname “Prongs” from Sirius after Moony joked about him being graceful and effortless on the field
  • a total sweetheart
  • a little bit nerdy tbh
  • all of the girls want him but he’s only got eyes for a certain red head cheerleader who finally agrees to date him when he asks her to prom 
  • indie/alternative/rock… mostly ACDC or Nirvana, especially The Beatles
  • letterman jackets and converse, the messiest hair you can imagine
  • looks great in beanies
  • those square Ray Ban glasses taped up at the bridge of his nose from where he broke them on the field, until he finds round ones at a vintage shop with Remus and has his prescription put on them because “they kind of look like John Lennon’s”
  • a great student, but practice is tough, you can find him asleep at the library next to Lily or Moony during free periods
  • probably plays the guitar
  • has gotten scholarships for football but is a total math whiz and is brilliant at chemistry and physics


  • fursure hipster
  • I’m talking rolled up torn jeans and oversized sweaters, maybe even a hat, his curls falling messily into his face, almost fringe like
  • has his ears pierced. the little silver hoop earrings
  • wore Sirius’ leather jacket once and almost gave Sirius an aneurism, sticks to his oversized denim jacket now
  • has a matching tattoo with Sirius, he’s got the dog constellation (why they call Sirius Padfoot) on his inner upper arm 
  • the coolest socks, only when he decides to match them
  • a feminist
  • started the book club
  • Arctic Monkeys, maybe some Lana, mostly The 1975 
  • has his mum’s old record player sat on a shelf by his window and a million record players. Mostly his, the other half belonging to Sirius 
  • bisexual af
  • carries a journal. mostly filled with really bad jokes or doodles, and some sick poetry, mostly about Sirius and “the stars in his eyes” 
  • is an insomniac. Tis why he’s called Moony ;) because he’s “alive at night”
  • takes his coffee Black “like my man” (HAHA) It kills Sirius every time he makes that joke
  • an A student of course. Does extra credit work for fun even though he doesn’t need it
  • a sailor’s vocabulary. cusses better than anybody you know. also has the most extensive vocabulary
  • an English major 


  • leather jackets, doc martens, and man buns, a few loose dark strands fall into his face
  • often wears eyeliner
  • a fucking nose piercing (a silver hoop to match Moony’s)
  • his half of the matching tattoo is the full moon on his chest 
  • Introduced The 1975 to Remus. Loves Cigarettes After Sex {the band too ;)} can absolutely jam to The Beatles with James. his music taste is very influential. loves jazz. But also talk to me about punk rock music like The Adicts or Misfits.
  • loves to attend concerts or go to museums
  • smoke cigarettes
  • knows every line to Grease
  • is in the drama club
  • an amazing dancer
  • very polite and formal unless you piss him off
  • a total drama queen 
  • a brilliant artist. had his art hung in the school’s art gallery 
  • has an apprenticeship at a tattoo parlor nearby and his line work is incredible
  • can fix anything. a car, his motorcycle, a computer, anything stuck or jammed, he’s got it? something need rewiring? Sirius’ can fix it
  • is majoring in mechanical engineering but the tattoo parlor holds his heart
  • loves Moony more than anybody in the world. 


  • not too tall, a little shy (kind of mousy, why he’s called Wormtail) blonde hair a little tousled, probably  in superhero t shirts or hoodies
  • a comic book nerd. has a massive collection of all of them. Marvel and DC
  • also a video game nerd, is in computer animation classes because he plans to become a computer engineer so he can design his own video games
  • great at history. probably photographic memory because he can remember dates and events better than anybody 
  • probably into like classical music or house music, dubstep and all of that
  • is quiet and a little bit anxious
  • will never stop talking once he’s comfortable around you
  • is a great student as well
  • maybe asexual? is more into his comics than having physical relationships
  • runs track
  • is insecure about his height so he hits the gym to bulk up a little 
  • knows he has amazing friends. loses touch with them a little when they’ve all graduated 


  • Nobody misses their parties
  • usually thrown at James’ house when his parents are out of town
  • the music is good and they’re friends with everybody so everyone is welcome 
  • Sirius and Remus are def the school’s power couple 
  • they’re loud and they make their presence known wherever they go
  • own every room they walk into
  • definitely know everybody’s name and are so kind to everyone 
  • their friendships don’t make sense sometimes  because they’re so different but that’s why they work 
  • pulled the most epic senior prank before they graduated 
  • probably lived together during college and each moved out when they got married (James with Lily and Moony and Pads) 
  • def live next door to each other
  • see Peter once in a while when he’s in town for conferences 

I hope you liked this anon and that this was what you were hoping for. this is exactly how i picture the marauders today. :) i had loads of fun writing this thank you for requesting