torn quadriceps

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prompt: alice and matthew are in the middle of a heavy make out session when lucien walks in the room

this….got long. 2300 words; post 5.5

Matthew peered at her from behind his handful of cards, watching as she pursed her lips in concentration, brow furrowing, and nose scrunching rather adorably. 

She huffed, looking up at him. “I can’t concentrate when you’re staring like that.”

The pile of cards between them had grown and a few coins and crumpled bills sat int he middle of the table, waiting on a victor to claim them. Alice had been most intrigued by the thought of an underground gambling ring, confessing to him that she had never figured out the intricacies of poker and she had a lot of questions. 

His invitation to teach her had tumbled from his mouth before he could stop himself and, even seeing her across from him now, he still couldn’t believe she was here. He was thankful Lucien and Jean had disappeared to Lucien’s study and given them use of the parlor room. 

Stretching his leg out in front of him, wincing at the stiffness, he watched her with a small smile playing at his lips. “It’s part of the game, Alice. You can either focus or you can’t. You can either play the game or you can’t.” 

He smiled at her now, more smug than anything. “Now make your move. You can fold–that means I win the pot. You can call–that means you match my bet and we show our cards. Or,” he continued, raising the tone of his voice to entice her. “You can bet, or raise. That means you need to–”

She cut him off, throwing a £5 note on the table between them with a triumphant, “Raise.”

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DWIGHT FREENEY HAS TORN QUADRICEPS; CHARGERS UNSURE ABOUT SEVERITY, RECOVERY TIME - San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco says 33-year-old outside linebacker Dwight Freeney has a torn quadriceps muscle.

Telesco says the team doesn…’t yet know the severity of the injury or the time frame for recovery.

Freeney was hurt in the second quarter of San Diego’s 30-21 victory against Dallas on Sunday.

Although he had only one-half of a sack, Freeney had applied constant pressure on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

After starring for Indianapolis for 11 seasons, Freeney was released in the offseason and signed with the Chargers in May after Melvin Ingram injured his left knee.

Freeney was Indianapolis’ career sacks leader with 107 ½. (Photo: USA Today Sports)