I wasn’t going to post it but then @saosmash posted her’s so I gave in!  A commission by the esteemed @dataglitch❤️ of my boys~  I love every bit of this work!  Tormentor’s smile makes me melt every time I look at it, and how focused Lieutenant looks.  <3 <3 <3 So much adoration <3


Looking at “The Valuable Books”, a series of OCG Yu-Gi-Oh price catalogs! They go all the way up to Arc-V and the modern era. My favorite thing is the cover art ^^


The Octarian army is a legion of tentactled tormentors that threaten the very foundation of Inkling society. In the intevening time since their last assault, they’ve been quietly adding to their ranks deep in their subterranean lair, waiting for a chance to exact their revenge. With new and terrible weaponry such as the Octozeppelin and the Octoballer, they’ll stop at nothing to destroy the Inkling way of life.

If for some reason you wanted some asshole’s inexpert explanation of various justifications for antifascist action to link to, here’s one.

Critical to any understanding of fascism and fascist-aligned movements is how they rely on empowerment through patriarchal masculinity. That is, fascism relies heavily on presenting its opponents as feminine or feminized. It declares that current society is feminized. It offers a way to regain masculinity through purging the feminized elements of society. It emphasizes individual patriarchal heroes that, in fascist understandings and mythologies, imposed their will upon the world. Fascists tend to operate with cultish masculinity, rituals of manliness. 

You know what really tears apart these pretensions and these ideas? Getting your ass kicked by one of the feminized enemy. The hero-myth falters, the manliness conferred on you is shattered, and the very idea of masculinity is called into question because the girly society is proving itself stronger. 

In addition, fascism relies on the belief that society can be divided into the Volk and the enemy. The Volk all stand behind fascism, and the fascist, or specifically their Fuhrer/Duce/Caudillo-figure, is able to interpret the Volk’s will inherently.

Getting their ass beaten and not seeing anyone foam at the mouth to track down and murder their tormentor? A spear jabbed into that complex of ideas. So is getting their ass beaten and people making fun of them for crying on TV, which ties back into the fragile masculinity as well. 

Fascism also heavily believes in the triumph of the will over crude matter, that they will win because they want to. Losing disrupts that, and there’s only so much self-purification you can do before final victory becomes untenable. 

So, punching Nazis is a huge attack on Nazi ideology. You might say, “yeah, but has anyone ever actually stopped being a Nazi because they caught one right on the schnozz?” and while there are anecdotal examples. we can say that the historical fortunes of the NSDAP, the Nazi Party proper, depended on their ability to provide victories and empower their members. When they ran low on funds, when they lost major street battles, when they lost seats in the Reichstag, they lost membership in both the party and in the SA/SS. 

Punching Nazis isn’t solely about the simpler factors like self-defense or the broad ethical factors. There’s also an ideological-psychological reason for doing it. Anyways, keep your thumbs out of your firsts, and swing low. 


One way to get an abuser and toxic people, all emotional vultures to leave you, to lose interest in you, to stop stalking you, is to be BORING.

- Become as boring as you can be
Dull. Tedious. Abusers love drama. They get excited when they make people suffer. They love to be the center of attention. They want your undivided attention. They love to control. To control you, to control every single second of your life, to control every single aspect of your life.

- Become boring

It’s a better idea than to just leave. When you leave, they might become so enraged at losing control, they can hurt you. They have no feelings. The only “feelings” they have are the pleasure they get of hurting, torturing, humiliating, making you suffer, and reducing you to become a zero.

- Torturing you gives them pleasure. 

Having control over you makes them breathe. They crave all the attention they can get. By letting them decide to leave you, you’ll be free for life. When you become boring, but so boring, and bored, when you show no emotion, they start to look for their next victim somewhere else. Eventually they’ll be the one to leave you.

- They can’t stand boredom

They need a victim they can manipulate. A victim they can torture. A victim they can control. They love to see their victim falling apart. They love to control any emotion you might have.

- Let them think it’s you

This has nothing to do with them, throw them off guard. Your reactions, your emotions, your torture, your fears are their oxygen. Cut their oxygen supply. Hide your emotions for a while. With time they’ll lose interest in you, and they decide to leave you.

- For those who

can’t get away from their tormentor after they’re no longer together. For those who share custody of a child or children, continue to be tedious when they see you. Be dull as dishwater. Flat as a pancake. They can’t stand that.

- They move on to their next victim

to suck their life out, to crush their joys, to manipulate and abuse. Remember, they must have control. Each time you meet, you must remember to be boring. You don’t want to arouse their interest in you again.

- They are the ones who can decide

to leave, not you. Don’t even cry when they decide to leave. Show absolutely no emotion when they decide to leave, or they’ll stay and tear you apart. They will leave when they get bored. Just give them a hand. By being BORING.