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Well, I know Dean was just taunting Sam. But I was saying that the demon killing knife wouldn't have done anything to Dean, and they both knew that. Why was Dean all like "do it? kill me?" when Sam didn't even have the ability to kill him

Huh, you know, I think they knew the demon knife would at least hurt Dean.

And you are also right that it probably wouldn’t have killed Dean. I mean, he recovered from an angel blade through the heart, and angel blades seem to be a lot more “killy” than the demon knife. :P

But again, like I said in the other post about it here was that the entire scene was about Dean taunting and tormenting Sam anyway. Because demon.

Regardless of the potential effectiveness of Sam’s weapon (whether or not it could’ve hurt Dean), is really irrelevant to the fact that Dean was basically playing a cruel game of cat and mouse with Sam.

Again, because demon. 

Confession time

To make the most of this unfortunate age of live action adaptations of cartoons I kinda want James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to team up again for a remake of the Road to El Dorado.


consider, ame accidentally summoning a demon while trying to open a portal to the underworld, but the demon is super cute and interesting

pearl, a demon who torments the scum of mankind, doesn’t know a lick about humans!!

so why does this human in particular keep summoning her in order to view human entertainment on her “couch”?? why is she trying to entangle their hands?? and why is this human so cute??

Revenant Chatter
Revenant Chatter

Some of the dialogue between the (sylvari) revenant and the channeled spirits

After seeing this post I had to hear some of these for myself. Mallyx was surprisingly chatty but I couldn’t get more than one or two lines from the rest of them, and I know for a fact some of the responses are race-specific, so this is definitely not a comprehensive collection.


Glint: Everything has unfolded as I knew it would.
PC: Sadly, the world remains a dangerous place.


Shiro: The emperor feared my great power… Do you?
PC: You can’t harm me, I’m protected.

Shiro: What has become of the empire in my absence?
PC: They say Cantha expelled all non-humans and closed its borders long ago. After Orr rose it was isolated further.


Ventari: Sometimes I miss the simple joy of galloping across an open field.
PC: One day soon we’ll find on, and we’ll run as fast and as far as we can.

Ventari: Is it true that my words have inspired an entire race?
PC: Absolutely. The Pale Tree raised us according to the standards you set.


Jalis: Strong allies make for quicker victories.
PC: We do make a good team, don’t we?

Jalis: Impressive! You fight like a natural-born dwarf.
PC: I learned from the best.


Mallyx: Demons of torment will hound you to the death, and beyond.
PC: Enough of your threats! I’m not impressed.

Mallyx: I shall consume you from within.
PC: Only if I’m already dead.

Mallyx: You can’t hold me forever.
PC: But I can hold you as long as I need to.

Why you should buy: Nova 2016-2017

The Nova Corps, if you don’t know, were basically the intergalactic police force of old. Powered by their technologically advanced helmets and armor, the Corps are now nonexistent except for two Novas of Earth: Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. Marvel’s 2016 series Nova, by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez, is essentially a buddy cop series in space. Comedy, adventure, drama, family, friendship, romance, and more, Nova has something for everyone, and is (for me) one of the best ongoing comics hitting the shelves.

This comic really compliments Marvel’s more comedic yet heartwarming tone that they’re implementing in their cosmic/space adventure genre. If you like Guardians of the Galaxy in any form, Nova is definitely for you! Some other reasons to read Nova: 

1. Captivating Characters and POC lead

Richard Rider was the original Nova, who died a hero by sacrificing his life for the galaxy, but mysteriously returned to life. Sam Alexander is a mixed Mexican teenager from Arizona who inherited his Nova helmet from his missing father, who was a part of the Nova Corps. While Sam’s character is more focussed in growing up, high school, and family, Richard’s is completely different, tackling issues of life, the difficulties of moving on, and trauma. The contrast between the Novas of new and old also add to why the comic is so diverse when it comes to genres, but instead of feeling convoluted, the narratives compliment each other extremely well. The bond that builds between Richard and Sam create a really interesting and fun dynamic that’s less of a typical mentor/mentee relationship then something much more complex and personal. They both learn from each other and grow through their friendship, which makes their character development intriguing and appealing.

The artist and co-writer, Ramon Perez, is also Latino, and he’s made it clear how much he loves Sam (lol), and is keen on depicting him and his family very visibly Not White. So you’re also supporting creators of color by buying this series! 

(There’s also a talking Russian astronaut telepath dog, Cosmo, who’s a friend of the Novas and a very cute and hilarious addition to the cast) 

2. Gorgeous Art/Colors

Ramon Perez’s art style is extremely dynamic and beautiful, and Ian Herring’s bright color palette full of pinks, purples, and blues create a visually stunning comic. Fight scenes are thrilling, and alien and enemy designs are completely lovely. 

My favorite parts of the comic art-wise is of Richard and the demons that torment and infect him (no spoilers…) These depictions are mind-blowingly gorgeous and haunting. Not much else to say other then to take a look for yourself! 

3. Its Pretty Fucking Funny/Endearing 

Jeff Loveness is a Emmy and WGA nominated comedic writer for Jimmy Kimmel, The Onion, and more. His extremely well-crafted dialogue is full of humor and fun, and the comedy makes the characters even more charming. He also enjoys poking fun at the ridiculousness of the comic world: 

(This scene has like 20,000 notes so why did none of ya’ll actually buy the comic)

I also love how the humor in Sam’s scenes make him a very endearing kid you really want to root for. Sam’s self-doubt and typical teenage insecurity is very relatable and always depicted in the best ways: 

Unfortunately, despite all the good reviews and positive fan feedback, this comic is getting cancelled after 7 issues, which is a huge mistake on Marvel’s part. Nova really feels like its just starting on something big, and it was heartbreaking for me to hear about its cancellationI really wish I wrote this sooner (Loveness and Perez were so bummed out about it, I feel like I personally failed them) but I’ll still do anything to promote this comic as much as possible, the creators deserve that much. Its a very charming and entertaining series, and I love this hidden gem with all my heart! I hope this convinced you to read Nova!

Definitely check out if you like: Starlord, Guardians of the Galaxy, Power-Man and Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Green Lanterns, and Blue Beetle. Tbh i’d even say space dramas like Voltron and Cowboy Bebop have a similar vibe.

If you enjoy the comic, please support these creators and sales by buying the comic instead of torrenting! Check out your nearest comic book store, or buy digital issues on or for #1-5! 

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Losing your virginity and Jughead Jones ??

He didn’t plan for it. He just looked at you one night after spending a perfect day with you and realized that you were the one for him.

You two sat in FP’s otherwise empty trailer, and as he stared into your eyes he decided that you were the one who was always there for him. You were the one who helped him through everything, gave him a place to sleep when he had nowhere else to go, and supported him through every struggle.

His eyes drifted from your honey eyes, down to your seemingly swollen lips. He saw them moving, but he couldn’t hear what they were saying.

“What?” He asked, pushing passed his epiphany to pay attention to your words.

You frowned at him and he wondered how you could be so beautiful that he would want to die rather than be apart from you for one more moment.

“Jughead Jones, were you not listening?” You asked him, crossing your arms over your chest while pivoting your upper half towards him instead of the movie playing quietly in the background.

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I am in Hell.

There’s no other way to describe it, I am in Hell. I don’t know why, I mean, I can’t think of any reason I would deserve to be here, but I am here. There’s nowhere else this place could be. Hell, or at least the part of it I’m in, doesn’t look like what you’d think. No underground cavern full of fire and red demons tormenting me. Instead this place is a wasteland, with nothing there at all except me. Now I know what you’re thinking, that isn’t so bad. It could be worse. But trust me, it does get worse. Even though I’m in Hell, I still get hungry. This must be part of my punishment. I am always hungry, and there’s nothing in this wasteland to eat. Nothing, except for this one animal. And it taunts me, like it knows I’m starving. Naturally I try to hunt it so I can eat, and this is where it gets bad. This being Hell, this animal naturally can’t be caught. Every time I try, every time I get close to catching or killing it, that animal just lucks out and gets away from me. So this is my fate, eternal hunger with the only relief being unattainable, and hurting myself in the process. Sometimes I try to get creative, hoping that against the odds somehow I’ll catch my prey. An unseen higher power working here sometimes provides me with a new tool, not as an act of mercy but to probably have a laugh at my suffering. To make sure that the faint glimmer of hope that remains in me never fades. After all, if I were to ever lose all hope of success then I wouldn’t be suffering anymore would I? Sometimes just to spite my tormentors I refuse to go along with this game. I refuse to go on this pointless hunt and instead try to find some other way to occupy my time. But the hunger never ceases, and it’s always a matter of time before I give in and go back to hunting. And if the hunger doesn’t get to me, the boredom does. That’s the beauty of this Hell, I can stop the self-torture anytime I want, but when I do there is literally nothing else for me to do. Futility or boredom, this is indeed Hell. I can only hope that if I ever do catch that animal, that the taste of roadrunner is worth it.

the entirety of the paranormal activity series is hysterical b/c it’s literally rich ppl being continously tormented by a demon b/c grandma decided to mess w/ malevolent entities instead of joining a knitting circle

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Hello :) Do you know any good fics with Ice nation Clarke? I have fallen in love with that concept. Hope you are having a great day :)

Hey there ^-^ fair warning: I haven’t read most of these fics, but they seem good judging from the summaries. Without further ado, here they are:

The White Queen Running — the only one I’ve read (and you probably have, too). It’s amazing :)

The Ice Burns — Clarke is tormented by her demons, so she goes to slay them. Clarke goes to Ice Nation to get training and becomes a badass while everyone is searching for her, when they can’t find her they think she is dead.

A Different Landing series — The drop ship was always going to have problems coming down. Unfortunately for the 100 they ended up in Ice Nation territory where the locals were far less forgiving.

Ice That Freezes the Soul — Canon divergence from 1x01, featuring Ice Nation Assassin!Clarke.

Make me love you ~ Gon raun gon chit yu wich in — What if Lexa had to fight yet another war? What if Clarke ended up in the Ice Nation?

Take Me From War and Set me Free — Clarke is an Ice Nation general, joining Lexa and the coalition to wage an assault on the mountain. Both women have come to respect and trust each other. Then, something more.

From Stars to Snow (and back again) — First she fell from the sky as baby and was taken in by Trikru. Then a deal was struck, and she was adopted by the Ice Nation. Now she is known as Klark kom Azkru, a warrior and healer of her people.

Fealty — Many years ago a warrior discovered a strange object lying in the crater, and inside of it was a unconscious little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.Now that girl sits on the Azgeda throne. 

in the absence of everything, i promise to keep you warm — Clarke is a warrior raised by the Ice Nation and grows up believing she was abandoned by the Trikru and struggles to find her place. Queen Nia sends Clarke on a mission: Infiltrate the Trikru by posing as one of their own.

The Point of a Knife — The wind had dried the blood on Clarke’s hands. Knuckles white, she held on to her knife. It was all she had. The Polis tower poked through the horizon. She kept going. Exhausted. She was slowly drooping like a plant cut off from all that nourishes its life. At last, she collapsed.

welcome to the new age (this is it, the apocalypse) — What if Polaris wasn’t the only part of the Ark to fall to the ground, ninety five years ago. What if the entire Ark fell with it?

Ice In Her Veins, Dirt Under Her Nails — AU in which Clarke is born a Grounder in Azgeda. She is sent to Polis alongside Ontari by the Ice Queen in order to oust Lexa from her position as Heda and put the Ice Queen in her place. Clarke has never actually seen the infamous Heda. Little does she know, she’ll soon come face to face with the legend and everything will be thrown to the wind.

Before Words, Beyond Silence series — A re-imagining from the Pilot: Clarke Griffin is rudely taken from her cell in the middle of the night only to be forced into a room with the man she hates the most - Thelonius Jaha.

I will always hold you close (but I will learn to let you go) — AU where the dropship landed on Ice Nation territory and a year later Clarke is the champion chosen to fight against Lexa on the challenge.

I hope you like those suggestions :) I’ll certainly get to reading a lot of them!

I’m being tormented by demons that seem to represent misery, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot push their voices out of my head. They’re cemented inside and even when they break apart, they still remain.

They had continuously haunted me at my every waking moment but as the time continued to fly by, they started to die out one by one. They were crying out for me, begging me to save them and I tried to stay strong, tried to let them go, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t let go of the only thing forever in my life.

We all see misery as an evil being, but even misery seeks company. Even misery wants to fulfill their loneliness…

key reasons i love koltira deathweaver

-when u first meet him he is half-naked, beaten, & chained to a rack 

-he is less angry abt that situation than the fact that you came to get him out of it

-he draws fire off of you when you escape the horror basement the scarlet crusade stuck him in

-tormented by shadow demons (hot)

-good mix of humility, selflessness, and salt

-came home from war to find not only the figurative locks changed but the entire species changed as well

-acknowledged that being free of the lich king does not free him from all the bad shit he’s done or the gross thing he’s become

-miserable fucking pile of manpain stuck in an OTT cycle of enslavement and suffering

-good hair that retains its majesty even in death

-literally cannot relate to a single goddamn person except the guy who fucking killed him

-badass sword


-ultimately sacrifices everything because he didn’t want to fight his single friend