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Presenting the seven pages of Kirby and the Fountain of Dreams!

This is a comic I started working on since this past January, as I’m sure most of you know. It was based on the story of Kirby’s Adventure and Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land, using a variety of elements from other Kirby games, along with some of my own flair.

Sadly I decided to cancel it, since it proved to be a ton of work and something I couldn’t really prioritize. I also wasn’t really fond of the way I was executing it for a number of reasons. Overall it seemed like it was a bit too ambitious for a first-time “professional”-styled comic.

I wanted to share what I did start, though, since I’ve been hyping it up and showing off little previews for the past few months. Hope you like’m!

These are just the finished pages, however. If I had to guess, there’s a lot more sketches and idea pages in my sketchbook than what you see here! I’ll definitely post those sometime as well, as it shows what the comic would’ve been like further down the road.

Here’s my piece for Ashley Davis’s Kirby’s Dream Zine!

Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble was my first Kirby game. Since it’s also pretty underrated, I thought it’d be a good choice of a picture to contribute! Man, I’ve just been seeing tons of amazing artwork being submitted and I really can’t wait to see the final, finished book!

Anyways, I had lots of fun with this picture. Used lots of new techniques so it’s cool to see them all work together in the end. Oh, and here is a video showing the process of how I made this!


Time for some more commissions!~


  • I won’t start the commission until I’ve received the payment. Just want to make sure I’m getting the money!
  • I have the right to decline a commission. If I feel particularly uncomfortable with an order for whatever reason, I can take full control to say “no”.
  • I will NOT draw any sort of porn/fetish, intense blood/gore, etc.
  • Depending on the amount of detail in a character, I may adjust prices accordingly. Take this into consideration if you have a particularly detailed order!
  • If you’d like to use the drawing for anything, please ask permission upon ordering and make sure to include credit!
  • I ask for your utmost patience with your order! There will be times when schoolwork will have to become priority or other things that come up to prevent me from working.


To order a commission, send an email to entitled “Commission” with the following information provided:

  • What character(s) would you like drawn? Please be very specific! Tell me what pose they’re in, what their expression might be, if there are multiple characters, how are they interacting…you get the idea. Whatever it is you want going on!
  • If you’d like an original character or yours drawn, please include a good, detailed reference image. I won’t accept written descriptions; gotta know exactly what they look like for you!
  • What type of commission is it? Currently, I’m only taking Character Piece and Sketch commissions.
  • Any additional info or things to specifically take note of? If, say, there are any sort of props that may be included, we can talk about it.

When your order is complete, I’ll notify you by email with the picture at its highest resolution as an attachment. I may also post it on my DeviantArt or art blog if it really appeals to me.

That all being said, commissions are now open! If you wanna be really cool, you can help spread the word by reblogging; that’d be great!~

I skipped breakfast to doodle some things before I have to leave for class. And those things are KIRBY 3DS THINGS. The game was revealed at the very end of today’s Nintendo Direct!

A few things that were shown off include a new Beetle Ability and its mini boss, Helmebun, and a Waddle Dee train, something I’ve wanted to see in Kirby for a long time!

Go check out the teaser trailer if you haven’t already! I’m ecstatic!

Kirby Super Star sketches!

I was trying to draw some human figures earlier but things weren’t turning out that great…so I decided to go back to some Kirby to satisfy my drawing crave.

Still can’t wait to get back into figure drawing soon, though.


Sketch Commissions!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but never really found the time to really get into detail. Thought I’d set up some quick sketch commissions while I’m relatively busy with school as well as planning out a new, actual commissions guide.

Here’s how it works: $5.00 for a single-character sketch, like the Deadpool, Quote, or Bomberman above, or a base price of $6.00 for multiple characters, like the group of Kirbys or the Homestuck beta kids above. This is where I would adjust the price accordingly depending on how many characters you’d like and/or how detailed they may be.


  • As I said before, I’m currently pretty busy with schoolwork and other stuff, so I do not accept deadlines. Please be patient with the order as well!
  • I have the right to decline any order I receive. Whether it’d make me uncomfortable or under certain conditions.
  • I will not draw anything above a PG-13 rating. No porn/nudity, intense blood/gore, that kind of stuff.
  • Please provide at least one reference image for me to work with if it’s an original character of yours or something.
  • I will not start the sketch until it is paid for. I think this goes without saying.
  • If you’d like to use the sketch for anything, please ask permission upon ordering and be sure to give credit.

If you’d like to order a sketch or two…or three, or TEN, send an email to entitled “Commission”! All orders are in USD through PayPal.

This is only the second time I’m putting up a commission thingy like this, so let’s see how it goes and hopefully all will go well! If you have any questions, don’t be hesitant to send me an ask here on Tumblr or an email!

If you’d like to be cool, you can totally reblog this to help spread the word, that’d be great. c:

I’m slowly but steadily making my way through Homestuck. I just finished Act 3, and I haffta say, I’m enjoying it very much! So I doodled the ‘main four’, I guess.

I’m still new to everything and I know I still have lots to go, so please don’t approach me with any spoilers or anything! If you’re not a fan, I’ll be tagging this stuff with #Homestuck for your Tumblr Savior convenience.

Alpha kids!

I’m currently toward the beginning of Act 6 Act 3; the recent update motivated me to get more reading done! Augh, gotta get caught up before it’s too late.

I’ve been dying to know who these guys were throughout my read! I kept seeing images of them before starting Act 6 but had no idea how they were involved in the story or anything. I really like these guys, though.

Showed this to some friends to get some feedback, thought I’d post it here, too!

Second panel to the fourth page of KatFoD. The inside of Kirby’s house is modeled after its anime interpretation; I absolutely love what the house looks like in the anime! So small and cozy.

Now that I get into more panels where this stuff can apply, I’m really starting to experiment with the spacial relationships and depth of objects. Kirby’s the closest to the viewer, so he has a nice black outline; the door and outside of the house is a little further away, but still close enough to Kirby to have a softer colored outline; and the inside of the house is the furthest away, so it doesn’t need as much detail.

Still trying to experiment here and there with the mixed shading styles, too. My original plan was to do it all cel shaded, but now I think I’ll only have the characters that way, since gradient shading can help with background elements.

Anyways, yeah. Progress! Comments and feedback are welcome.