torkirby art


Kinda thrown together quickly. Didn’t plan out everything exactly but I mainly wanted to try a new process and style. Still gonna try to see what I can do, and maybe time myself making a page like this sometime!


Time for some more commissions!~


  • I won’t start the commission until I’ve received the payment. Just want to make sure I’m getting the money!
  • I have the right to decline a commission. If I feel particularly uncomfortable with an order for whatever reason, I can take full control to say “no”.
  • I will NOT draw any sort of porn/fetish, intense blood/gore, etc.
  • Depending on the amount of detail in a character, I may adjust prices accordingly. Take this into consideration if you have a particularly detailed order!
  • If you’d like to use the drawing for anything, please ask permission upon ordering and make sure to include credit!
  • I ask for your utmost patience with your order! There will be times when schoolwork will have to become priority or other things that come up to prevent me from working.


To order a commission, send an email to entitled “Commission” with the following information provided:

  • What character(s) would you like drawn? Please be very specific! Tell me what pose they’re in, what their expression might be, if there are multiple characters, how are they interacting…you get the idea. Whatever it is you want going on!
  • If you’d like an original character or yours drawn, please include a good, detailed reference image. I won’t accept written descriptions; gotta know exactly what they look like for you!
  • What type of commission is it? Currently, I’m only taking Character Piece and Sketch commissions.
  • Any additional info or things to specifically take note of? If, say, there are any sort of props that may be included, we can talk about it.

When your order is complete, I’ll notify you by email with the picture at its highest resolution as an attachment. I may also post it on my DeviantArt or art blog if it really appeals to me.

That all being said, commissions are now open! If you wanna be really cool, you can help spread the word by reblogging; that’d be great!~