ahaha, guess who’s not over the mayoiga ending? at least my fave couples stayed together… so heres my interpertation of them! three years into the future! lion is 17, hyouketsu is 18, jack is 19, nettaiya is 22, toriyasu and valkana are 28, koharun is 29, yamauchi is 30 and soy latte is 31!

(i wanted to draw soy latte pregnant at first…i scrapped it)

Toriyasu Donburi - Kyoto

Named the “best donburi in Kyoto,” we had to check this mom and pop shop out! The restaurant has been around over 50 years, surviving - thriving - on only three dishes: oyako-don (chicken and egg), tamago-don (egg only donburi), and karaage-don (fried chicken donburi). And beer, of course. Their menu outside the shop simply lists only these four items, no descriptions, and certainly no pictures like the typical Japanese restaurant. 

Right next to the restaurant was their poultry shop, a humble establishment, their customers mainly older women. Which only went to show that this was no flash-fashionable restaurant, but one with a steady following across generations. 

The restaurant’s customers though, were mainly younger couples or friends, as well as the ubiquitous lone salary man. Some older ladies also passed through on a lunch outing. Despite it being 1:30pm, we still had to queue!

What melty, eggy goodness! It was too big a portion for both Noah and I, though we still tried to finish as much as possible - Japanese customs to follow! I had the oyako-don, Noah, the karaage-don. In both, some of the chicken pieces were a little too fatty us, though the karaage pieces were perfectly crisped, not to mention quite generous in size! We both agreed the karaage-don is the way to go. Go big or go home, right?