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The confusion is in the air! If you cry at things, bring your tear bucket please.

… and yeah bring it anyway because the cliffhanger is gonna be real. Tears of frustration are always allowed.

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Sparring Match

Eric x Reader

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“You know Eric likes you, right.” Tori said one day as you had come to complain to her about Eric again.

“Wait what?” You asked, clearly confused.

“Yeah I heard him talking about you. He makes you sound so dreamy you know.”

You made a disgusted face and Tori giggled.

“So…” Tori pushed, nudging you.

You jumped off the counter and looked at some of the tattoos.

“So what?” You asked.

“Do you like him back?”

“No! Maybe! Yes! Kinda! I don’t know!”

“Are you aware that you just gave me every possible answer to that question?”


Tori shook her head, smiling. “You should tell him. Maybe then he’d stop being such and ass and ask you out.”


That whole night you thought about Eric. Did he like you? Did you like him? I mean, he was good looking. And he could work out for like ever. But… You sighed and closed your eyes. Maybe…

“Your going too easy on them.” Eric said for the thousandth time.

You rolled your eyes and re-positioned one of the initiates position, putting your hands on his waist the move him. You saw Eric tense up. Maybe he did like you… You grinned absent-mindly.

“Should we do a sparring session?” You asked, moving to the mat.

“Why don’t you fight one of them?” Eric said. “At least you’ll be able to beat an initiate. Hopefully.” He added, casting his eyes down and smirking.

“Alright. How about you and me?” You challenged. “The kids can get some pointers.”

Eric laughed. “Seriously?”

You smiled innocently, showing your shiny white teeth. “Yeah… I know how you move, Eric.” You added edge to your voice. “It’ll be as easy as hitting the bullseye.”
Everyone knew you were the best archer in Dauntless.

Worry crossed his eyes before he shook it away and stepped onto the mat. “Alright. I’ll let you take the first swing.”

You stepped onto the mat across from him and got into position.

“Everyone knows whoever takes the first swing looses.” You growled.

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow before sending a jab straight into your jaw. “And to think your jawline was the prettiest thing about you.”

You snapped your neck so you jaw popped back. “No. It’s my hair.” You said. “And mess with my hair. And I can make your death look like an accident.” You pretended to throw a punch at his face but doubled back and kicked him in the gut. He doubled over and you landed a few good punches over his head.

The fight lasted a good 10 minutes but eventually there was so much blood and both of you were puffed out so you called the fight off. Eric was bleeding from his nose, his head, his shoulder and he had a cut across his waist where you swiped your nails across. Your lip, head, arm and finger was bleeding.

“You shouldn’t be able to use nails in a fight.” Eric said as you both sat next to each other on the bench to clean your injuries and watch the initiates spar.

“It’s all about survival.” You said, holding up your bleeding finger. “Well…” You sighed. “That one is gonna have to grow back.”

Eric looked away disgustingly.

“Dude, you look like you’ve just drowned five million times. You shouldn’t be disgusted by a lost fingernail.”

He shook his head. “I’m disgusted at why we fight all the time. Everything is an argument… When did this even start?”



“Y/N!” You mom called from the top of the building you were climbing. Eric’s mom stood beside her, looking worried. “Can you go back and help Eric? He’s struggling.”

You rolled your eyes, smiling and headed back down. When you reached him, you held your hand out for him to take. He did, but he pulled you down to him. You tumbled over his head and plummeted towards the ground.



“I believe it started when we were seven and you almost killed me.” You said.

“Ah… That…” He looked down. “I must of been stronger than I anticipated.”

“Why is it always about strength to you?” You snapped. “Yeah, I’m not stronger than you. But I’m faster. I’m more agile and flexible. I can shoot a bow or even a gun better than you. And you don’t appreciate any of it!”

“Strength gives you better status.”

“There’s only one kind of status that matters to me. And that’s dead or alive. And I don’t know about you but I’d rather stay alive.”
You sighed.
“I physically don’t have the strength to beat someone in a fight. So I work on my other strengths. You want me dead? That’s your opinion. But it’s not my reality. And I’m not gonna put myself down because one person in the world thinks I’m not good enough.”

You stood up to leave but he grabbed your wrist, spinning you around and his lips crashed into yours.


I would have never realized how much I needed to voice my opinions. Even if it hurt my mom. Even if it pissed her off. All of this had to be said.
For me. No one else.

You are your own anchor.
Do you want to keep burning or are you going to let yourself rise?
No more dragging myself down. I’m finally ready to rise.

songs + literature parallels [1/?] = daisy calloway and silent by tori kelly